This is the first film of Family Guy in theaters, in 3D.

The Family Guy Movie

Running Time: 1 Hour & 50 Minutes

Rated: R (For Action Violence, Language and Comedy Stunts)


This movie will be about the Griffin Family celebrating Meg Griffin's High School Graduation, they will stop the madness by few foes such as Bertram, Miley Cyrus, Miss Lockheart, and more from taking over Quahog for Bertram as he tries to ruin the Griffin Family and this time, Stewie will get Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Brian, Donna, Roberta, Bonnie, and their friends to team up to save the city.

Characters and CastEdit


  • Peter Griffin (Seth Macfarlane): The main character (Main Character)
  • Brian Griffin (Seth Macfarlane) The 5th protagonist (5th Main Character)
  • Stewie Griffin (Seth Macfarlane) The 4th main protagonist (4th Main Character)
  • Lois Griffin (Alex Borstein) The 2nd main protagonist (2nd Main Character)
  • Chris Griffin (Seth Green) The 6th protagonist (Minor Injury) (6th Main Character)
  • Meg Griffin (Mila Kunis) The 3rd protagonist (3rd Main Character)

Supporting CastEdit

  • Glenn Quagmire (Seth Macfarlane) The Friend of Peter and he helps him
  • Joe Swanson (Patric Warburton): Joe gets model bracers on his waste down, making him to walk, run like an ordinary man from Dr. Hartman. Eventually they get dismantled from the Chicken Fight
  • Bonnie Swanson (Jennifer Tilly): Joe's wife Bonnie Helps her friends Lois and Donna
  • Kevin Swanson (Scott Grimes): Joe's son.
  • Stephanie Swanson: () Bonnie's 2 year-old Daughter
  • Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry): who is in Quahog with his family and spend time with his friends
  • Allias Salmon (Jonah Hill): A mix-race human who is friends with Peter, Joe and Cleveland.
  • Cleveland Brown Jr. (Kevin Michael Richardson): Cleveland's son
  • Donna Tubbs Brown () The Wife of Cleveland. Teams up with Lois, Bonnie, Meg and Roberta
  • Rallo Tubbs: Now Friend With Stewie
  • Roberta Tubbs: Became friends with Meg and teams up with her, Lois, Bonnie and Donna
  • Oldman Herbert Herbert Now Brute
  • Dr. Hartman (Seth Macfarlane):
  • Mort Goldman (Johnny Brennan)'
  • Neil Goldman (Seth Green): Mort's son
  • Mayor West (Adam West)
  • Carol Pewterschmidt (Julie Hagerty)
  • Bruce (Mike Henry)
  • Death (Adam Carolla)
  • Greased-Up Deaf Guy (Mike Henry)
  • Seamus (Seth Macfarlane)
  • Tom Tucker (Seth Macfarlane): Anchorman of Channel 5 News
  • Joyce Kinney ()
  • Olie Williams (Phil LaMarr)
  • Tricia Takanawa
  • Carl (H. John Benjamin)
  • Jim Kaplan (): The Salesman
  • Phineas & Barnaby ()
  • Jillian Russel ()
  • Connie D'Amico () Meg's friend and helps her
  • Lisa (Sara Quin)- Isabella's enemy ever since kindergarten.
  • Carter Pewterschmidt (Seth Macfarlane)
  • Barbara Pewterschmidt (Alex Borstein)
  • Judge (Phil LaMarr)
  • Tomak and Bellgarde (John Viener and Alec Sulkin)
  • Vinny (Tony Sirico)
  • Isabella (Demi Lovato)- Lois and Peter's 15-year-old- neighbor, she helps the Griffin Family
  • Grace (Maya Rudolph)- Isabella's mother and Lois and Peter's neighbor. She helps Lois
  • Jane (Natalie Portman)- Lisa's mother and Lois and Peter's neighbor. She helps Donna
  • Digit (Maddie Ziegler)- Lisa's 10-year-old- sister and Lois and Peter's neighbor. She helps Meg
  • Olivia (Joey King)- Isabella's 10-year-old- sister and Grace's second daughter. She helps Bonnie


  • Bertram (Wallace Shawn): The former main antagonist who developed a diabolical plan to destroy Quahog, It's to rule the multiverse. was presumed to be dead by Stewie. It's revealed that the Bertram that Stewie killed was a clone he created. At the end he apologizes to Peter, Lois, Meg and Stewie, then he rejoins the Griffins.
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken (Danny Smith): (death) Gets killed by Peter's daughter Meg & Donna's daughter Roberta Tubbs who was helped by Glen, Joe and Cleveland as Peter was tired of Ernie always jumping on him for their final battle.
  • Miley Cyrus 2.0 (Miley Cyrus): Now a giant colossal robot rebuilt by Betram (Destroyed) (Peter and Chris destroy it with a Rocket Launcher)
  • Lana Lockheart (Drew Barrymore): Now Friends With Bertram (Came clean during final battle)
  • Diane Simmons (Lori Alan): (death) Revived by Bertram and killed by Tom Tucker in the end for framing him for klling James Woods
  • The Black Knight: To get back at Peter (Death) (killed by Brian)
  • Mr. Harrison: plan to get back at peter for ruining El Derodo Cigarette. (death) (Killed by Brian and Stewie)
  • Evil Stewie: Became brothers with Bertram and plans to kill Brian and Stewie (death) (Killed by Rallo & Stewie)
  • Deathbots: created by Bertram (Destroyed by the Griffins Family)
  • Betram Clones: created by Bertram's Gus
    • Standard (death) (Killed by Peter and Stewie)
    • Steroided (death) (Killed by Bonnie and Joe)
    • Jet-packed (death) (Killed by Lois and Donna Tubbs)
    • Mech Pilot (death) (Killled by Meg and Roberta Tubbs)


  • Seth MacFarlane



(Opening Lines of 'Family Guy: The Movie')

(It starts with Bertram seeing his clone get killed by Stewie Griffin at a safe distance)

Bertram: 'At least Stewie won't know that the real me has escaped, but I should head to Quahog and plan to destroy the Griffin Family' (He uses his device pad and head to the normal universe)

(Then the movie begins with an opening song of 'Family Guy')

(The Movie begins at the Griffin Family House where Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian and Stewie is seeing a Comedy show)

Meg Griffin: (She comes in) 'Guys, you're not gonna believe this. I got accepted into University of Malibu, Califoria. And they're paying me a full Scholarship, $70,000 per year'

Lois Griffin: (becomes happy) 'Wow! This is great, Meg. You're finally going to College'

Meg Griffin: 'And not only I'm going there, but Roberta and Connie is going also'

Brian Griffin: 'I can't believe it, your daughter is growing up, Lois'

Chris Griffin: 'And she's graduating in a few days'

Peter Griffin: (He becomes worried) 'Oh, boy' (Then he walks upstairs to Meg's bedroom)

Meg Griffin: 'What's with Dad lately?'

Lois Griffin: 'I think it may be time to let go of a daughter, now that you're turning into a woman'

Brian Griffin: 'You better go talk to him'

(Meg walks upstairs to her bedroom seeing Peter looking at Meg's photo album)

Peter Griffin: 'Oh, Meg. I didn't knew you came in, I was just looking at your photos and all'

Meg Griffin: 'I know what you're gonna say, but...I'm graduating in a few days and I got a full Scholarship to University of Malibu...that I'm going right after this Summer'

Peter Griffin: 'I see, this should be great to expand your mind. But I'm happy for ya, it should be great'

Meg Griffin: 'Wow, it looks like you're talking this well. I think you'll get a little bit...proud'

Peter Griffin: 'You bet. (But then moments later, he begins sobbing) Waah! I'm so happy you're going to College'

(A few minutes later, Brian walked to Stewie's bedroom)

Stewie Griffin: 'Thank goodness you came, Brian. We have a big problem'

Brian Griffin: 'What is it this time? You got in trouble at Preschool, or caused a Food Riot?'

Stewie Griffin: 'It's worst....Bertram has escaped and we only killed his clone'

Brian Griffin: 'You better tell me about how he survived?'

Stewie Griffin: 'Remember the time we saved the 'Big Bang Theory' by killing Bertram's Clone? Well, he used his clone to make fun of us while he escape to the Present. I'm guessing he's going to kill not only our Family, but the city of Quahog'

Brian Griffin: 'We better go tell Peter and Lois right away'

(Later that afternoon at Cleveland's House, Lois & Meg were having lunch with Donna & his daughter Roberta)

Lois Griffin: 'My daughter got accepted into the University of Malibu and she starts there right after this Summer'

Donna Tubbs-Brown: 'Even Roberta got accepted also, plus Bonnie is taking us and your Family to Meg's Graduation Dinner'

Meg Griffin: 'That would be great, so how about we get it on with a Lesbian Orgy?'

Roberta Tubbs-Brown: 'Count me in, let's play some music' (Then she turns on the Radio)

('Candy Girl' plays by New Edition)

(Lois and Meg remove their clothes showing their Tanktop as Donna and Roberta changed into their bathing suit, then they begin kissing in the lips)

(The Griffin Family, Cleveland Brown's Family and Joe Swanson's Family arrived for Meg Griffin's High School Graduation at the High School in the Football Field where the ceremony is about to begin)

Meg Griffin: 'Thanks for coming to my Graduation Ceremony, everyone. I'm glad this is a big moment in my Life'

Lois Griffin: 'My baby daughter is finally going to College in the Fall'

Peter Griffin: 'She is really taking the good turn in life'

Roberta Tubbs-Brown: (She and Meg fire the shotgun killing Ernie the Giant Chicken saving Peter, Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire) 'Boom, baby. Now he is a Protein fried and ready to be served'

Meg Griffin: 'At least you didn't get yourselves killed, dad'

Peter Griffin: 'Thanks for the tip'

Bertram: 'Time for me to crash the Party!'

(Then Bertram activates the Miley Cyrus 2.0 Robot as it starts to attack the High School Football field)

Meg Griffin: 'Guys, look! It's Bertram!'

Stewie Griffin: 'Oh-no, he's come to Quahog to attack my Family, and Meg is the first person that's about to get beaten!'

Peter Griffin: 'Holy Crap!'

Lois Griffin: 'We gotta take down that Miley Cyrus Robot before it causes more damage to the High School!'

Bonnie Swanson: 'Here, Peter. Use this Rocket Launcher' (She hands Peter the Rocket Launcher)

Peter Griffin: (He struggles to carry it) 'It's a little heavy, I'm gonna need an extra person to carefully aim so I can open fire'

Chris Griffin: (He lifts the Rocket Launcher and aims it) 'Not to worry, Dad. I'll protect us'

Peter Griffin: 'Eat this, Miley Cyrus!' (He pulls the trigger)

(Then the Missile hits and blows up the Miley Cyrus 2.0 Robot to pieces)

Meg Griffin: (crying) 'My Graduation got crashed by Bertram!' (She was comforted by Lois, Donna and Bonnie)

Donna Tubbs-Brown: 'There, there. We didn't knew that this Bertram wants to attack your Ceremony'

Lois Griffin: 'This is bad, now our Family is in danger and we have to do something before Quahog gets attacked again'

Bonnie Swanson: 'Well, I'm not gonna stand around and let him screw up Meg's Graduation. I say we all band together and take the fight to Bertram'

Peter Griffin: 'Great idea, we'll be able to protect Quahog'

Stewie Griffin: 'Very well then, but be warned. Bertram is dangerous and plans to take over Earth'

Donna Tubbs-Brown: (Kissing Roberta in the hot tub as Lois and Meg in their bathing suit drinks a small glass of Wine) 'I gotta hand it to you, Roberta. Lois and Meg's idea on a safehouse from Bertram's team worked'

Roberta Tubbs-Brown: (She licks Donna's lips and she wrap her body with her arms) 'You said a chocolate-flavor'

Lois Griffin: (Purrs) 'This is hot'

Meg Griffin: (She rubs Lois's shoulders) 'At least Bertram can't make us fight against him'

Lois Griffin: (She makes a speech) 'Ok, listen everyone. Bertram is going to destroy the city of Quahog and we're gonna need all the help we can get. Stewie and Brian can't stop the enemy alone, so the Griffins, Swansons & Browns are going to put an end to Bertram's plan for world domination. So who's with us?'

People of Quahog: '(Cheering)!'

Peter Griffin: 'Now let's save the Earth'

(Peter, Lois, Meg, Stewie and Brian confront Bertram ontop of his Air Carrier)

Lois Griffin: 'Bertram, your days of attacking the Earth is over!'

Meg Griffin: 'Now we're going to end your plan for world domanation, you turd!'

Bertram: 'So be it, it's time to finish what I started'

Peter Griffin: 'Attack!!' (They charged at Bertram)

(Then the epic final battle begins)

Lois Griffin: 'I got an idea, Peter. Get behind the falling Aircraft! (Peter and Brian flew their Mini-Plane behind the falling apart Aircraft. Then she shoots Stewie's Grappling Hook Gun on the hanger) Meg, I want you to let go of the handle'

Stewie Griffin: 'We won't make it!'

Meg Griffin: 'What!? You're gonna get us killed!'

Lois Griffin: 'Just pretend it's the Final battle of 'Avengers 4', where Iron Man and Iron Rescue uses the Infinity Gauntlet to kill Thanos.'

Meg Griffin: 'But we forgot to see the film, I won't know if you get us to safety in one piece!'

Lois Griffin: 'Then let's find out together!'

(Then Meg lets go of the handle and grabs onto Lois's shoulder with Stewie on her)

Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin & Stewie Griffin: (Screaming)

(They landed on the Mini-Plane safety)

Meg Griffin: 'We did it, guys!'

Peter Griffin: 'Nice roping, Lois'

Donna Tubbs-Brown: 'That was amazing'

Stewie Griffin: 'And we even captured Bertram'

Brian Griffin: 'I have your Watch, Meg' (He hands Meg back the watch he kept)

Chris Griffin: (He's wearing an arm cast) 'I'm glad that's over'

Lois Griffin: 'Let's go home, but first we should let Bertram apologize to us'

Bonnie Swanson: 'Great idea, Lois'

Bertram: 'Look, Griffin Family. I didn't mean to go too far on attacking the city of Quahog, I messed things up including Peter, Lois & Meg, I almost destroyed America and I'm very sorry about nearly killed Chris'  

Lois Griffin: 'Thanks for the apology, Bertram. You're welcomed to visit us'

Bertram: (He hugs Lois) 'Thanks'


  • The Narration is done by Patrick Stewart.
  • The roar of Bigtooth was a roar of a lion,a tiger,a bear,a dinosaur and a cougar.
  • This movie will be rated R
  • this is the first (and only) Family Guy movie premiered on theaters. (see it in 3D)