EL Tigre: The Legend of Manny Rivera is an 2014 live action movie based on the 2007 Nickelodeon Cartoon El Tigre the Adventures of Manny Rivera Produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies and this film will be rated PG.

Plot Edit

The Movie takes place 10 years later after the death of Rodolfo Rivera, Manny's father. Manny is still getting used with out a father and still struggling of witch side he goes to. One day after going through his father's old stuff when he come to a picture of his father and an old teacher of his name Serione Slayer who teaches his father to become a Superhero at the Acadcamy of Extraordinary Heroes . So Manny desided to go to his father's old Superhero School to find anwsers about his father. As he was there he meets Serione Slayer who asked him about his father and the origins of him coming here. After that Manny desided to stay here to become a better Superhero. After his first week there, Manny notice something odd about Serione Slayer he saw that Serino Slayer is part of a Supervillian group called the Destrucation Syndicate along with El Mar Verde, El Oso, Senor Siniestro and Guacamole Monster to destory New York City and rebuild it in an evil image. Suddenly Manny was trapped in the School and Serione Slayer joins with the other members of the Destrucation Syndicate to destroy New York City. This is El Tigre's ultimate battle to save everyone. This movie shall have a darker edge to the cartoon.

Cast Edit

Heroes Edit

  • Daryl Sabara / Manny Rivera/El Tigre
  • Demi Lovato / Frida Suarez/La Tigressa

Dream Edit

  • Campbell Scott / Rodolfo Rivera/White Pantera: Seen in flashbacks 10 years later after the death of Rodolfo Rivera, Manny's father.

Villains Edit

  • Martin Sheen / Grandpipi Rivera/Puma Loco
  • Salma Hayek / Maria Rivera/Plata Peligrosa
  • Liam Neeson / Senior Slayer
  •  ? / El Oso
  •  ? / El Mar Verde
  • Antonio Banderas / Senor Siniestro
  • Andy Serkis / Guacamole Monster

Crew Edit

Robert Rodriguez - Director

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