Fuller House is the sequel series to Full House, in which DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky and Alex return home to take care of the now elderly Danny, Joey, Jesse and Rebecca.

Season 1: 2014 Edit

Episode Number Title Air_Date Summary
1 Welcome Home, Part 1 July 28, 2014 The family reunites when DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky and Alex return home. However, after the kids get into an argument with their parents, they pack up to move out.
2 Welcome Home, Part 2 July 28, 2014 After the kids try to return home, they find Danny, Joey, Jesse and Becky have left to sign into an elderly center, so they embark on a daring adventure to break their parents out.
3 The More Things Change August 4, 2014 Michelle, Nicky and Alex stay home to watch Joey and Jesse when they become sick. Meanwhile, Danny brings DJ to the doctor to find she's pregnant.
4 Joyride August 11, 2014 Joey has been taking sleep-joyrides in his wheelchair during the night, so the family sets out to intervene. Meanwhile, DJ has difficulty finding the right time to tell the family she's pregnant.
5 They Got That From Me August 18, 2014 Jesse helps DJ build a nursery in the house. Meanwhile, Becky finds it to her amusement how Alex seems to be like her, while Nicky has taken on Jesse's wild side.
6 Revelations August 25, 2014 Steve arrives at the house to move in and help DJ with their baby. Meanwhile, the family meets Stephanie's boyfriend, and are shocked to learn he has proposed.
7 Ruined Reunion September 5, 2014 Stephanie and Michelle plan DJ's baby shower. Meanwhile, DJ calls Kimmy Gibbler to town, only to find she is pregnant as well.
8 Ripped September 12, 2014 Nicky and Alex decide to create a new version of Jesse and the Rippers.
9 Date Night September 19, 2014 When Michelle and Teddy go out for a date night, Nicky and Alex crash it, much to Michelle's dismay.
10 The One That Got Away October 3, 2014 When Danny overhears DJ being upset her baby will never meet Pam, he begins to blame himself. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex are depressed to learn their grandparents have passed away.
11 Comet Runs Again October 10, 2014 DJ decides she wants her baby to grow up with a pet like she did, so she adopts a golden retriever, Comet Jr.
12 Haunted Full House October 17, 2014 On Halloween, DJ dreams she and her family are monsters, and that they plan for her soon-to-be-born werewolf baby to be a superstar scarer.
13 Terror November 7, 2014 A full grown Rusty wrecks havoc on the Tanner household to get revenge on Danny for not staying with his mom.
14 Camp Chaos November 14, 2014
15 Tanners Got Talent November 21, 2014 Derek and Lisa come back from world tour, and Michelle soon realizes she has missed out on a lot since they left, and wonders if she's their best friend anymore.
16 Thanks For Nothing November 28, 2014 DJ has been having mood swings, and when she accidentally lashes out at Michelle, Michelle decides to move out.
17 Say Yes To The Dress December 5, 2014 Stephanie has trouble picking a wedding dress. Meanwhile, DJ and Steve have trouble shopping for their baby's clothes.
18 Bad Hair Day December 12, 2014 Jesse is frustrated his hair is turning gray. Meanwhile, Stephanie tries to pick a hairstyle for her wedding.
19 Family Ties, Part 1 December 19, 2014 Stephanie's wedding day is finally here, when DJ realizes her baby is ready to be born. She then tries to hide the fact she's starting labor.
20 Family Ties, Part 2 December 19, 2014 Stephanie's wedding ceremony is interuppted when DJ's water breaks, and she is rushed to the hospital to deliver her baby. In the end, Stephanie is married, and DJ gives birth to Gracie Pam Hale.

Season 2: 2015 Edit

The series was renewed for a second season consisting of 26 episodes. Gracie Pam Hale joins the main cast.