When her parents are losing their jobs, Gina Ving seeks help from a man, who had a past loss.


???, 2014


  • Neil Rousch/Omar Trap (Jason Statham) - a man who comes to Gina's aid to help the deal with the man who made her parents lose their jobs, he had a past once, he had a wife named Julia, and a daughter named Harriett, he seeks to find the man who killed them, in the end, avenges their deaths and got on with his life!
  • Gina Ving (Ellen Page) - a girl with a ponytail, a red shirt, black pants and sandals wages against Ian Smith for causing the fallout of her parents' jobs, in the end, She was disturbed that her father was the true main antagonist, and went into weeping, and apologizes to Neil for her own stupidity for her own revenge!
  • Nicholas Ving (Aaron Eckhart) - Gina's father, who is losing his job as Bank Operator, in the end, revealed to be the killer of Neil's family, and in Gina's disgust  because Julia married Neil over him, and was shot in the head by Neil!
  • Paulina Ving (Catherine Zeta-Jones) - Gina's mother, who is losing her job as a retail owner, in the end, was shocked to learn that her husband was the murderer and begged for forgiveness!
  • Julia Rousch (Paget Brewster) - Neil's late wife, she was at the park with her daughter and husband, while Harriett was playing a video tape on what their daughter if the monster under the bed does, she replied that her dad was going to work, then suddenly Lions were released on them!
  • Harriett Rousch (Ariel Winter) - Neil's late daughter, she was with her parents, she and her mother were fed to the Lions by Gina's Father Nicholas!
  • Ian "The Bastard" Smith (Vincent Cassel) - the main antagonist, he caused the loss of Gina's parents jobs, so he can build a military base, he is resented by Gina for that cause, which caused her to take back what he had done, and by doing that, she asks Omar for help to deal with him, in the end, was arrested by Officer James House, and was later seen in prison, where he gains a call from Nicholas, with Nicholas stating, "That was for the loss of my job, now for the grand finale, where you owe me, big time", confused, he was scared out of his wits, and was killed in prison, by House's words in the end!
  • Officer James House (Jamie Foxx) - a police officer, who refuses to help Gina because of the Bastard, in the end, arrests Ian, and was surprised that Nicholas was the murderer of Neil's family!

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