After his daughter falls in the influence of a Master of The Lice , an everyday guy becomes a superhero with the best intentions, and acquires help from 4 male heroes and 1 female hero, and his newfound sidekick into saving his little girl.


June 6, 2014


  • Captain Grace/ Artie Ace (Ben Stiller) - main hero, with the power to do anything without hurting himself, and without even making a mistake! in the end, makes amends with his daughter, and shows he can be there for her! later he and his friends where then shown to watch tv, celebrating the defeat of licemaster.
  • Robin Hood/ Rob Hud (Jeremy Renner) - no powers but uses a bow and arrow, jealous of Captain Grace!, in the end, accepts Captain Ace as a Hero!
  • Gerald Tyson (Owen Wilson) - reporter! Arrogant, Brash, and will not stop until he finds the identity of Grace! in the end, finds out his secret identiy but keeps it his secret!
  • Panda khan/ Kirk Handel (Jack Black) - Artie's best friend, and wears the Panda outfit from the Chinese Yin and Yang Monastary chosen to be Panda khan! in the end, helps Grace fight the Lice!
  • L.T. Jim Van Joseph (Tom Cruise) - An amy major,in the end, sallutes Grace!
  • Throw Punch Man/ Prof. Ian James (Will Ferrell) - retired Prof. with the strength of 10'000 boxers, and can lift a load of Bricks!, in the end, helps fight the Lice!
  • The Lynx/ Proctor Jorge Jr. (Chris Rock) - a vigilante who wears the Lynx Costume, and fights Crimes, he has earned Grace's trust!, in the end, Fights the Lice, and gains the publics respect!
  • Lifeguard/ Gina Rogers (Anne Hathaway) - the female hero with the ability to control the waves, and can have the strength of a Blue Whale!, in the end, Falls for Gerald Tyson, and helps fights the Lice!
  • Gertrude Ace (Kristen Stewart) - Artie's daughter, in the end, Apologizes to her dad for how cruel she was to him! and later tokes the mantle as the new captain grace in the future.
  • Fiona Ace (Christine Taylor) - Artie's wife, in the end, helps her husband heal from the Lice's attack!
  • The Amazing Grace/ Luis Jones (Channing Tatum) - Artie/Captain Grace's sidekick, and has the same powers as Captain Grace!, in the end, wins Gertrude's heart!
  • Jordon Liece/ The Lice Master (Cillian Murphy) - main antagonist, who can control Lice, Ticks, Fleas, and any type of insect! Plans to make Gertrude his slave, and to get rid of Captain Grace!, in the end, gets destroyed by an explosion caused by Panda's bomb! but survives and was sent to jail.
  • Alarm Clock (Daran Norris) - an Alarm Clock like robot that rings "DINKELBERG"! when mad.



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