Grant Taylor is a 18-year old boy who graduated, and has been having dreams from his past.


July 18, 2014


  • Jonah Derrek/Grant Taylor (Shia LaBeouf) - the boy who has been suffering from nightmares, in the end, He leaves for a new life in Oaklaholma!
  • Jena Innes (Emma Watson) - Grant's love interest, who aids him, in the end, has a farm on Oaklaholma with Jonah!
  • Harry Willard (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Grant's best friend, who is desperate by his father to tell Grant about his father, in the end, tends to his father after he was well!
  • Leon Willard (Dennis Quaid) - Harry's sick father, who persuades him to tell Grant about his father, in the end, relaxes, and is releaved that Jonah knows the truth!
  • Issac Derrek (Matthew Broderick) - Grant's birth father, in the end, reunites with his lost son and rekindles his bonds with his son!
  • Olivia Derrek (Jodi Benson) - Grant's birth mother, in the end, rekindles her bond with her son!
  • Boyd Taylor (Neil McDonough) - Grant's foster father, in the end, is arrested to stealing Derrek's son!
  • Katrina Taylor (Demi Moore) - Grant's foster mother, in the end, is heart broken by her husbands deception!
  • Duran Duran (Ben Kingsley) - the terrorist leader of the Mossad, had killed the family on the 3 nights before Christmas on a plane during their trip to Paris
  • Casim(David Lyons) - Duran's second-in-command of the Mossad, was with him on the death of the family, in the end was killed by Fergus for murdering his family.
  • Fergus Jones (Macauley Culken) - one of Grant's befriended friends, had been suffering a little bit of trauma of his family's death, he lives home alone, and is very nice to Grant, he is very different from Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone franchise, only with the pain he started out with his family
  • Jonas Troy (Anthony Mackie) - member of the CIA investigating the 3 nights before Christmas on the plane on the way to Paris


Grant Taylor (Shia LaBeouf) is an ordinary boy who has been suffering from nightmares, he was dreaming of some people who are possibly his parents, and they are suddenly captured and they abandoned to him for safety. When he got up, he watched the television where CIA are investigating the 3 nights before Christmas '90, about a family being killed on their way to Paris, before their massacre by the terrorist organization known as the Mossad