Epic 2 is a 2019 film


One year after the first movie, Mary Katherine is summoned back down to the forest with Bomba and his brother Homba to help Ronin, Nod, the new Queen, and the Leafmen against The Boggin King who plans to destroy the forest.

But perhaps an even greater threat are the Lumberjacks with permission to cut down half of the forest.

With the forest threatened in so many ways, the new queen struggles in her role, although guided by Nim Galuu, she decides to search for answers in the rings of knowledge; there she finds there is a way to bring a queen from the past back to life.

The ritual though requires for an equal of evil to also be raised, the queen is torn as she is not aware they could bring back Mandrake's son to get Tara back.

Her discovery is not kept secret though as a Boggan who goes to find the queen; when he meets her, his hideous deformed face is revealed.

He offers her a deal: a more normal life and the guidance of Tara if she goes through with it and gives him back his son.

Just as the leaves begin to turn, the moon is full... And once the ritual is done... They have until the moon is gone to set things right.

A wild adventure insues; those thought dead return, mysteries are uncovered, feelings deepen, Boggans die, and nothing is as it seems as ancient magic and dances with death are played until the moon goes dark.


  • Amanda Seyfried as Mary Katherine, Professor Bomba's daughter who returns to defeat Mandrake and Nod's love interest.
  • Josh Hutcherson as Nod, a rookie Leafman warrior, and M.K's love interest.
  • Colin Farrell as Ronin, a seasoned Leafman warrior, leader of the Leafmen.
  • Christoph Waltz as Mandrake, the leader of the Boggans, who has returned after being thought dead.
  • Beyoncé Knowles as Queen Tara, the Mother Nature-like queen of the forest and Ronin's childhood love.
  • Aziz Ansari as Mub, a slug, Grub's close friend, and caretaker of the pods.
  • Chris O'Dowd as Grub, a snail, Mub's close friend, and new ground leafman.
  • Pitbull as Bufo, a bullfrog who works as a race fixer and a businessman. He joins the group in the sequel.
  • Jason Sudeikis as Professor Bomba, Mary Katherine's father and a scientist who shrinks to Mary Katherine's size to help the Leafmen.
  • Steven Tyler as Nim Galuu, the crazy uncle figure of the forest, guardian of the rings of knowledge and guider of the new Queen.
  • James Franco as Homba, Bomba's older brother who joins M.K.'s team.
  • Uzo Aduba as Queen Mara, Tara's younger sister who is the queen of Pixies.
  • Stephen Lang as The Boggin King, the new main antagonist and king of the Boggins. 
  • Danny McBride as Scar, The Boggin King's head soldier.