He-man and the Masters of the Universe: Return to Anwat Gar is an animated movie that takes place after season two's final. It's a 3-part event


When, Sy-Klone finds himself restless, he thinks a flight through the Mystic mountains will relieve him of this disquiet, but on the way he encounters a strange creature made of wind. It sings to him, and calls him by name. He follows it, and it lures him half way across Eternia to a lone shrine on his island homeland of Anwat Gar. There, the creature takes the form of a woman. She reveals that she too is a native of Anwat Gar who has been sleeping these long centuries. The destruction of the Legacy Stones awakened her, and she has watched Sy-Klone, the last ember of their once mighty kingdom, with great interest."You have forgotten your way, Warrior of the Wind," she tells him. "You were supposed to guard the Legacy Stones." "I have not forgotten," he says sadly. "The Legacy Stones were destroyed to keep them out of evil hands. I fight with the Masters to protect all of Eternia. There is nothing left for me in Anwat Gar." The Woman of Wind laughs at him playfully and begins to fade away. "Ah but there is, Wind Warrior. You guarded only two of the stones, but there remains the third and most powerful of them all. Find it Sy-Klone, as you were meant to in the beginning." When she disappears, Sy-Klone is awestruck. Could there still be a third Legacy Stone on Anwat Gar? He decides to search every inch of his old home until he finds it. Back in Eternos, Prince Adam is summoned to Grayskull by the Sorceress. She tells him that once more she has seen visions of a great darkness coming from the lost kingdom of Anwat Gar, only this time she knows that the threat does not stem from the machinations of Skeletor. No, this time it is one of Adam's own allies who will unleash the danger. Adam turns into He-Man and hurries to Anwat Gar with Man-At-Arms and Battle Cat. They find Sy-Klone uncovering a hidden passageway in one of Anwat Gar's mountains. They try to speak to him, but he he will not listen. He is sure the Stone exists, and that it is his duty to protect it, the last talisman of his homeland. He-Man and Man-At-Arms follow him into the dark caves beneath the island. There, they find a huge cavern full of unmoving stone soldiers. Above them, on a floating alter of rock lies a glowing stone, the last of the Legacy Stones. "It's dangerous," He-Man tells Sy-Klone. "The Sorceress warned us.." "No," Sy-Klone yells, sounding very different from his usually calm self. "I will not let you destroy this stone. It is part of me. You took from me my one true purpose when you destroyed the other stones. I will not let you take this from me as well." He fights them, forcing them to retreat while he flies toward the stone. He-Man warns Sy-Klone to stop, begs him not to force him to hurt him. "We each have our purpose," Sy-Klone realizes. "I did not want to be your enemy, but if this is the only way, then so be it." And with that, he activates the Stone. Green light blinds He-Man momentarily as Sy-Klone and the Stone merge into one. Possessed by the Stone, Sy-Klone speaks an ancient spell and the cavern begins to quake. The power of the third Legacy Stone is obviously far greater than its brothers, and the very mountain begins to break apart around them. The stone soldiers begin to glow and move with an unnatural life, and above everything He-Man and Man-At-Arms hear the voice of their former ally before the cavern completely disappears in a blast of light. The first thing we see when the debris begins to settle is that He-Man has reverted to Adam. The power unleashed by the Legacy Stone somehow severed his link to Grayskull. He finds Man-At-Arms, Cringer, and himself all surrounded by the stone soldiers. They lead the Eternians to the surface, where they are stunned to see that Anwat Gar has suddenly become a much larger island. Huge ships hover above, and human soldiers stand waiting for the prisoners to emerge. The man leading the army is huge, possessing a malevolent grin and a large golden hand, known as Jitsu.

Adam and Man-At-Arms find themselves trapped by an army of warriors who appear to be from ancient Anwat Gar. Around them, the once small island of Anwat Gar has more than doubled in size. Floating armored canons hover overhead, training their guns at the Eternian prisoners. Duncan gasps when he sees the leader, the infamous warlord Jitsu, one of the most savage and bloodthirsty villains of Eternian history. "It can't be," Duncan gasps, "he disappeared centuries ago with the rest of Anwat Gar." "Centuries?" Jitsu repeats with confusion. "I've come to recover my Legacy Stones, which that accursed wind warrior stole from me." They see Sy-Klone unconscious in the rubble of the broken mountain. He is himself again, the third Legacy Stone having left him in the explosion. Jitsu's rock soldiers retrieve the stone the disoriented Sy-Klone and bring them to their golden armed master. "Who are these strangers you've brought with you, traitor? And where have you hidden the other stones?" "They were destroyed, your excellency" answers a new voice. The woman of wind appears as if born out of the air. She bows to Jitsu and transforms again into a woman with strange markings on her face and a symbol of a dragon on her gown. "Ah, Dragon Lady, my dear, I feel as if I have not seen you in years." "It has in fact been centuries, my lord," she corrects him. "They have passed almost instantly for you. But now you and the rest of Greater Anwat Gar have been restored." She smiles triumphantly at Sy-Klone. "Ironically we owe your return to this traitor. He and the other rebels tried to stop your forces all those years ago by banishing your kingdom into limbo. But I escaped and fought him. I cast a spell of forgetfulness upon him, but not before he sealed me within one of the Legacy Stones. Centuries later that stone was obligingly destroyed by this era's fool-headed champion, and I was set free." Jitsu and his warriors are startled to learn so much time has passed, but the Dragon Lady reassures them that Eternia is ripe for the taking. "The Elders are gone, sire, and only a weakling alliance and a simpleton hero stand in our way." Adam, Man-At-Arms, and Sy-Klone are taken to the capital city of Shang Yu. They see many peasants and onlookers on the roadside, all unaware that they have been transported to another time. They are left in the dungeon beneath the imperial palace, their weapons—including Adam's sword—commandeered for Jitsu's armory. Sy-Klone is overcome with guilt, he had been so easily fooled by the Dragon Lady that he turned on the only allies he knows. But Duncan reassures him that he was not of his right mind. "Besides," Adam points out, "you just freed thousands of people who didn't look to me like they deserved to be in limbo. Those people we passed looked innocent enough, and the Dragon Lady even mentioned a resistance. All we need to do is find it." Duncan grunts doubtfully. "We have to free ourselves first." "Perhaps I can help you with that," says a mysterious figure in the shadows.At first they think its is the Dragon Lady again, but when the woman steps into the light they see she is very different. She speaks words of magic that break the locks. "Follow me if you seek your freedom," she says, and hurries up into the dungeon catacombs. The Eternians have no choice but to follow her. When the emerge outside, they see a massive army assembling in the harbor of the city. "Jitsu means to attack the mainland," the woman explains. "He'll wish to destroy your cities first, then dispose of the one who destroyed the Legacy Stones. Anyone with that much power is a threat to him, even with the Third Stone." With a wave of her wand she gives them disguises and starts to explain what they must do when Duncan demands to know who she is and why she is helping them. She explains that she is Ageisha, an enchantress bound by magic to serve Jitsu against her will. She tells the Eternians to look for the rebels in the north, in the old city of Anwat La. Ask for the Phoenix Son, she says, and vanishes.

"We should look for He-Man first," Sy-Klone suggests,but Duncan quickly discourages the notion. "By now He-Man has probably freed himself from the rubble and has returned to Eternos to assemble the other Masters." Outside of Sy-Klone's ear shot, Adam points out that they should try to find his sword before they leave the palace, but Man-At-Arms, believing the risk is too great suggests that they look for the rebels. Jitsu's soldiers are everywhere as the Eternians sneak into Anwat La.The people of the city appear to be starving, and Duncan learns from several pedestrians that Anwat Gar has recently suffered a coup. "They say Jitsu was the Emperor's old Captain of the Guard. He's wanted to invade mainland Eternia for years, and when the old Emperor died he took over. This Phoenix Son we're looking for must be the old emperor's rightful heir." Suddenly the Eternians find themselves surrounded by hooded figures all pointing daggers at them. "So it's the Phoenix Son you are looking for, is it," asks "Isn't Jitsu getting desperate to send such obvious spies," sneers another, letting his blade graze Adam's face. Duncan quickly puts himself between Adam and the weapon and the men start to converge on them. "Enough," shouts an old man in the crowd. The others step back and out of the man's way, lowering their eyes respectfully as he passes. He assesses the Eternians, stopping his gaze on Sy-Klone. "You are one of the Warriors of the Wind, the old Emperor's most valued servants." Sy-Klone nods, but confesses that he does not remember the emperor or his service one"Isn't Jitsu getting desperate to send such obvious spies," sneers another, letting his blade graze Adam's face. Duncan quickly puts himself between Adam and the weapon and the men start to converge on them. "Enough," shouts an old man in the crowd. The others step back and out of the man's way, lowering their eyes respectfully as he passes. He assesses the Eternians, stopping his gaze on Sy-Klone. "You are one of the Warriors of the Wind, the old Emperor's most valued servants." Sy-Klone nods, but confesses that he does not remember the emperor or his serviceThe old man then looks at Duncan. "The boy . . . you are his protector?" "Yes," Man-At-Arms confirms cautiously. The old man nods. "I thought as much. Such loyalty is familiar to me. Tell me, strangers. Why have you come to Anwat La?" They explain everything that has happened, including the destruction of the first two legacy stones. The Anwat Garans are shocked as Jitsu was that so much time has passed in just an instant. The old man's face does not change, but he nods and bids them to follow him."I am Consul Ari," he informs them as he ushers them into a hut beneath the city's main citadel. "I was once Genro to the old Emperor Simbar. My daughter Kathay was his wife." A group of rebels are standing over a map inside the hut. Their leader is a young man, almost the same age as Adam by the look of him. Consul Ari introduces the Eternians to Leon, his grandson and the last heir to the throne of Anwat Gar. Like the rebels outside, Leon is very suspicious of the Eternians, but he is eager to know everything they saw of Ageisha. Clearly he has feelings for her, but he does not seem to understand what power binds her to Jitsu. He he also recognizes Sy-Klone and is startled to learn of his amnesia. "The Dragon Lady is clever," Consul Ari assesses. "The third stone is the most important. With it, they can restore the others in just a matter of hours, and with all three they will be invincible." He and Leon explain that Sy-Kone was originally one of three Warriors of the Wind assigned to protect the Legacy Stones and the Gong of the Ancients, which could summon the Ancestors of Anwat Gar. The Ancestors created the Legacy Stones, and the Wind Warriors. It was their power that Jitsu had now usurped with the Dragon Lady's help. Sy-Klone was one of the two who sided against Jitsu, and they had hidden the Gong from him. But with Sy-Klone's memory gone and the other Wind Warriors gone, perhaps destroyed, there was no way to summon the Ancestors for help. Perhaps Dojo can reverse the Dragon Lady's spell,"Leon suggests. He summons the magician, and the Eternias are shocked to see that he is a Trollan dressed in Anwat Gar robes. The diminutive sorcerer stammers terribly, and appears to be even more bumbling than Orko. He makes several attempts to restore Sy-Klone's memory, but he only succeeds at creating buckets of water that splash over Sy-Klone's head. Concerned about the time they have left, Man-At-Arms suggests they try to plan a strategy. "It's imperative that we retrieve our weapons from the armory in the palace," he says, making brief eye contact with Adam, but Leon and Consul Ari insist that the palace is too well guarded. "I c-could try to br-bring your weapons here with magic," Dojo offers. Before anyone can stop him, he speaks the words of his spell and the room vanishes around them in a flash of light and smoke. "Whoops," cries Dojo as the smoke clears and the group finds themselves in the middle of the armory, along with a thousand of Jitsu's well armed guards

An army of Jitsu's troops, their weapons drawn and ready, surround our heroes. Man-At-Arms, Adam, Sy-Klone, Leon, Dojo, and Consul Ari brace for an attack. Quickly Leon tells Dojo to cast his counter spell on Sy-Klone again as he throws a handful of dry seedlings on the ground in front of them. Dojo complies and as the water spills on the seedlings, they grow into huge voracious plants. The Guardsmen yell in terror as the vines flail and snatch at them like beastly arms. With a satisfied grin Leon confesses, "I almost lost a limb getting those out of the Living Vine Jungle, but at least it was worth it.While the guards are distracted, and before the vine monsters can attack them as well, the heroes run into the labyrinthine armory, looking for the Eternians' weapons. Leon and Adam become separated from the others. They find Duncan's mace and arm canon, but Adam's sword is missing. "Could Jitsu have it," Adam asks, but then they hear a crash at the other end of the armory. The Vine monsters have fallen, their limbs and heads all severed. A group of black clad warriors stand over the dead vines. "The Dragon Shadow Clan," Leon whispers to Adam. "They're the Dragon Lady's elite force and Jitsu's best assassins. Trust me; you don't want them to catch you." Adam realizes that one of the warriors is a snake man as it leaps over the weapon holders with uncanny agility. "I sssssee two intrudersss over here," he laughs. Adam and Leon try to escape but their way is blocked by two women with scarves tied over their eyes. At first Adam thinks they are blind and can't see him, but, as he tries to slip past them, they attack him with sudden and painful strikes to his chest and back. They laugh at the ease of his defeat as he falls into a stand of shields. Leon tries to fight the albino, but the warrior is too quick and disarms him before placing him in a choke hold. "We have the young prince himself! Ninjra will be pleased." Their leader has been waiting in the doorway, and now that Leon is captured, she enters slowly. "Yes, you've done well," she says sarcastically, glaring at the Dragon Shadow Clan. "You've captured two boys, and all it took was the destruction of an entire armory. Pathetic. I asked the Dragon Lady for warriors and she gave me thugs." Ninjra looks long and hard into Leon's face, then turns back to the door. "Guards, bring him. The rest of you, find the outsiders." With clenched teeth, Adam tries to stand up while the others are distracted. Then he sees it! The Power sword hangs on a rack with several broad swords, just a few feet away from him. He tries to reach for it, but issuddenly lifted off the ground by Judo, the large warrior. "Ah, the runt still has some fight left in him," he laughs. "Put down the boy," shouts Sy-Klone. He and Man-At-Arms emerge from hiding and attack the Dragon Shadow Clan, who despite being caught off guard throw themselves in to battle with an almost insane glee. Judo throws Adam down before joining the fight, which gives Adam the chance to reach his sword. He escapes out of sight and raises the sword, calling "By the Power of Grayskull" at the top of his lungs. He is surrounded by energy and transformed into He-Man. He notices thathis Snake Armor is gone, replaced by an almost ceremonial attire. He does not let that distract him however as he rushes to aid the Masters.

"Save Leon," He-Man tells the others, "I'll take care of these four." While the Masters hurry out, the Dragon Shadow Clan laughs at He-Man's boast. "No warrior in a thousand can defeat us," they chuckle, but He-Man only smirks. Each of them attacks in turn, all too eager to be the first to down this bold new opponent. He-Man dodges Habu's venom and pins him to the wall with several spears. Daikon and Judo attempt to overpower him, but he manages to throw one into the other, which sends them hurtling through the wall of the armory into the streets below. Yin and Yang are more calculating, flinging a blinding powder into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. He blocks their sword strikes, but he is unable to launch an offensive as they push him back toward the open hole. Then he hears Habu's venom dissolving the spear and setting him free. Within seconds Habu is leaping at He-Man. At the last possible instant, He-Man ducks, and the Snakeman slams into Yin and Yang. He-Man leaves them buried under a pile of weapons and rubble. Meanwhile, Leon is taken to his former (now Jitsu's) throne room. Leon sees many of his old allies, including Sabutor his personal bodyguard, now serving Jitsu. The warlord and the Dragon Lady are waiting for him. "Ah, my old master returns," says Jitsu with a sinister grin. "I'm indebted to you, boy. If you hadn't delivered yourself into my hands, I might not have had the chance to perform the Spell of Restoration. You see, we need the blood of a direct descendant of the Ancestors to stimulate the magic." The Dragon Lady hisses eagerly, bringing her talons to bear. Leon refuses to look afraid. He demands to see Ageisha, to which Jitsu and the Dragon Lady laugh. "Oh, doesn't my new captain of the guard look even a little familiar, young prince?" Jitsu puts his hands on Ninjra's shoulders possessively and removes her mask. Leon is stunned to see it is Ageisha. While the others laugh she says to him, "Forgive me, sire. I cannot act against the will of the Ancestors. It is their magic which allows Jitsu to reign." "Enough talk, Ageisha," Jitsu intrudes. "You’d tell him everything if you could." He faces Leon. "Poor little prince. Did you think you would inherit the empire by birthright? Each Emperor must beseech the Ancestors for his right to rule. And I have already obtained their approval. Suffice it to say, your precious Ageisha is the most resistant to my dominion of Anwat Gar. In fact she even freed your new Eternian allies." Ageisha is shocked at this revelation. "I hoped the Eternians would lead our prince back to us, though I admit I never dreamed it would happen so soon. The Ancestors truly favor me!" He sits upon his captured throne and gestures to the Dragon Lady. "Now, begin the Restoration. Once I have all three stones, nothing on Eternia will stand in my way." You brag too much," says Man-At-Arms as he and the others arrive. Sy-Klone blows down the guards and advances towards Jitsu. Sabutor intercepts him, but Jitsu takes no chances. He grabs the Legacy Stone from the Dragon Lady and shields himself from the Masters. Bolts of energy fire from his hands and knock down both Sy-Klone and Man-At-Arms. "You see!" shouts Jitsu with a mad exhilaration, "Even with just one I am too powerful!" At that moment, He-Man enters with his Power Sword held ready. Jitsu doesn't bother to ask who he is and instead fires at him as well. With his sword, He-Man deflects the attack and charges at Jitsu. The force field blocks him, but as He-Man's fists strike it’s dome, the field begins to crack. Suddenly fearful, Jitsu cries out for the Dragon Lady's help. She transforms herself into a dragon and fills the throne room with her coils. "Get Leon out of here," Ageisha yells to He-Man, "Jitsu's power is limited if he cannot restore the Lagacy Stones!" He-Man nods and tells the others to retreat. He carries Sy-Klone and Man-At-Arms with him as the Dragon's fiery breath sprays after them. Consul Ari leads them to the docking bay where they commandeer a Sky Shark airboat. "What about Adam," asks Leon to which He-Man says he'd sent him ahead. The Sky Shark speeds out of the docking bay even as the Dragon bursts through the palace walls in pursuit. Ari pilots the craft through the Jade Jungle and across the Acondia River. "I know this path well," he promises as the craft ducks and dodges trees and vines as if piloted by a reckless youth. The dragon's fire reaches for them, but the Sky Shark moves too quickly. "This is the path of the Kings," Ari explains. "Can we save the tour for another time," He-Man yells as the dragon bears down on them with each second. Ari laughs, "But we're coming to the best part! The bodies of the old kings are carried along this gorge, appropriately called the Dragon's Maw. Tradition demands the old King's body rejoins creation under the Cliffs of Despair--something like this," and with that the Sky Shark dives over the cliffs. The Dragon follows, but unlike the small and maneuverable Sky Shark, it cannot pull itself out of the dive before crashing into the rocks below. The Sky Shark carries the heroes away from Anwat Gar and back to Eternos. From a window in the palace, Jitsu watches them go and swears they will not celebrate for long. He turns to a silent figure waiting in the shadows behind the throne. ‘’Follow them,” Jitsu commands, “and report back what you see of the mainland, where they take the prince. Make sure no one sees you.’’ The figure nods obediently and departs.

After the Healers take Randor and the most critical of the Masters into their care and Marlena orders the Eternian army to prepare for battle, He-Man hears the Sorceress's summons. She tells him that Jitsu is not invading Eternos, but is instead marching on Castle Grayskull itself. He-Man rallies the other Masters and readies to run to the Sorceress's aid, but Sy-Klone warns that Jitsu will now have the power of all the Legacy Stones. "They will make him unbeatable. You defeated Skeletor on Anwat Gar, but he only had one stone at his command." Dojo and Orko suggest a theory. "We've been experimenting at combining our magic. Maybe together we can restore Sy-Klone's memory." "That or drown him," Teela observes. "Try your best, Orko," He-Man suggests, "but we have no time to wait. Sy-Klone, if it doesn't work, follow us. We will need you in this battle." The Masters hurry to defend Grayskull with the Eternian army while Sy-Klone remains behind with the Trollans. He is anxious now because his actions have caused this entire conflict. Orko and Dojo are little comfort while they stumble their way through their spells. Just when he starts to think Teela would be proven right about the drowning, their magic sparks with a radiant glow, and he thinks he hears the Sorceress's voice joining those of the Trollans. When the flash fades, his eyes widen and memories pour back into his mind. "Of course," he yells, and hurries away. With all his strength, he soars into the sky and flies out of sight. They watch him go. "Do you think it worked," Dojo asks, to which Orko shrugs. "I don't know, but if he's going to Grayskull, that's the wrong way." On the front, Huntara arrives before Jitsu with Leon in tow. He is awake now and he spits at Jitsu. The Warlord orders Ageisha to come forward. "Take his blood, my dear--but not too much. Make it a taste of the fate that awaits him." Huntara sneers at him. "I see I am not the only one serving you because of Sorcery. Pathetic. You have no honor." Jitsu ignores her remarks and throws her a single coin, her payment under the conditions of the spell. "Pray no one ever summons me to fight you, Jitsu," Huntara says as mystical green flames spirit her away, "I shall not be merciful." Then she is gone, as are the tattered remains of the Ninjors back in Eternos. "Was that wise," asks the Dragon Lady. "The assassins proved to be more than a match for these Masters." "The spell only bound them to me for one assignment," Jitsu replies. "And I have all the power I'll need with the Legacy Stones restored." He bids Ageisha to continue. Leon begs her to fight Jitsu's power, but she cannot break whatever magic has bound her to the warlord. She grazes Leon's arm, drawing a drop of blood for the Legacy Stone. Once the drop touches it, the stone begins to sparkle with life. The other stones form anew in the energy around it, and Jitsu seizes them all and cries, "Magic Stones, Legend Old, Power unto Me Unfold!" Their energy penetrates him, until he too glows with their power. He rises into the air, and looks upon the seemingly helpless castle Grayskull. He starts to conjur an attack when he sees the sky sleds of the Eternians racing toward him, with He-Man at the lead. "Ah good," Jitsu says, raising his arms challengingly, "I was beginning to think this would be too easy."Meanwhile Sy-Klone flies back to his homeland, to the distant peninsula known as Amun Gar a mountainous wasteland cloaked in mist. Beneath its murky haze, he finds his way to a forgotten temple. There he sees the Gong of the Ancestors. On the ground before it lies a figure, a woman like Sy-Klone. She is another of his kind. Around her neck is a collar that glows with a malevolent energy. He breaks the collar and throws its remains away from her. He drops to her side as she opens her eyes. "My love? You have returned..." "Reserve your strength, Su-Nami," he tells her, his memories of her fully restored. "I would have returned sooner, but for a time I was not in my right mind, and I had forgotten everything that mattered. I was to come here by the command of the dying emperor. I was to speak for his son, who was not yet of age, and request a time of mourning so he could become Emperor when he was older. But someone intervened and Jitsu was given reign over the empire. I was attacked on my way here by the Dragon Lady, and . . . then all of Greater Anwat Gar vanished before my eyes. I sealed the Dragon Lady within the Legacy Stones, but not before she cursed me, and suppressed most of my memory. For a long time, I knew only my one mission. But now I have remembered everything, and though I don't know who betrayed us, I know what I must do. The Council of Seasons--the Ancestors themselves-- must be summoned." He looks up at the Gong when he is suddenly struck by a wind attack. It did not come from Su-Nami, who is still too weak to stand. A tall shadow emerges from behind the gong. It is another like Sy-Klone and Su-Nami. "That, I cannot allow, brother," he says. Sy-Klone faces the dark Wind Warrior, and recognizes him. "Ty-Fune! Brother! You are the betrayer? You . . . all of us, were entrusted to serve the Ancestors and their descendants. How could you help Jitsu seize power from the Emperor's rightful heir?" Ty-Fune smirks. "You were always blind, even with your memories restored you cannot see." He looks down at Su-Nami. "I would have spent an eternity with her. I didn't care what emperor ruled, so long as she and I were together. I should have known that oaf Jitsu wouldn't uphold his end of the bargain by destroying you. But here's an opportunity for me to finish the job!" He attacks. Sy-Klone creates a shield of wind around himself, but his battle with the Ninjors has weakened him and Ty-Fune's assault is too powerful. Sy-Klone leaps out of the way just as an uprooted tree hurtles for him. How did you freeze time, Ty-Fune? Was it all so you could keep Su-Nami here with you?" Ty-Fune growls, "She should have been mine! And she was, for a thousand years! She would have been for an infinity if you hadn't used the third stone! But don't worry. I cast the spell once, I can do it again. Pity you won't be around to witness it!" Sy-Klone disappears into the jungle, luring Ty-Fune after him. Meanwhile the armies of Eternia and Anwat Gar clash over Grayskull. He-Man and Jitsu meet in battle. Jitsu is embued with the magic of the Legacy Stones, and although He-Man's armor has protected him before, he does not know if it will save him this time. "Is it really worth, your life, Champion? The Ancestors are more powerful than your Elders! Why fight a losing battle?" "I've seen what evil you would bring to Eternia, Jitsu! I'd fight you even if it meant certain death." "Oh but it does," says Jitsu and dives for He-Man with a loud war cry. The ground shakes as their sword and golden arm meet. Back in Amun Gar, Sy-Klone and Ty-Fune fight, windblade to windblade. Ty-Fune throws Sy-Klone to the ground in front of the temple. As Sy-Klone lifts himself up, he sees the Gong of the Ancestors in front of him, watching like a lidless eye. He attempts to reach it, but Ty-Fune lands between them. "All things end, brother. Your time is over." "Yes, Ty-Fune," says Su-Nami with a rising strength. She has risen, and joins Sy-Klone's side. "All things end. And this time, it is your turn." She and Sy-Klone combine their powers. Even with all his might, Ty-Fune cannot block them and he is thrown violently against the Gong. It rumbles with a cosmic force heard all over Eternia. Above it, the spirits of the Ancestors materialize. "We are summoned again," says their leader. He looks down at Sy-Klone. "You are the Speaker for the Phoenix Son." His eyes narrow, but he is smiling. "You are late." "I am, my lord. Many have conspired to keep me from you. The one for whom my brother spoke is an unworthy tyrant. He has abused the powers you granted him. You must revoke his right." "He wields our Legacy Stones," says one of the Ancestors. "His power has become great." "Ancestors, you must take back the power you gave to the Legacy Stones. Anwat Gar is no longer alone. There are others on Eternia who would help us defend against evil." "Impossible. Eternia has always been divided." "No longer. I have joined Eternia's new defenders, the Masters of the Universe. They are honorable warriors, as honorable as you were in life." The Ancestors are unsure. Su-Nami steps forward and supports Sy-Klone. "I have not seen this new Eternia, but I knew Sy-Klone well and I believe in him now. If he says they are honorable, then it must be true." The Ancestors accept her word and cast a spell of seeing to view the battle in front of Grayskull. He-Man and Jitsu struggle until finally He-Man forces his sword to Jitsu's neck. "No," Jitsu cries, "it's not possible! I am invincible!" "Maybe," He-Man grunts, "but my sword is no ordinary blade. Do you yield? Or shall we see how invulnerable you really are?" "No! I yield. Anything!" He-Man releases Jitsu, who crumples to the ground in disgrace. The fighting around them halts, as all look upon He-Man and his defeated foe. "His power is great," say the Ancestors. "Our intervention is not needed." But then, the instant He-Man looks away, Jitsu rises up and starts to attack again. "Dishonor!" cry the Ancestors, and their voices thunder across Eternia. Jitsu screams with agony as the Legacy Stones burn his skin. He-Man jumps back and everyone gapes as the stones disintegrate and fall off of Jitsu like dust. Soldiers in his army are shocked. "He is dishonored," someone cries, "The Ancestors have forsaken him." The Dragon Lady hisses as the army rises up against her and the rest of Jitsu's loyalists. She raises her talons at Leon, but Ageisha, freed from her servitude by the power of the Ancestors, protects him. Her magic repels the Dragon Lady, but the witch begins to transform into a dragon again. "She will not harm the rightful emperor," shouts Sabutor, who throws his heavy sword and shatters the amulet in her crown. The expelled energy consumes the Dragon Lady's body like fire, leaving only ashes behind. Above them the voices of the Ancestors echo. "We grant the Empery to the Phoenix Son. May he rule wisely and with honor, as allies of Grayskull and the honorable Masters of the Universe." Back in Amun Gar, they tell Sy-Klone and Su-Nami, "We chose well when we made you our vassal, Dash-El, and you as well Sora." They turn to the damaged Ty-Fune. "This one has been corrupted, like the First Ones we created. He should be taken back to limbo until a replacement can be found." They spiral around Ty-Fune who cries out for mercy. But it is too late, and both he and the Ancestors vanish. Sy-Klone stares at where his brother in arms had been, and lowers his head with regret. "He betrayed us," Su-Nami points out, "he received what he deserved." "Maybe," says Sy-Klone. "But I too have betrayed those I had sworn to protect. I turned on my allies in this time to restore Anwat Gar. I may have helped save Eternia, but brave men have still died because of me." Su-Nami rests her hand on his shoulder. "You cannot blame yourself for the evil done by others. You have always acted for a greater good. Ty-Fune acted for himself. You are still a good man, even after all these centuries." He accepts her comfort. "Now," she adds, "show me this new world we find ourselves in. I have been asleep for far too long." Back at Grayskull, the armies lay down their weapons. Leon thanks He-Man, but Jitsu is not finished. Promising to still rule over Eternia, he leaps onto Nightstalker, and levels its canons at Leon. He-Man seizes the mechanical warhorse before Jitsu can fire and lifts it over his head. "Here in Eternia, we have a place for rabble like you," he shouts up at Jitsu, and then hurtles the warlord into the dark hemisphere. Nightstalker impacts into the rocks at the base of Snake Mountain. As soon as Jitsu climbs out of the rubble, a familiar shadow falls over him. Skeletor and his evil warriors surround him. "I do hate it when uninvited guests drop in," says Skeletor with a wicked laugh. Sabutor and the soldiers of Anwat Gar kneel before their young emperor and beg his forgiveness. Leon pardons those he knows he can trust now that Jitsu's dishonor has been revealed for all to see, and those who had been loyal to Jitsu are rounded up and imprisoned. However a few like the Dragon Shadow Clan are said to have fled Anwat Gar and disappeared into Eternia. Someday, they will make a bid to reclaim Anwat Gar, and so Leon accepts Randor's invitation to join the Council of Eternia. Leon is crowned in a ceremony attended by all the Masters of the Universe. Now that Su-Nami has been freed to serve Anwat Gar, Leon allows Sy-Klone to remain one of the Masters, and that evening the Empire of Anwat Gar and her allies celebrate the victory and toast to the future of Eternia.