3 cops hide their identities after they were framed for a crime they didn't commit.


???, 2014


  • Nigel Tyson (Jeremy Renner) - a cop who looks up to Captain Hatchett as a father figure, vows to find the man who killed him, in the end, his name is cleared and became Police Captain!
  • Ariel Johnson (Jennifer Connelly) - one of Nigel's 2 partners, she aids Nigel to keep their identities safe, in the end, marries Nigel!
  • Ferris Morrison (David Oyelowo) - one of Nigels's 2 partners, he aids Nigell to keep their identities safe, in the end, gets shot in the leg!
  • Captain Harold Hatchett (Samuel L. Jackson) - the police captain, who looks down to Nigel as his own son, he was killed by an unknown assassin, which cause the police to go after them
  • unknown person - someone who killed the Captain, it is revealed that the assassin was Hans Darrell
  • Chief Hans Darrekk (Harrison Ford) - the chief of police, in the end, gets run over by a bus!