After defeating his brother , the death of Kludd and Metal Beak , Soren and the band are now Guardians of Ga'Hoole.


Main Characters Actors
Voice Actors
Soren Jim Sturgess
Gylfie Emily Barclay
Digger David Wenham
Twilight Anthony LaPaglia
Noctus Hugo Weaving
Marella Essie Davis
Mrs. Horace Plithiver Miriam Margolyes
Eglantine Adrienne DeFaria
Suppoting Characters Actors
Voice Actors
Ezylryb Geoffrey Rush
Boron Richard Roxburgh
Barran Deborra-Lee Furness
Strix Struma Sacha Horler
Bubo Bill Hunter
Jatt Leigh Whannel
Jutt Angus Sampson
The Echidna Barry Otto
Grimble Martin Sheen
New Characters Actors
Voice Actors
Mr. Horace Plithiver Cliff Robertson
Freddy Pithiver Andrew Garfield
Carly Geogre Pithiver / Young Soren / Young Kludd / Young Digger / Young Twilight / Narrator and God Tobey Maguire
Sam Pithiver / Young Gylfie / Gylfie's mother / Gylfie's aunt / Owl Girl / Owl Girl 2 / Owl Girl 3 / Owl Girl 4 / Owl Girl 5 / Owl Girl 6 / Owl Girl 7 and God Wife Kirsten Dunst

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