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These are upcoming characters for Green Lantern: The Animated Series as well with their voice actors.


Green Lantern Corps membersEdit

  • Arisia (Grey DeLisle)
  • Tomar-Re (Jeff Bennett)
  • Isamot Kol (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • John Stewart (Michael Jai White)
  • Guy Gardner (Diedrich Bader)
  • Kaylark (Vanessa Marshall)
  • RRU-9-2 (N/A)
  • Boodikka (Tricia Helfer)
  • Ch'p (David L. Lander)
  • Stel (Steven Blum)
  • Galius Zed (Jim Ward)
  • Turytt
  • Garl Rathbone (David Sobolov)
  • Katma Tui (Kim Mai Guest)
  • Laira Omoto (Kelly Hu)
  • Oliversity

Blue Lantern Corps membersEdit

  • Brother Wrath (Brian George)
  • Sister Sercy (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Brother Hynn (Corey Burton)
  • Brother Isition (Steven Blum)
  • Sister Xea (Jennifer Hale)
  • Brother Zennith (John DiMaggio)
  • Brother Talxen (Fred Tatasciore)
  • Sister L'luuna (Kim Mai Guest)
  • Sister R'Ruuthi (Grey DeLisle)
  • Sister Satien (Vannesa Marshall)

Sinestro Corps MembersEdit

  • Sinestro (Rob Perlman)
  • Arkillo (John DiMaggio): Sinestro's right-hand man and Kilowog's arch foe
  • Snap Trap (Mark Hamill)
  • Stanch (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Gleen
  • Bur'Gunza
  • Amon Sur (Steven Blum)
  • Sn'Hoj (Lex Lang)
  • Lyssa Drak (Tara Strong)
  • Mallow
  • Karu-Sil
  • Smithwick
  • Sirket

Indigo Tribe MembersEdit

  • Indigo-1 (Grey DeLisle)
  • Indigo-2 (John DiMaggio)
  • Indigo-3
  • Indigo-4
  • Indigo-5
  • Indigo-6
  • Indigo-7
  • Indigo-8
  • Indigo-9
  • Indigo-10
  • Indigo-11

Orange Lantern Corps MembersEdit

  • Larfleeze/Agent Orange (Dee Bradley Baker): Leader and founder of the Corps.
  • Glomulus
  • Blooch (Nolan North)
  • Thammal Taym
  • Sound Dancer
  • Gretti :A former green lantern
  • Warp Warp
  • Turpa
  • Raxtrix
  • Markot Five
  • Clypta
  • The Controllers
  • Grubber
  • Shorm
  • Bzzd
  • Zborra
  • Nat Nat

Star Sapphire Corps MembersEdit

  • Dela Pharon
  • Khea Taramka
  • Miri Riam
  • Fatality (Gina Torres)
  • Race
  • Miss Bloss
  • Cowgirl

Black Latern CorpsEdit

  • Nekron (Mark Hamill)
  • Black Hand (Nolan North)
  • Scar

Emotional entitiesEdit

  • Ion (Steven Blum)
  • Adara (Rick D. Wasserman)
  • Parallax (Clancy Brown)
  • Proselyte (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Ophidian (Jeff Bennett)
  • The Predator (Vannessa Marshall)
  • The Butcher (John DiMaggio)

Others CharactersEdit

  • Manhunters (Josh Keaton)
  • Cyborg Superman (Nolan North)
  • Abin Sur (Arnold Vosloo): mentioned and appears in flashbacks only
  • Evil Star (David Kaye)
  • Hector Hammond (John DiMaggio)

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