He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Rise of the Horsemen is an animated crossover Between and the Masters of the Universe and Darksiders. This is in the 2002 animation durng the 2010 tv series with the art designs for theDarksider characters from Vigil games.



Masters of the UniverseEdit

  • He-Man (Cam Clarke): The main protagonist.
    • Prince Adam (Cam Clarke): He-Man's alter-ego as The Sorceress to take upon the identity of He-Man and the role of Eternia's defender
  • Teela (Lisa Ann Beley): He-Man's love interest.
  • Duncan/Man at Arms (Gary Chalk):
  • Battle Cat/Cringer (Frank Welker): He-Man's faithful feline companion, a fighting armored tiger who carries him into battle.
  • Buzz-Off (Steven Blum):
  • Man-E-Faces (Brian Bloom, John Kassir, and Troy Baker):
  • Sy-Klone (Liam O'Brien):
  • Mekaneck (Josh Keaton):
  • Orko (Jeff Bennett):
  • Fisto (Travis Wilingham):
  • Lizard Man (Tom Kenny):
  • Sala-Man-Dor (Greg Ellis):
  • Stratos (James Horan):
  • Roboto (Bumber Robinson):
  • Moss Man (John Payne):
  • Ram-Man (Fred Tatasciore):
  • She-Ra (Ashleigh Ball): The Princess of Power and He-Man's sister
    • Adora (Ashleigh Ball): She-Ra's alter-ego and Adam's long lost twin sister who moves in with him and his parents as her kingdom was destroyed by the Horde

Four HorsemenEdit

  1. Death (Michael Wincott): Leader of the Horsemen and the eldest. He wields the scythe Harvester, though he uses alternate weapons since Harvester cannot be utilized without the Council's permission
    • Dust
    • Despair
  2. War (Liam O'Brian): Youngest of the Horsemen who wields the sword, the Chaoseater. He also wields; The Abyssal Chain, and The Tremor Gauntlet.
    • Ruin
  3. Fury (Nika Futterman): The only female horseman, she wields a fiery whip along with a set of razor-sharp claws
  4. Strife (Christian Lanz): A Horseman wielding two pistols; Mercy and Redemtion. Even


  • Azrael
  • Jamaerah


  • Uriel (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn):
  • Ezgati
  • Gabriel
  • Nathaniel ()
  • Angel Soldiers
  • Angel Champions


  • Vulgrim
  • Samael
  • Malphas


  • Legion

Other CharactersEdit

  • The Charred Council
  • Crowfather


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