Joseph Whitaker takes his family to a new town in Ohio, and they have trouble trying to build their house.


June 14, 2013


  • Joseph Whitaker (Ben Stiller) - a man trying to build his new house, and focus on his relationship with his son and daughter, in the end, is accepted by his family, and by the new neighbors!
  • Evengelene Whitaker (Christine Taylor) - Joseph's wife, in the end, apologizes to Joseph for letting her selfishness take control!
  • Mattilda Whitaker (Sara Paxton) - Joseph's daughter, in the end, hugs her dad, and begs if she could go out with Forest, which Joseph accepts!
  • Ferris Whitaker (Josh Hutcherson) - Joseph's son, in the end, starts playing Chess with both Erik Harrison, and Old Man Phillips!
  • Sheriff Erik Harrison (Tom Hanks) - a elder who plays chest with Forest's father, Lyle, in the end, arrests Lyle for stealing the prized Buck Head!
  • Old Man Phillips (John Lithgow) - plays chest with Ferris's father, Joseph, in the end, goes into a log cabin, and rests!
  • Gregory Vance (Brian Cox) - Joseph's boss, who needs him as a business run, in the end, promotes Joseph, and is seen playing chess with Old Man Phillips!
  • Olga Reeds (Zoe Kravitz) - one of Mattilda's new friends in their neighborhood, in the end, dates Gordon!
  • Jin Chi Wong (Jamie Chung) - one of Ferris's new friends in their neighborhood, in the end, sings at the party of the welcoming of the Whitakers!
  • Gordon Tank (Chris Evans) - one of Ferris's new friends in their neighborhood, in the end, dates Olga, and starts doing Fencing!
  • Mikey Boyd (Orlando Brown) - one of Ferris's new friends in their neighborhood, in the end, Makes his own Club known as "Party Rock"!
  • Lyle McBeard (Guy Pearce) - the main antagonist, and Joe's new neighbor, his goal is to cheat off the land and gain the will, in the end, arrested by Harrison, and was doing Community service!
  • Jenny McBeard (Tea Leoni) - Lyle's wife, has interest in money as well as her husband, in the end, also was arrested, and begs for her son's forgivness!
  • Forest McBeard (Tom Felton) - Lyles son, and Mattilda's love interest, whom they start dating for, much to Joseph's dismay, in the end, dates Mattilda and goes by his mother's last maiden name, Greace!
  • Cage and Sage (Walton Goggins and Ving Rhames) - the movers for Whittakers, when they got lost, Joseph scolds at them for showing up late, when he told them to get things set up, Cage threw the chair into the pond, and he scowls that they have been tired all day driving and bumping into a broken bridge, and tells Joseph to keep his mouth shut so he could do what he asks
  • Creed Morse (Jason Statham) - the man who pays Joseph the house, in the end, He is found in Oaklahoma selling a house to a family.