From the producer of Battleship, Vance Nickson and his student, Lloyd Jones become employed as scientists at NASA, when they discover an alien known as the Enity coming to Earth, they have to act fast to stop them, because if one of them betrays the enity.......they will die.


July 26, 2013


  • Vance Nickson (Josh Brolin) - in the end, heads to find out research on the Entity Race!
  • Lloyd Jones (Andrew Garfield) - Vance's student, in the end, Gets his College Degree
  • Sabrina Thompson (Rachel Weisz) - Vance's love interest, in the end, marries Vance!
  • Icharus Dobson (Tom Felton) - in the end, reforms and becomes part with Vance's class!
  • Captain Jeacob Marvel (Samuel L. Jackson) - in the end, loses an Arm from the battle with the Entity and is promoted Lieutenant!
  • Lieutenant Reba Portor (Reba MacEntire) - in the end, retires to Nebraska!
  • Sgt. Issac Conner (Brian Thompson) - in the end, dies while trying to hold off the Entity!
  • Major Olson Franks (Don Cheadle) - in the end, gets everyone out of the Entity prison!
  • Director Brody Garrett (Mickey Rourke) - in the end, gets killed by Xerxes!
  • Xerxes (Tony Todd) - the leader of the Enity, in the end, is destroyed by the Atomic Bomb!
  • Jalju (Ryan Reynolds) - one of the Enity, who warns humans, in the end, becomes a citizen of Earth, and welcomed by the Humans for saving them!
  • Archie Froud (Stephen Collins) - the President of the United States, who has a wife, in the end, gives Jalju the rights of being a human.
  • Abigail Froud (Julianne Moore) - the First Lady of the United States, who is married to the President, in the end, was happy for Jalju.


It begins with the Entity's in a world in the Andromeda underground! Xerxes informs Jalju to give the human race the demands he wants them to give up their natural resources in 1,99999696 Hung Gungs (42 hours in Human time), if not they will vaporize the atmostphere, and take siege on one of the first countries in the world!

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