Your favorite Dragon Riding warriors are back, and with new equipment to appeal to your Dragonfanatics.


In Airlandhis, 4 teenage heroes ride their own Dragons, and they show Airlandhis that it is more than just for kicks. But down on Warnado Dreadwing, a mutant beast who wants to rule Airlandhis, and all of the worlds resources. Only Z'neth, Summit, Apex, and Peak can deal with this maniac and his gang of Monstrocites.


Cam Clarke - Summit, Joshua, Dragonator

Brian Bloom - Z'neth, Vydak

Greg Cipes - Peak

Kevin Michael Richardson - Dreadwing, Dram

Peter MacNicol - Gangrin

John DiMaggio - Kreigo, Wingstorm

Alan Tudyk - Aaron, Blazewing

Kari Wahlgren - Apex, Nocturna

Dee Bradley Baker - Fryte, Orac, Gremwings

Ashley Johnson - Nora

Troy Baker - Riptor, Amod, Zarkan

Emmanule Chirqui - SkyFury

Clancy Brown - Blackheart

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