Charlie Ferrix is a run-away trying to find out about his past, to know about his father and mother, but when a nearly broke man wants to steal an item known as the Golden Mask, so he can gain the treasure of Plenty, making Charlie think he may have connections to his birth-father.


June 6, 2014


  • Charlie Ferrix (Ryan Kelley) - a run-away boy who tries to find out about his past and parents, in the end, reunites with his parents, and move to Alabama!
  • Mally Tavern (Tahyna Tozzi) - Charlie's love interest, in the end, helps relocate the family!
  • Nicholas Ferrix (Bill Paulman) - Charlie's birth-father, who abandoned because to give Ferrix a Future from Paxton, in the end, reunites with his son!
  • Georgina Ferrix (Jennifer Tilly) - Charlie's birth-mother, who abandoned because to keep him safe from Paxton, in the end, reunites with her son!
  • Jerry Breecher (Eric Roberts) - the main antagonist, he is looking for the Golden Mask, so he can gain the treasure of Plenty, tired of his men trying so hard, he blackmails Nicholas into finding it, if he does, he will tell him about his past, in the end, slips off the rocks and joined Paxton with his fate!
  • Paxton Orlando (Robert Moloney) - the secondary antagonist and Breecher's right-hand man, he is sometimes the most beaten up and weakened person, and one time after Charlie left to find the Golden Mask, commenting how smart he might be and trying to call a nitwit, he was hit by Jerry with a shovel, in the end, Charlie makes him a do alot of begging, when threatening that he will throwing off to his death, so Paxton reveals that to Charlie that he was born in 12/17/87, his parents loved him, and that his parents abandoned to keep him safe because Breecher wanted the codes to activate the Mask!, and that his parents were placed in an asylym, and now he begs Charlie not to kill him, but Charlie wraps him with a rope to keep him hanging, and Charlie gave a angry thanks, and Breecher realizes that he has told Charlie, he told Paxton not to tell Charlie the truth, so he cut the rope and send him with the Sharks!
  • Dr. Phineas Lee (Brian Cox) - the tertiary antagonist, the doctor hired by Breecher to torture Georgina in order to blackmail Nicholas to give him the codes to Golden Mask, and the codes were 197, which activated the mask to show him the Treasure of Plenty in Africa, in the end,he was arrested by the Rangers.
  • Toby Graceland (John Goodman) - Charlie's foster father, he meets the parents and was thanked by them.
  • Agent Ridge (Jim Caviezel) - an FBI Agent who is following Charlie, in the end, heads to report the status of Breecher's fate.



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