G.I. Joe: Sgt. Savage & his Screaming Eagles is a Animated film that takes place between Seasons 1 & 2 of G.I. Joe: Reload.


A 1940s Newsreel details the story of how Sgt. Robert Stephen Savage, a War Hero awarded with the Medal of Honor in the World War II European theater, "dies" along with his entire company in a failed raid against a German scientific facility. Later, such place is discovered by a news team in the middle 1990's, it turns out that Savage survived. His frozen body is discovered, and is given to the Joes for further research. A robotic trooper invades the Joes' scientific facility, Savage awakens in the nick of time to rescue Gen. Hawk, Lady Jaye and Doc. According to Savage, the raid where all his company died was spoiled by a traitor amongst his ranks. Later, a scientist called Dr. Garret Stromm announces to the Joes that a new super advanced space platform is about to be deployed. Savage identifies the scientist as Lt. Garrison Krieger, the traitor himself. Savage also learns that during WWII he was Krieger's guinea pig in genetic experiments and now he possesses super strength and increased reflexes, these "powers", as his whole physical condition wanes from time to time. Savage is then introduced to his new team, a squad of 6 experts in different scientific fields, all well seasoned sergeants, but unable to follow direct orders, after a brief skirmish, Savage takes control of them, now calling themselves the "Screaming Eagles". Krieger is later seen communicating to Cobra Commander that the ties between their two organizations no longer bind, how he helped the Cobra Command formation and how he will destroy them if he interferes with his plans. At the same time, the Eagles are checking the invading robot's remains, and they realize that the space platform Krieger, who now calls himself "General Blitz" helped to build is really a Doomsday device meant to control every computer system on the planet (aiming mainly at the Strategic Defense Initiative), so Savage and his team go forth to stop Blitz, his plans, and his new, completely robotic I.R.O.N. Troopers.

Voice CastEdit

  • Daran Norris - Gen. Hawk
  • Vanessa Marshall - Lady Jaye
  • LeVar Burton - Doc
  • Michael Donovan - Sgt. Savage
  • Jeff Bennett - D-Day
  • Carlos Alazraqui - Dynamite
  • Cam Clarke - Grill
  • Brad Garrett - Head Banger
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Mouse
  • David Sobolov - Tank
  • Tom Kane - General Blitz
  • John Kassir - Cobra Commander


  • Charlie Adler - Voice Director

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