A extended sixth season of Ed, Edd n Eddy that takes place before the feature film, as well as both during the Winter & Spring parts of the School year.


Episode Number Episode Titles Episode Plot
66 A Room and a Ed/Luck be an Ed tonight Sarah and Jimmy kicked Ed out of his room and turning it into their personal playroom./Ed discovered that it was his lucky day according to his horoscope and Eddy tried to milk it for all it was worth.
67 Free Fall-Ed/Ed Burger The Eds help Ed with his Fear of flying./Eddy makes his own brand of Burgers called "Ed Burger".
68 Ed-Robot/Lights, Camera, Ed Double D signs up himself and the Eds to the school's robotic club./The Eds plans to make a big budget movie set in their own school.
69 Save our Ed/Cooking with Ed Double D & Ed are kiddnapped by the Kanker Sisters. Eddy asks Kevin to rescue them./Jonny 2X4 & Plank makes Omlets with Eddy for Profit.
70 The Million Dollar Ed/Gone with the Ed Eddy learns that he won the lottery for One Million Dollars./The Eds kite get stuck up in a tree.
71 Cool Yer Ed/Pin the Tail on the Ed On a hot day, the Eds makes Snow Cones./The Eds goes beneath the Sewers so they can barge into a birthday party for Nazz.
72 Must Be Something I Ed/Ed on Arrival After cosuming a horrible Jawbreaker during a sale, the Eds tries to get back to Eddy's house before anybody sees them./The Eds Challenge the Urban Rangers on a race all over the Cul-De-Sac.
73 A Nightmare on Ed Street/Ed marks the Spot The Eds turn the Old Haunted House into a hotel for the kids to stay. But the Kankers turn it into a real Nightmare./Eddy learns that his stash of Jawbreakers that he stole from Kevin were missing. Leading a series of clues led to the Kanker's trailer.
74 Roomates for Ed/The Ed Menance Rolf becomes Eddy's Roomate at his house. But Eddy is not enjoying his new friend./Double D goes Crazy after a series of practical jokes. Only Ed & Eddy must save their friend.
75 Like an Ed in a Maze/Ed-A-Doodle-Doo Double D's hat has been missing for three days. Revealing that Marie Kanker has his hat in a maze of Love./Rolf's chickens has gone amuck on the Cul-De-Sac. Only Ed must collect them all.
76 Ed-O-Rama/Which Came Ed? The Eds opens up their Bowling Alley at the school./Ed & Eddy switch houses for a day, due to a old dare from Eddy's brother.
77 Ed of the Opera/Ed-Victed Double D becomes the lead of the School Play of Phantom of the Opera. Only problem is he has Stage Fright./Sarah evicts Ed from his own home, after he made her room a mess.
78 Clash of the Eds/Ed Racer Double D brings back Ed's Monster Persona./Ed Competes in a Soap-Box Derby.
79 The Invisible Ed/Ed-cast News Eddy pretends that he's Inivisble, so he can steal everyone's Quarters. But it turns out that there is a ghost among them./The Eds stars on the School's CCTV Program.
80 Ed & Confused/More than Meets the Ed The Last day of school is upon the Eds, but they are trapped in the school with the Kankers./It's the first day of Summer, and the Eds starts their first Scam for the summer.
81 Ed Knows Best/For a few Eds More Ed becomes man of the House while watching over his baby sister Sarah./The Eds learns that the Kankers are looking for Jonny & Plank, after a Scam he learned from Eddy goes wrong.
82 Pizza Ed/Ed to the Rescue The Eds plans to make the world's biggest Pizza./Double D & Ed rescue Eddy from Kevin's house.
83 The Eds Last Stand Eddy gets ready for his Ultimate Scam, but the scam backfires destroying half of the Cul-De-Sac. This Episode leads up to the events to the Movie,Ed, Edd N Eddy's Big Picture Show.

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