10 years after the 2nd film, the Fantastic 4 have been retired and gone their seperate ways, Reed and Sue now parent a son named Franklin Benjamin Richards, with Ben as his godfather, and Johnny is out being a superstar, but when the Chitauri attack, the Fantastic 4 re-unite, and Human Torch finds an interest in Crystal.


March 6, 2015


  • Ioan Grufford - Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, retired, and now a father, he had raised a son named Franklin, he became a school science teacher, in the end, finds out that an operation on Vibranium!
  • Jessica Alba - Sue Storm-Richards/Invisible Woman, retired, and now a mother, she had raised a son named Franklin, she swimmed in a pool everyday, in the end, finds out about a mysterious Klaw (Gary Oldman)!
  • Hunter Parrish - Johnny Storm/Human Torch, retired, and now an uncle, he starts dating Crystal Amaquelin, in the end, meets Lyja!
  • Michael Chiklis - Benjamin Grimm/Thing, retired, and now a godfather, he is most loved by Franklin, in the end, marries Alicia!
  • Amy Adams - Crystalia Amaquelin, the lost princess of Attilan, in the end, sacrifices her life to save Earth!
  • Logan Grove - Franklin Richards, Reed and Sue's son, he has telepathic powers, in the end, is seen with H.E.R.B.I.E.!
  • Donald Sutherland - Quelin, Crystal's father, was seen in a flashback
  • Maryl Streep - Ambur, Crystal's mother, was seen in a flashback
  • David Kaye  - Galactus, the main antagonist, he was seen in a flashback, hungering for the Attilan, in the present, he wants to destroy the homeworld of Attilan from Crystalia's amulet, in the end, brings up Dr. Doom to become his slave!
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Thanos, makes a cameo at a post-credits, ripping the Time Stone from the Gardener's forehead, killing him and placing it on the Infinity Gauntlet with the Soul Stone
  • Keith Carradine - Gardener, was killed by Thanos when the Time Stone got off his forehead



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