Gravity Falls: The Movie in an upcoming animated 2019 now film released by call Disney photos.


Dipstick and Marble return to Gravity Is Falling for winter. Soon the Bill Clinton statue breaks. Bill Clinton wins the presidency once again to kidnapped Snoopyley and gets revenge. it is up to Dipstick and Marble to save Snoopyley before it is too late.

Release date  Edit

Release date 2020

Rated Edit

PG For Mild Action, Rude Humor


Voice CastEdit

  • Jason Ritter as Dipstick Puns, the main protagonist of the movie
  • Kristen Schaal as Marble Puns, the deuteragonist, Dipstick's twin sister
  • Brendon Urie as Dipstick and Marble's Dad, Dipstick and Marlwl's father
  • Amy Adams as Dipstick and Marble's Mom, Dipstick and Marble's mother
  • James Bonke as Juff, Dipstick and Marble's Older Brother, he was murdered by Kylie Jenner
  • Jack White as Himself, A Musician Who Plays Guitar out of his ass
  • James Bonke as Kylie Jenner, A Kid Who has super ghost powers, who is killed
  • Alex Hirsch as Bill Clinton, a demon from the dreamscrap that can posses people with there twerks
  • Alex Hirsch as Snoopyley, Dipstick and Marble's great great great uncle's father's dad's son's grandfather's uncle's dad's daughter
  • Alex Hirsch as Sus, Mystery Shunk's worker
  • Linda Cardellini as Wudsy Conduury, Dipstick's crush 
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Wave the Pig, Marble's pet pig
  • Alex Hirsch as Old dude McGlueIt, a old man of Gravity Is Falling
  • Niki Yang as Candy Corn, one of Marblel's best friends
  • Carl Faruolo as Grensa, one of Marble's best friends
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Sheriff Bubbles, the sheriff of Gravity Is Falling
  • Keith Fergunson as Dorito Edwin Dursand, Sheriff Blubble's partner and later enemy
  • Jennifer Coolidge as the Stupid Susan, the stupid woman who works as a stupid waitress in the stupid local diner
  • Gregg Turkington as Toby the square engine, a fat ass train from Gravity is Falling
  • Jonh DiMaggio as Weak Dan, Wudsy's father
  • T.J Miller as Robber V., Dipstick's greatest rival, who was a crush for Wudsy and serveant of bill Clinton
  • Jackie Buscarino as Pacerica Southwest, Marble's rival and the most popular girl in Gravity Is Falling she is killed later by Bill Clinton because she is too rich for him
  • Alex Hirsch as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton's identical twin but changes his name to Donald Trump later on and causes mayham


The movie received -3,612% of mixed critics on Rotten Tomatoes

Soundtrack Edit

The Mystery by Twenty One Pilots

Ride By Twenty One Pilots

Cameos Edit

List of Cameos in Gravity Falls: The Movie

You're your mom's big ass

Blu-Ray and DVD Release Date Edit

May 24th 2020

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