Ghost Rider: the Animated Series is an animated adaptation of the popular Marvel Comics anti-hero.


Johnny Blaze, a young stunt rider in a traveling show, learns that his guardian and mentor, Crash Simpson, has contracted a rare form of cancer, and plans to do one last stunt before he dies, much to the protests of Johnny and his daughter, Roxanne. With no other choice, Johnny utilizes a Satanic ritual that summons a demon named Blackheart, who serves as the show's main antagonist. Blackheart agrees to cure Simpson of his cancer, but in exchange, Johnny must give up his own soul, to which he reluctantly agrees. On the day of Crash's final stunt, Blackheart manipulates events in his favor, killing Simpson in the middle of the stunt. Furious that Blackheart cheated on their deal, Johnny refuses to go through with his end of the bargin, which only infuriates Blackheart. To torture Johnny, the demon merges him with the essence of a more powerful demon named Zarthos, who had been defeated eons earlier by Blackheart's father, Mephisto. Only the love Roxanne has for Johnny prevented Blackheart from claiming Johnny's soul, hence the merging. As a result, Johnny and Zarthos must reluctantly work together to ensure that no one else will be harmed by evil like Johnny was; by day, Johnny is normal, but when night falls, Johnny and Zarthos merge to become the Ghost Rider, a motorcycle riding being with supernatural strength and invulernabilty, the power to project both fire and hellfire, an enchanted chain, a rifile that shoots bolts of hellfire, and a power called the Penance Stare, which induces pain and insanity into the minds of evil doers.

While the series uses Johnny Blaze, it also uses villains introduced in the Dan Ketch series, such as Deathwatch, Blackout, Lillith, Snowblind, Zodiak, Icepick Bob and Vengeance. Villains from the Balze era include the Orb, Water Wizard, Centurious, and the Enforcer. Guest heroes include Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Hellstorm, Daredevil, Wolverine Blade and the Hulk.


  • Nolan North - Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider
  • Grey DeLisle - Roxanne Simpson, Lilith
  • Diedrich Bader - The Caretaker, Jack D'Auria/Shriker
  • Keith Szarabajka - Mephisto, Peter van Zante/Water Wizard
  • David Sobolov - Blackheart
  • John DiMaggio - Zarathos, Ray Carrigan/Blackout, Deathwatch, Daimon Hellstrom, James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
  • Mark Hamill - Centurious, Nightmare
  • Lou Ferrigno - The Hulk
  • Steven Blum - Lt. Michael Badilino/Vengeance, Morbius, Zodiak, Snowblind
  • Brian Bloom - Matthew Murdock/Daredevill, Drake Shannon/The Orb
  • Khary Payton - Eric Brooks/Blade
  • James Horan - Dr. Stephen Strange/Dr. Strange
  • John Kassir - Ebenezer Laughton/The Scarecrow
  • Robin Atkin Downes - Icepick Bob
  • Neil Patrick Harris - Peter Parker/Spider-Man


  • Jamie Thomason - Casting and Voice Director
  • Man of Action - Animation Department


Episode Name Plot
Birth of the Rider Part 1 When young stunt rider, Johnny Blaze, learns that his guardian and mentor, Crash Simpson, has contracted a rare form of cancer, he makes a deal with a demon known as Blackheart. If Blackheart cures Crash, Johnny will give his soul to him in exchange, turning him into the Ghost Rider. Blackheart however tricks him and kills Crash in the middle of a stunt he planned to do before he died. Johnny Blaze then confronts Blackheart and Blackheart turns him into the Ghost Rider. Soon Blackheart looses control of the Ghost Rider and he battles with him.
Birth of the Rider Part 2 After Ghost Rider defeats Blackheart, Blackheart escapes and his father Mephisto finds out about Ghost Rider. He then sends his minion, Centurious to kill Ghost Rider.
Awake the Dead

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