For 19 years, Jeremy has been around with his new powers, and had faced his arch-nemesis, Tobias Udo, and he realized a man from his planet, Arcadua had came to attack his world.


July 4, 2014


  • Jeremy Johnson/Hercules-Beetle (Chris Pine) - a parody of both Superman and Spider-Man, his uncle was killed by a burglar, he fell in love with Serena Phillips and started dance lessons, much to his cousin, Richfield's dismay, when he stated a hero dosen't dance, it caused Jeremy to state, "We'll, maybe I just wanna be a retired superhero!", causing Richfield to gasp in shock, and for him to abandon him and state, "Have fun with your newfound girlfriend, Mr. I just wanna be a retired superhero!", in the end, reunites with Richfield, and is still with Serena!
  • Richfield Mosely (Jesse McCartney) - Jeremy's cousin and a parody of Jimmy Olson, he supported his cousin, in the end, apologizes for being less understanding!
  • Serena Phillips (Amanda Bynes) - Jeremy's girlfriend and a parody of Mary Jane Watson, she is a ballet dancer, in the end, kisses Hercules-Beetle!
  • Matthew Mosley (Jon Voight) - Jeremy's uncle and Richfield's father, he was killed by a burglar, in the end, his voice is heard saying "You did the right thing"!
  • Sabrina Mosley (Susan Roman) - Jeremy's aunt and Richfield's mother, in the end, kisses both cheeks!
  • Typhon (Patrick Stewart) - the main antagonist and the dictator of Jeremy's planet, Arcadua, he returns with a look similar to Terrence Stamp's character of Zod in the 1978's Superman, his goal is to reign the resources of the earth, in the end, was destroyed by his own doomsday device!
  • Tobias Udo (Cirian Hinds) - the secondary antagonist and Jeremy's arch-nemesis, he is a business man, he always loses, in the end, is betrayed by Typhon and placed in a Glass Box!