FREDDY VS JASON 2: THE WAR is a 2015 slasher film. Sequel to the 2003 film FREDDY VS JASON. This film features 42 different horror movie characters. it was directed by Ronny Yu.It was one of the highest grossing slasher movies of all time.


Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Doug Bradley as Pinhead

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams

Warwick Davis as Leprechaun

John Goodman as Maniac Cop

Daveigh Chase as Samara Morgan

Brad Dourif as Voice Of Chucky

Andrew Bryniarski as Leatherface  

Additional InfoEdit

42 horror movie characters were used in this film.

The film lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes.


Freddy is trapped in the deepest depth of Hell. Pinhead offers him a way out so he can have his revenge. He tells Kruger to build an army of the best killers. Ash Williams tries to stop Pinhead but is murdered by a powerful Kruger. Kruger manages to get Jason's attention by making him accidently destroy his mother's head. Pinhead tells Jason to build an army. Freddy recruits Leprechaun, Maniac Cop, and Samara Morgan first. He attempts to recruit Chucky, but he refuses. Freddy tells Leprechaun to murder a member of Chucky's family the next day. Freddy finds out Leatherface is supporting Jason [that is when he found out about Jason's army]. he recruits Papa Jupiter and makes him murder all of his family but Leatherface.

The next day Chucky and his wife are seen crying over Glen's clawed body. The Puppet Master appears and says that he refused Freddy's offer to and that Leprechaun had destroyed his axis puppets. Then the three recruited by Candyman to be on Jason's team. Jason and Freddy are both recruiting people. they end up with 20 on each team. (Freddy: Freddy, Leprechaun, Maniac Cop, Samara Morgan, Papa Jupiter, Tall Man, Creeper, Captain Spaulding, Headless Horseman Smiley, Phantom Killer, Warlock, The Thing, Dr.Satan, Legend Killer, Fisherman, Jack Torrance, Alien Queen, Pennywise, Jigsaw.) (Jason: Jason, Chucky, Candyman, Michael Myers , Leatherface, Ghostface, Victor Crowley, Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter, Puppet Master, Trevor Moorhouse, Predator, Pumpkinhead, Farmer Vincent, Jacob Goodnight, Andre the Butcher, Henry Warden, Frankenstein's Monster, Shocker, Gingerdeadman , Belial Bradley, Killjoy, Damien Thorn,The Prowler)

The teams skirmish on Elm street, destroying most of the area, but no one on any of the teams is killed. The teams are pursued by police.The two teams finally meet for the last time at Camp Crystal Lake. They battle to the death. Then only Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Leatherface, and Michael are left. Pinhead appears and unleashes an army of demons on the 5. the 5 battle the demons and pinhead. a huge fire blast kills all of them. then at the end. the dead fighters rise and then a glow appears in the mask of Jason and Freddy's claw rises. Gingerdead man met Chucky and rest of them starting to fight