Gravity OddParents is an American Crossover TV Show

Characters Edit

List of Gravity OddParents characters

Episodes Edit

List of Gravity OddParents episodes

Reference Edit

Broadcast Edit

  • United States: Nickelodeon
  • Italy: Nickelodeon
  • Japan: TV Tokyo, Nickelodeon
  • Australia: Nickelodeon
  • New Zealand: Nickelodeon
  • Germany: Nickelodeon
  • Switzerland: Nickelodeon
  • United Kingdom and Ireland: Nicktoons
  • Europe: Nickelodeon
  • Latin America: Nickelodeon
  • Canada: YTV, Nickelodeon
  • France: Nickelodeon
  • Africa: Nickelodeon
  • South Korea: Nickelodeon
  • Poland: Nickelodeon

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