Doomed is an upcoming spin off/prequel to the movie Fantastic Four Reborn. It takes place after Doom was expelled from college and before he fights the Fantastic Four. It will be released by 20th Century Fox. It is scheduled to be released on June 24, 2016. The film stars Toby Kebbell reprising his role as Dr Doom.


Plot Edit

Film opens with a flashback to when Victor Von Doom was a child. His mother, Cinthia Von Doom, is making a deal with Mephitso to give her the power to stop a man terozing her village in Latveria. At first, she is successful, but her powers rage out of control and she accidentally destroys the village. Mephisto then claims her soul. Cut to several years later, after Doom is expelled from college. Doom is putting on an armor, including mask to cover his scarred face. He is studying magic, swearing revenge on Mephisto to claim his mother's soul. On Midsummer's Eve, Doom tries to reclaim her mtoher's soul. He fails. He tries again one year later. He fails. The following year, he is taken into Mephisto Realm and fights Mephisto. Mephisto wins, but Doom fights him again the following year. This time, Doom has several new weapons. Mephisto still wins, and this time, Mephisto swaers Doom will die if he comes again. Doom spends several years, planning a battle plan against Mephisto. After 8 years, he fights Mephisto one more time, but Mephisto still wins. After that, Doom is cut off from Mephisto's Realm. He becomes King of Latveria, but still isn't satisfied. He realizes he could of won back his mother's soul if it wasn't for Reed Richards. After that, Doom swears revenge on Reed Richards.