The Joes are framed by Zartan, in the guise of the President of the United States. Now they became outlaws, and are face-to-face with the Cobra Commander.


G.I. Joe:Edit

  • Duke (Jason Marsden)
  • Snake Eyes (N/A)
  • Scarlett (Natalia Cigliuti)
  • Roadblock (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Tunnel Rat (Matthew Yang Yang)
  • Ripcord (Khary Payton)
  • Breaker (Greg Ellis)
  • Gen. Joe Colton (Daran Norris)
  • Lady Jaye (Nika Futterman)
  • Jinx (Kim Mai Guest)
  • Barbecue (Jerry O'Connell)
  • Gung-Ho (Steven Blum)
  • Gen. Clayton Abernathy (Lee Majors)
  • Doc (Phil LaMarr)
  • Shipwreck (Carlos Alazraqui)
    • Polly (Tom Kenny)
  • Airtight (Troy Baker)
  • Cross-Country (Crispin Freeman)
  • Snow-Job (Nolan North)


  • Cobra Commander (Charlie Adler)
  • Destro (Clancy Brown)
  • Dr. Mindbender (Charlie Schaltter) - unknown whereabouts
  • Baroness (Tataya Yassucovich) - unknown whereabouts
  • Firefly (Peter MacNicol)
  • Storm Shadow (Andrew Kishino)
  • Tomax (Stephen Stanton)
  • Xamot (Stephen Stanton)
  • Scrap-Iron (Phil LaMarr)
  • Wild Weasel (Diedrich Bader)
  • Croc Master (Gary Anthony Williams)
  • Dr. Venom (Michael Emerson)


  • Zartan (Brian Bloom)
  • Zarana (Jennifer Hale)
  • Zandar (James Patrick Stuart)
  • Zanya (Grey DeLisle)
  • Road Pig (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Monkeywrech (Jason Marsden)
  • Torch (Matthew Yang King)
  • Ripper (Charlie Adler)
  • Buzzer (Charlie Adler)
  • Thrasher (Nolan North)
  • Gnawgahyde (John DiMaggio)

Private Faclons:Edit

  • Flint (Johnny Messner)
  • Wild Bill (Charlie Schlatter)
  • Lift-Ticket (Charlie Schlatter)
  • Heavy-Duty (Keith Ferguson)
  • Low-Light (Charlie Adler)
  • Sgt. Slaughter (Robert Remus)
  • Ace (Roger Craig Smith)
  • Slipstream (Josh Keaton)
  • Beach-Head (John DiMaggio)
  • Alpine (Travis Willingham)
  • Bazooka (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Cover-Girl (Tricia Helfer)
  • Quick-Kick (François Chau)


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