Kyle Gradey got his 99th detention by Principle Blanc, so he is enlisted by Vice Principle Horton to complete 99 good deeds, or he will be sent to Military School. But Kyle has more when he has gain some acquaintance from Gabriel Keaton to complete 99 good deeds.


August 30, 2013


  • Kyle Gradey (Joel Courtney) - in the end, gets his vacation to Texas to visit his Grandpa that summer!
  • Gabriel Keaton (Adam Sandler) - in the end, gets married to Rhiana!
  • Hayden Portor (Ciara Bravo) - Kyle's love interest and girlfriend at the end of the film after Kyle completed his 99 good deeds, and kissed him
  • Principle Leonidas Blanc (Kevin Spacey) - the main antagonist, who has a strong desire to get rid of Kyle by sending him to Military School. At the End was seen arrested while trying to frame both Kyle and Keaton!
  • Vice Principle Joseph Horton (Clark Gregg), doesen't Trust Keaton at first!, in the end, Becomes the new Principle!
  • Mrs. Rhiana C~opelina (Sofia Vergara) - Kyle's spanish teacher, in the end, returns to Portugal!
  • Coach Harlod Duncan (Vince Vaughn) - Kyle's gym teacher, in the end, congradulates Kyle for his work!
  • Mrs. Petunia Shen (Lucy Liu) - Kyle's science teacher, in the end, gives him extra credit on his Magnesium project!
  • Paul Mase (James Belushi) - the janitor, in the end, is revealed to be Gabriel's old mentor!
  • Mr. Oswald South (Bob Hoskins) - Kyle's school teacher, in the end, gives Kyle his own book!
  • P. T. Addicus (Jaden Smith) - Kyle's best friend, in the end, goes with Kyle to Texas!
  • Whilma Gradey (Julie White) - Kyle's mother, in the end, Thanks Gabriel for aiding Kyle!
  • Jerimiah Gradey (Kevin Dunn) - Kyle's father, in the end, also thanks Gabriel!
  • Sarah McLeod (Rachael Weize) - Gabriel's first love interest, but died of Cancer.

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