From the producer of Hairspray and Rock of Ages, 9 teens go on a summer musical vacation.


December 19, 2014


  • Gordon Grace (Joel Courtney) - is given money by his parents for a stay at the resort, he also forms a friendship with Hans Jameson, who tells him about his daughter, Michelle, who was killed by Proctor when he was drunk driving, in the end, makes a portfolio of his summer vaction!
  • Dahlia Brooks (Julianne Hugh) - Gordon's love interest, she and her sister, Zoey are making celebrations for the resort as they were hired by Cassie, sang "C'mon" with her girlfriends, Cassie, Jessica and Eva, as they wear grassy skirts, hula bracelets, hula headbands and flowers on Cassie and Jessica's hair, in the end, tells Gordon she'll see him on Friday for movie night!
  • Nicholas Innes (Channing Tatum) - a jock, who is Michael's best friend, in the end, goes out with Jessica!
  • Jessica Walch (Amanda Bynes) - Nicholas's girlfriend, in the end, goes out with Nick to Alabama!
  • Proctor Owens (Tom Felton) - the main antagonist, a juvenile delinquent, he has the same tone as Dodge Landon from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, his juvenilism came from his mother, he has 3 friends and bodyguards, he wants to compete against Angus, Michael, Nicholas and Gordon as he cheats in the big leagues, in the end, He was chased by Dingos.
  • Cassie Rose (Megan Fox) - The Bar Owner of the Barbie, gets a crush on Michael Thrush! In the end, hires Zoey to run the Barbie while she helps Michael on Home Improvement
  • Angus Lloyd (Andrew Garfield) - seems to have a crush on Eva Branch, he seems to rival against her boyfriend, Proctor, he lived alone with his mother once since his father abandoned him because he wasn't ready to start a family, in the end, gets Eva!
  • Michael Thrush (Ryan Kelley) - also a jock, trying to find a new home for his family since they're moving, in the end, goes to Cassie for home improvement!
  • Hans Jameson (Clark Gregg) - the head of the resort, who greets them, he once had a daughter named Michelle, who he loved very much, and was mentally broken when she was accidentally killed by a drunken Proctor Owens, who he has a rare dislike to because of that reason, in the end, awards Gordon a trophy!
  • Eva Branch (Emma Stone) - Angus's love interest and Proctor's girlfriend, in a song, "Down Under", she dresses like a mermaid, wearing a green rubber fin and a blue strapless seashell bra, to sing with Angus, in the end, goes out with Angus, and dumps Proctor!
  • Lemoine (Miles Teller) - the secondary antagonist, one of Proctor's friends, he is Proctor's best friend, he stands by Proctor, when Gordon smacked away Proctor's hand, he and the other 2 pointed their meaty fingers at him of a warning, in the end, was chased by Dingos.
  • Opar (Mat Vairo) - one of Proctor's friends, he has a Jamacian accent, in the end, was chased by Dingos.
  • Marsh (Brandon Mychal Smith) - one of Proctor's friends, in the end,was chased by Dingos.
  • Liem Grace (Jason Sudeikis) - Gordon's father who gives him some money for a stay at the hotel, in the end, becomes the new owner of the Hotel.
  • Marge Grace (Leslie Mann) - Gordon's mother who watches out for him sometime to make sure he doesn't drink, in the end, She passes from Cancer.
  • George Thrush (Kurt Russell) - Michael's father, who gives him $10 dollars for home improvement since they're moving, in the end, is seen with Liem with the modifications of the new Hotel.
  • Cecilia Thrush (Bonnie Hunt) - Michael's mother, who wishes him the best of the luck on their new home, in the end, is seen at Marge's funeral.
  • Lindsey Thrush (Nicola Peltz) - Michael's little sister, who is going to miss her girlfriends, and is shocked to discovered that Michael is moving to a ranch and gets into an argument with how he's spending some of their money on something great, in the end, She is seen being chased by Dingo.
  • Owen Thrush (Ty Simpkins) - Michael's little brother, who he plays basketball with sometime, he is close to his brother, and wished his sister would do the same, in the end, is seen in the Quarter Leagues.
  • Leslie Rose (Bobby Cannavale) - the retired bar owner who loves his daughter, Cassie, very much and is good friends with Hans, in the end, He is seen enjoying the Outback.
  • Joyce Lloyd (Saffron Burrows) - Angus' mother, who he lives alone with after his father left because he felt he wasn't ready to be his father, in the end, was seen comforting Cecilia at the funeral.
  • Zoey Brooks (Tracy Spiridakos) - Dahlia's sister, who helps with the decorations at the resort for Cassie, in the end, she becomes the bartender.
  • Penelope Jameson (Ming-Na Wen) - Hans' seperated wife after their daughter, Michelle was killed by Proctor, in the end, releases the Dingos.
  • Michelle Jameson (Chloe Bennett) - Hans' late daughter, who died accidentally when she hit the brakes on her car and ended up getting killed by Proctor Owens, which tears Hans into sadness of abandoning music, Michelle's favorite thing in the world, he later treats Gordon the same affection he had to her




  • Dingo Attack (sung by Proctor and Marsh) - a threat to Angus and friends, and in the end of the movie the attack was on them.
  • Aboriginal Song (sung by The Aboriginal Tribe) - The beginning song where the Aboriginis sing the song of Gordon Grace.
  • C'mon (sung by Dahlia, Jessica, Cassie and Eva) - where they were dressed in hula outfits, while Dahlia played the guitar
  • Koala Song (sung by George) - a song at the funeral that George remembered when Marge was alive.
  • We're Lost (sung by Michael) - a song that her blames Gordon for getting them lost in the Outback.
  • Down Under (sung by Angus and Eva) - when Eva was dressed like a mermaid in the river
  • Kangaroo Dahlia (sung by Proctor) - a nightmare where Dahlia is turned into a Kangaroo, and being Proctor's pet.

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