Hi! I'm User:WikiMan. And this is a guide for making better fanfiction. I'll cover things regarding the making of quality plots and crossovers. Why? Because I see that many fanfics found [ here] and [ there] are usually low-quality, and I think that this manual might improve that situation somehow.

Plot Edit

Plots are the main piece of the fan-fiction, they make up its story and lay the foundation for many things, including the fanfic's mythology, characters and ambience. Please know that a bad plot might either annoy the readers or confuse them, while a good and creative plot might actually entertain the readers and make them keep coming back for more. Some tips would be:

  • It's a good option that you sketch out the plot somehow before starting. A great way to do it is by making the plot's main event, then adding the plot's details and subplots.
Example: When writing an Iron Man fanfic, think about how is the plot's major event going to be. Would it be an alien invasion? A war threat? Or it might be that Tony just wants to defeat some bad guys? Then add things like Tony's struggles, Tony and Pepper's romance
  • Make sure that the plot's main events are connected somehow, or you might confuse the readers if you don't. Ask yourself "Why is this event happening?", then try to make the answer to that question
Example: Think that Tony Stark gets a thank-you gift from Rhodes. Ask yourself "Why is Rhodes giving Tony a gift?", then try to give a reason for Rhodes to give him a gift. One of the possible answers might be because Tony saved Rhodes from the bad guys, and Rhodes owes Tony so much for saving him. Of course you can try others.

Crossovers Edit

If you want to make a crossover using as many franchises as you like, go ahead. But make sure both franchises are blended together instead of just glued them together, and try to make these franchises fit each other.

  • A good tip is mixing the characters, universes and mythologies of each franchise into a new world where, for example, each franchise's respective characters meet each other and make adventures together. Just think about DC Universe.
Example: What if Spider-Man meets Superman and begin to save the world together? Or better yet: What if Sonic and friends joins the adventures of, say, Mario, Luigi and his pals?
  • To further blend these franchises, you can make something that further connects these universes. Examples include shared pasts, shared backstories, relationships between each franchise's respective characters, etc.
Example: Think that Sonic and Mario have something in common. Or that Tony Stark eventually falls in love with, say, Wonder Woman. Or that Clark Kent (Superman) actually is Steve Roger's (Captain America) neighbour-

Conclusion Edit

You can make a good plot by making all events connected, or by skeching it somehow before starting it. This prevents confusing plots and makes the reader happy.

When it comes to crossovers, it doesn't matter if you mix as many franchises as you like, as long as the franchises mix, blend and compliment each other as much as possible.

If you didn't get this guide, you can ask me on my message wall about it. If you do get this guide and decide to make fan-fiction, then good luck! :) Don't forget to comment this article below!

This is WikiMan. I hope this guide helped you! -wikiman meet. talk. 01:49, November 19, 2013 (UTC)