Horton is Convinced by an irresponsible bird named Mayzie to sit on her egg while she takes a short break, which proves to last for months. Eventually, Horton gets kidnapped by a bunch of scam artists who run a circus and now he must team up with the circus animals in order to escape.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and Chris Wedge, Produced by Bruce Gordon, Bruce Anderson and Written by Nicholas Stoller.


December 12, 2018


  • Horton (Jim Carrey) the elephant is forced to hatch an egg of an irresponsible mother, but his distraction with the egg starts to spin for several places and now Horton must rescue him before her mother comes home.
  • Horton Jr (Asher Blinkoff) A small animal, resembling a winged elephant; hatched by Horton from Mayzie's egg, and becomes Horton & Lucy's son.
  • Mayzie (Alex Bronstein) the main antagonist, she is a very irresponsible and lazy mother who sends the elephant Horton hatch their egg until it is born in the end she marries someone else.
  • Ally (Kate Winslet) A female squirrel who helps Horton to rescue the baby elephant bird.
  • Oswald (Jack McBrayer) A rabbit who invents things that go wrong. In the end, becomes the priest for Horton & Lucy's wedding.
  • Lucy (Courtney Cox) A female elephant and scarlet`s partner Horton's love interest, She later marries Horton and She,Horton and Horton Jr becomes a family of three.
  • Morton (Seth Rogen) A blue mouse and Horton's friend. In the end becomes Horton's best man at his and Lucy's wedding.
  • Tommy (Jonah Hill) one of Horton's students.
  • Jessica Quilligan (Kate Micucci) Mrs. Quilligan's daughter and one of Horton's students.
  • Angela (Jessica DiCicco) a green giraffe and one of Horton's students.
  • Mrs. Quilligan (Jamie Pressly) Jessica's mother.
  • Knuckles "King" Cunningwood (Liam Neeson) the territory antagonist. He is the mob boss.
  • Sam (Tommy Chong) & Héctor (Cheech Marin) Benjamin, the secondary antagonists. They are a couple of human scam artists who run a circus and have kidnapped a lot of animals from around the world including Horton. They are the fellow criminals of Knuckles.
  • Alex (Jay Baruchel) a llama from South America.
  • Jorge (Antonio Banderas) a Spanish bull from Mexico.
  • Squak (Jeff Dunham) a green parrot from Brazil.
  • Wrangler (Maya Rudolph) a beautiful brown horse from Texas.
  • Leonard (Bryan Cranston) a leopard from the Amazon.
  • Bobby Goat (Paul F. Tompkins) a white goat who is drunk.
  • Officer Esparza (Erik Estrada) a human state trooper. In the end he arrests the criminals for their crimes.
  • Francis the Trucker (Will Forte) a grumpy trucker who Oswald gets to help him and his friends find Horton.

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