G.I. Joe: Extreme Forces is the Spin-Off series for G.I. Joe: Reload. It is a Relaunch of the Extreme Series from the 90's


A "former super-power" has collapsed with several factions vying for control against a new global terrorist organization "known only as SKAR" whose goal is nothing less but total world domination.

Voice CastEdit

Extreme ForcesEdit

  • Diedrich Bader - Lt. Stone
  • Michael Donovan - Sgt. Savage
  • Troy Baker - Ballistic
  • Cam Clarke - Black Dragon
  • Gary Anthony Williams - Frieght
  • Carlos Ferro - Harpoon
  • April Stewart - Mayday
  • Travis Willingham - Metalhead
  • Khary Payton - Quick Stryke
  • Steven Blum - Mr. Clancy


  • John DiMaggio - Iron Klaw
  • Grey DeLisle - Steel Raven
  • Charlie Adler - Inferno
  • Steven Blum - Wreckage
  • Nolan North - Rampage

G.I. JoeEdit

  • Daran Norris - Gen. Hawk
  • David Kaye - Gen. Joe Colton
  • Brian Bloom - Duke


  • Charlie Adler - Voice Director


Season OneEdit

Episode Title Episode Plot
The Klaws of Iron: Part One
The Klaws of Iron: Part Two

Season TwoEdit

Episode Title Episode Plot