Elektra New 52

Elektra in Marvel - The New 52.


Elektra Natchios returns to her role as Elektra, alive again after being killed by Bullseye. Alicia Silver becomes her new roommate. Her first case involves taking down a group of serial murderers called the Birsby Killers, who she easily dispatches. In the hospital afterwards, one of her perpetrators is slaughtered by a super-villain calling himself Reflection who then turns his guns on her. He escapes, and she chases him to a cemetery where she realizes that he's the survivor of a terrible fire that killed his family. Believing that life is a burden, he seeks out those whose lives were saved and puts things right in his mind by murdering them. Relection's next victim is caught in an explosion on the subway, which Elektra tries but fails to stop. Daredevil visits and shows concern from her loved ones that she might push herself back into the chair, but she insists she must do this alone and makes him leave. Finally, she sets a trap for Reflection. Leaving a message on his family's gravestone, she leads him to a house of mirrors at an abandoned carnival. During their fight she uses the mirrors to make him examine himself by projecting news clippings of his accident, then incapacitates him by breaking his face.

Elektra next has to deal with a mind-controlling super-villain named Greta who appears to be mentally ill. Detective Melissa Malenko is paid to hunt down Elektra by J. Jonah Jameson. Greta forces a group of criminals called the Whattaker Mob to kill each other, then makes Peter Parker a homicidal maniac. Elektra realizes that Peter is faking mind control for the witnesses, and finds a way to shut Greta down. They discover that Greta was an undercover reporter who gained mental powers after the Whattaker Mob shot her in the head. Her next move is to have brainwashed police officers assassinate Peter Parker during a public speech, but Elektra teams up with Spider-man to take her down. They have Detective Malenko place Greta in custody, and Elektra wonders if they weren't so different after all.