Dino Force is an American animated science fiction television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. From the creators of Ben 10, and Generator Rex comes a team of Prehistoric Heroes known as the Dino Force. The theme song is similar to Dinosaur King mixed with Huntik, they are also anthropomorphic Dinosaurs!

Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

65 million years ago in a galaxy light-years from our solar system, on the planet of Sauriona, the Dinosaurs evolved with intelligence and making them anthropomorphic and they became members of the Dino Force. The Saurians have been at war with Dragons for centuries, unfortunately the planet was on the brink of destruction at the end of the war thus the Dino Force had no other choice but to evacuate, they protect the colony of Oligocene city and earth from the Wyrm, Cenozoics, the Cretaceous Brigade, and more importantly out of the three is Paleo-King! Along the adventure, they get help from human teenagers: Cole, Naomi, Trey, Jane, Sam, Rebecca, Jonesy, and Cory when they came to Earth.

Season 2 Edit

Tyrannis-Rex learns that a new threat is coming to Earth known as Mezo-Master, and Apatomy meets his old childhood friends! Spinotorn returns and continues his conquest for world domination, however the Dino's are ready with new heroes called the Legion of Heroes!

Season 3 Edit

TBA against Vovadok Cenozoic with these prototype suits!

Season 4 Edit

Is where The Group Deals with Four Villains, Eoceneus, Oligocena, Pliocenis, Pleistocerio, and Quantinaro! who plans to turn the human race into prehistoric creatures!

Season 5 Edit

The evil black Tyrannosaurus Rex named Tyranno-Don plans to conquer the Earth and Sauriona, and only the Dino Force and their new allies can stop him. Meanwhile tensions between America and the Soviet Union

Season 6 Edit

Two years after Ankylos' and Tyranno-Don's deaths Dino Force have disbanded

Characters Edit

Dino Force Edit

The main protagonists of the series are 9 males, when their home planet was destroyed they traveled across the galaxy until they eventually found a new home to colonize on planet Earth.

  1. Tyrannis Rex (Daniel Riordan) - The brave and noble leader of Dino Force, he is the representative of the team, since he is a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex with red stripes he is one of the three Dino's of leadership (like Giganotosaurus, and Spinosaurus), He is interested in human ways, he is also the love interest of Rexandra. Cole likes him for calling him Rex for short and same with his teammates. His colour scheme is the same as the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime.
  2. Apatomy (Logan Grove) - A tan 14 year old Apatosaurus and the youngest member of the team who serves as the resident technician and inventor. pretty smart, talented, a little cocky, obnoxious and intelligent, he is nicknamed Littlefoot, and he is under Ankylos' care and watch.
  3. Ankylos (Fred Tastasciore) - A brown/greyish Ankylosaurus War Veteran and a Military Strategist. He trained Tyrannis Rex when he was a young boy, and is the teams most respected member and is also Rex's second in command.
  4. Carno (Jeff Bennett) - The calm natured stealth specialist on the team, he is a slender red Carnotaurus who wears sun glasses, he is the one who keeps an eye on things that goes wrong. He is also very cautious and acts like a loner at some points.
  5. Trike (Bill Fagerbakke) - A green/lime Triceratops and muscle of the team who is usually reckless and gluttonous, but he always remains faithful to the group, and the group leader, he is also the one who helped them fight off the Wyrm and raptors to protect the innocents of Earth.
  6. Stegz (John DiMaggio) - Trike's best friend and partner, he is a yellow Stegosaurus with cobalt plates and a good friend of Trike who serves as the team's demolitions expert and engineer. They both try to prove who has the strongest stomach. He also helped by Apatomy with building vehicles and the exo suits with Paras.
  7. Dractyle (Tom Kenny) - A Pteranodon member on the team, he's the scout in the sky. He's a little nervous, and jumpy during missions, so he wanted Naomi to teach him self-defense in Martial Arts. His coloration is Orange/Scarlet.
  8. Dr. Harold Paras (Jeffrey Combs) - A male Parasaurolophus and the doctor of the group and an expert on ancient languages and machines. He designed the Exo suits for the kids with the help of Stegz and Apatomy. His coloration is Lime Green with purple stripes and a light orange crest, he also likes to listen to Edvard Grieg and read the Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  9. Packy (Will Friedle) - The kid of the team and he'll do anything to bash his thick skull into things, he is a 15 year old teenage Pachycephalosaurus and became another friend of Cole and and his friends. He makes a good projectile when thrown toward enemies. His coloration is Lavender with a whitish dome on his head. He likes to play arcade games, soccer and dance.

The Jurassic Teens Edit

A group of American teenagers who befriend Dino Force, the one thing they all have in common is their love of the singer David Bowie.

  • Cole Daniels (Josh Keaton) - The main human protagonist of the series and ally of the Dino Force. He is a 16 year boy who has always loved dinosaurs ever since his father took him on a paleontologist expedition when he was very young. He blond haired, blue eyes. He wears an exo-suit that gives him the tributes of a Dilophosaurus. He is paired with Tyrannis Rex. He is also the boyfriend of Naomi Vulgood whom he has loved ever since they were 7 years old. Between seasons 5 and 6 Naomi gives birth to their daughter Olivia.
  • Naomi Vulgood (Melanie Minichino) - The 2nd main human protagonist Cole's girlfriend and devoted friend, she knows about the Dino's and she is the head of the cheerleader team, she is 16 years old, shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, wears cheer clothes and she is a black-belt martial artist when coming across Raptors, She has medium sized breasts despite having a slender body. In "Girls, Girls, Girls" her sister Tammy is revealed to be Corythora's biological daughter, between seasons 5 and 6 Naomi gives birth to her and Cole's daughter.
  • Trey Levin (Alexander Polinsky) - Cole's best friend who goes to school with him. He's a Japanese decent student with a laid back personality, he is later wears a Velociraptor Humanoid suit by Dr. Paras!
  • Jane Walker (Cree Summer) - The Jurassic Justice link to the outside world, at first frightened but grown fond of them, like Eliza from Gargoyles and Sari from Transformers Animated she has tanned skin, only she wears glasses and has a bare midrift. She is a 16 year old Girl and she is a expert at science, which makes Apato her partner in science! She wears a Brachiosaurus humanoid suit with super strength built by Dr. Paras!
  • Sam Benson (Jason Biggs) - The brains and Cole's other friend,
  • Rebecca Martin (Elise Gatien) - Naomi's best friend, and later becomes Sam's girlfriend!
  • Jonesy Bowman (Ricky Russert) - Cole's other friend who is a member of Raymount Hills White Bison Indian tribe. He is very calm and doesn't speak much, he does have a deep reverence for nature and its creatures.
  • Cooper Walker (Tara Strong) - A 10 year old boy who likes to help out the team but he must stay at the base under Ankylo's protection. He's Jane's little brother and friends with Apatomy.

Humans Edit

  • Malcolm Brand (Jesse McCartney) - Jane's love interest who is also aware of the Dino's existence, he is a popular Football Jock, and he also takes tips from Tyrannis Rex about leadership. He wears the Gold Dragon Humanoid suit, and aids the Dino Force! despite the fact he is not a member of the Jurassic Teens.
  • Tammy Vulgood (E.G. Daily) - Naomi's sister.
  • Olivia Daniels (Meghan Strange) - Cole and Naomi's daughter. She was born between seasons 5 and 6.
  • Agent Cornelius Berkley (Martin Mull) - A agent of Anamolocaras. He was assigned by President Reagan to see if the Dino's prove a threat or the Wyrm, but usually is helping Dino Force with all the resources of Anamolocaras!
  • Jackson Berkley/ Therizino-Talon (Danny Cooksey) - A jealous Football Jock, who always try to out do Malcolm, he is also Agent Berkley's son. He was also a part of Wyrm as their spy! He is later transformed into a Therizinosaurus humanoid by Dr. Eurypterid and reforms to join Spinotorn!
  • Candace Reed/Dragon Lady (Kari Wahlgren) - Malcolm's love interest, she is a popular girl on the swimming team, she is a Red Head, a babe middrift, and she is also a Tomboy, she knows about the Dino's and she is also an intelligent and kind, girl! She has large sized breasts, in Enter Camelot she is a direct descendant of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. In "Year of the Dragon she was transformed into a dragon by Skalidor, she then became Tyrannis' lieutenant after Ankylos was killed.
  • Dr. Kirby and Bianca Daniels (Gary Cole and Jennifer Hale) - Cole and Tate's parents and devoted allies of the Dino Force, Dr. Kirby Daniels is a Paleontologist and had kept their existence until Cole found out the truth, he is designed similar to Dr. Tyler from Dinosaur King, Bianca Daniels is more into living things and is a Zoo Keeper, she is designed similar to Maddie Fenton plus Drew Saturday, and she usually seen cooking for the Dinosaurs!
  • Samantha Walker (CCH Pounder) - Jane and Cooper's Aunt who took them in when their parents died in a car accident, she knows of the Dino's and is a good friend of Bianca.
  • General Chi Levin (Keone Young) - The widowed father of Trey, he is a general and an agent of Anomalocaras, he accepted his sons trust with the Dino's, and what Trey became when Dr. Eurypterid!
  • Storm Knight (Alvin Sanders) - He is revealed to be Naomi's long lost father and the one who wrote the Dinosaur Chronicles that holds information of the Jurassic Justice's fore fathers!
  • Pierce Rosland (Yuri Lowenthal) - Cole's pen pal.
  • Rebbie Mason (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - The female protagonist and love interest of Pierce Rosland, whom she supports, she is shy, but she is always comforted by Naomi. In one episode, she is revealed to be a mermaid, in season 4, she learns how to master her mermaid abilities, she realizes that she was born in the 7th century and her birth name was Rojona!
  • Prof. Ian Thatch (Eric Thompson) - A Prehistorian, and the one who gives clues to the Dino Force.
  • Horace Vulgood (Don Murray) - Naomi and Tammy's grandfather who has looked after them ever since their mother abandoned them, he knows of the Dino's and is wary of them however he eventually learns to accept them. It is also revealed that he is a survivor of the Holocaust.
  • Tony Murphy (Tom Kenny) - Samantha's boyfriend who is a police officer in the Raymount Hills Police Department. He is shown to be quite found of Jane and Cooper,
  • Madeline Suarez (Maria Canals Berrera) -
  • Chief Bowman (Saginaw Grant) - Jonsey's grandfather who is the chief of the White Bison Indian Tribe. He is reluctant to let his grandson be around Dino Force due to their lifestyle,
  • President Ronald Reagan (Jim Meskimen) - The President of the United States of America. He is suspicious of the Dino's believing that they could be Soviet spies, he appointed Cornelius Berkley as their liaison to see if they were a threat but eventually learns that it isn't the case.

The Imperial Guard Edit

  • Gigano (Kevin Michael Richardson) - The Leader of the Imperial Guard and The Elite Special Forces Commander of the Dino Force. He is a Giganotosaurus, and he also respectful toward Tyranno's intentions. When Sauriona was destroyed, he and his teammates where in hyper sleep in their ship on a course to Earth, To find Tyrannis and his team.
  • Kenta (Sam Riegel) - Gigano's second in command, he's a Kentrosaurus, and is the cousin of Stegz.
  • Zander (Paul Eding) - A Styrachosaurus and a member of the Imperials Guard, who is a veteran like Ankylos.
  • Ne-Croc (Phil LaMarr) - A Deinosuchus who the Imperials Guard's Heavy Weapons Specialist and speaks with a Texan accent.
  • Plow-Stone (Bill Fagerbakke) - A Minmi and the Australian interpreter of the team.
  • Iguanodox (J.B. Sweeny) - Corythora's charming adoptive brother and skilled warrior, he is an Iguanodon, and well-liked among the Dinotopians and the Dino Force.
  • Comm. Quezle (Patrick Seitz) - He is the Sky commander of the Saurian army on Sauriona and was at first reluctant to train the new human recruits (Cole, Naomi, Hale, and Sam). He's a Quetzalcoatlus and Dractyle's superior.
  • M'Jango (Jonathan Adams) - Carno's old mentor, and a Majungasaurus he speaks with a Jamaican accent!
  • Archie (Billy West) - An Archaeopteryx who has a lay back personality as a Hippie.
  • Tarbo-Battar (Ron Pearlman) - Tyrannis's brother in hyper sleep in his ship came to earth with Rexandra, Auca and M'Jango and find Tyrannis-Rex and his teammates he's a Tarbosaurus, and he helps the kids to learn about their environment! His coloration is brown with orange stripes.

Sauronians Edit

  • Rexandra (Vanessa Marshall) - Tyrannis's love interest, she was seen in a photo at the beginning of the Series and was white with black stripes.
  • Packy's Mom & Dad (Gary Anthony Williams & Susan Silo) -
  • Princess Corythora (April Stewart) - Tyrannis' childhood friend and the kindhearted leader of the Sauronians, she is a Corythosaurus who knows their ancestors were predator and prey, but that does not stop their friendship, she is also a skilled warrior.
  • Mayor Metros (Dwight Schultz) - Mayor of Oligocene city on earth, he is a Dimetrodon.
  • Porfessor Allosis (Corey Burton) - He's an Allosaurus with glasses, and Dr. Paras's colleague!
  • Plesios (J.K. Simmons) - A Plesiosaurus who is the mayors second in command!
  • Ovi-Ying (James Hong) - An Oviraptor who teaches martial arts for young dinosaurs and humans.
  • Mya (Grey DeLisle) - A female Miasaura and a caretaker in Oligocene City at the nursery.
  • Aldan (Jeff Bennett) - Mya's husband who helps her at the Hospital/nursery.
  • Dinotopian Citizens (Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bennett, April Stewart, Phil LaMarr, Dwight Schultz, Ali Hillis, Corey Burton, Kath Soucie, Greg Ellis, Scott Wolf, Mona Marshall, and Grey DeLisle) - Various anthropomorphic dinosaurs such as: Incisivosaurus, Microraptor, Psitticosaurus, Camarasaurus, Compsognathus, Torosaurus, Monoclonius, Tarbosaurus, Brachiosaurus and other species!
  • Indrika (Sumalee Mantano) - She is the strong one of the group next to Mammux, she is an Indrikothere, and she is also the one who has a crush on Iguanox! She reforms and leaves The Cenozoics in "Ice Age", and becomes one with the Dinotopians.
  • Alberto (John DiMaggio) - An Albertosaurus who always sticks his nose into DF's business as he's a nitwit but he likes to help. He works as a lousy clerk and he's like Fung from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.
  • Gorgo (Eric Bauza) - A a Gorgosaurus who is Alberto's long suffering partner.
  • Auca (Maria Canals Berera) - Carno's love interest and an Aucasaurus!, with Pink coloration, and Gray Spots!
  • Carno Jr & Jake (Nancy Cartwright, and Pamela Aldon) - Carno & Auca's sons from the future.
  • Tarasaki (Keith Silverstein) - A Zuniceratops who owns his revolving restaurant as head chef. The Ornithomimus serves as the waiters and waitresses.
  • Prox (Udo Kier) - A Pachyrhinosaurus, who always talks about the old-ways!
  • Merlin (David Tennant) - A Parasaurolophus who was one of Sauriona's greatest scientists and an ancestor of Paras. During the 7th century he arrived on Earth and met with King Arthur and gave him Excalibur.
  • Megalan (Steven Blum) - A male Megalania the ally of the Dino Force on season 4-5, The Cenozoics found and captured him, He was hatching Megalania from 2 millions years ago they take him to they ice cavern in the Himalayas and they mutated him but they could not broke his rage, He a attacked them and he's escaped from them and he stolen a ice gem from them about five days ago, He speaks with a Australian accent. He live in Sydney, Australia. His venomous bite is used to kill his prey. He helped the Dino Force to hunt drown Tara-Boa in Colombia in final war on Tyranno-Don.
  • Mega-Don (Peter Lurie) - A male Megalodon the ally of The Dino Force on season 2-5 He was a Megalodon pup the E.O.C.E.N.E. found, captured and mutated him and he rage at them, He attacked them and he escaped from they lair 3 days ago. He lives in Atlantis and got out when his city was destroy by Lio-Blast, he then helped the Dinos to stop Lio-Blast. The final war on Tyranno-Don. Version of Ripster from Street Sharks.
  • Gojira (Patrick Warburton) - A Gojirasaurus the ally of the Dino Force on season 5, He's a old friend of Tyrannis Rex from college, he left from the Dino's home planet with his ship in hyper sleep. He came to earth and he found a new home he live in Albuquerque, New Mexico He with Mega-Don and Megalan to stop Tyranno-Don in final war.
  • Saur-X (Sam Riegel) - Ally of the Dino Force Tyrannis-Rex's old roommate from college with Gojira, He in Earth Oklahoma he a Saurophaganax.
  • Tylo (Lex Lang) - Leader of Sea Squad he a Tylosaurus and a firm friend of Dino Force.
  • Cretoxy (Jim Cummings) -
  • Elasmo (Mick Wingert) -
  • Arche (Jennifer Hale) -
  • Xiphac (Luke Perry) -

The Nocturnals Edit

  • Night-Bat (Jeff Bennett) - The leader of the Nocturnals and the one sent by E.O.C.E.N.E. to capture the Dino Force! He later reforms and becomes an ally of Dino Force along with the others.
  • Night-Fox (Fred Tatasciore) - The Fox-like creature of the group, and the one who is the eyes for Night-Bat.
  • Night-Wolf (Troy Baker) - The Wolf and strongman of the group!
  • Night-Owl (Corey Burton) - The one who always spies on the other groups!
  • Night-Moth (Alexander Polinsky) - Not the brightest but the most dangerous!
  • Night-Snake (Cree Summer) - She is the only female, and the slickest heroes.

Legion of Heroes Edit

  • Ultimate Man (George Newbern) - Leader of the Legion and a parody of Superman.
  • Metro Woman (Courteney Taylor) - The second-in-command of Legion of Heroes, the wife of Ultimate Man and a parody of Wonder Woman. Her costume resembles Jetstream's from the Disney movie, Sly High except with no gloves.
  • Black Raven (David Sobolov) - A parody of Batman.
  • Mr. Elastic (Dee Bradley Baker) -
  • Tsunami (Daran Norris) -
  • Captain Seismic (Kevin Michael Richardson) -
  • Bow Master (Dave Wittenberg) -
  • Micro-Man (David DeLuise) -
  • Green-Knight (Jeff Bennett) - Once an ordinary clerk from England.
  • Fox-Woman (Gina Torres) - Is an amalgam of Vixen and Foxy Love!
  • The Shining Eagle (Rick D. Wasserman) - An eagle humanoid from another planet.

Villains Edit

Cretaceous Brigade Edit

  • Spinotorn (Arnold Vosloo) - An Albino Spinosaurus with a red and purple striped sail who is the Tyrannical and Sadistic Leader of the Cretaceous Brigade, the "White Death" and one of the 3 primary antagonists of the series. Once a soldier in training under the tutelage of Ankylos, and he got jealous of Tyrannis Rex for becoming captain and falling for Rexandra and earning her love years ago before the war, when the High Council accused him for a terrible crime for trading their weapons to the enemy, he lashed against the council and declared war on his kind. He is Tyrannis' arch-nemesis through show. His henchmen are raptors and they'll do anything to please him especially Rap-Eye and they call him boss as they makeup his personal army. He despises the human race after he saw dinosaur bones in museums and dig sites in horror. He plans to find 12 sacred Auroris gems to transform to world into a prehistoric paradise with no Mammals in sight, but in the season finale "Project Extinction" was betrayed by Ladon and stranded on Edapho-Island for three months with few of his Raptors! His voice impersonates Megatron from TF Armada and personality is similar to the Shredder from TMNT (2003 series). In the Season 2 finale he is imprisoned by the Dino Force and placed in High Security, eventually Zucho managed to use the sewer tunnels to get pass security and bust his cousin out of prison.
  • Zucho (Dave Wittenberg) - A brown/tan Suchomimus and Spinotorn's cousin, he is very ambitious and very much competitive and he is Spinotorn's substitute until they find him. Although Spinotorn despises his cousin, he respects him as family.
  • Razer (Jesse Merlin) - An gray Coloborhynchus who is loyal to Spinotorn and he's Dractyle's nemesis.
  • Baryx (Jennifer Hale) - Zucho's sister who is a Baryonyx with purple coloration and yellow spots she later join the Cretaceous Brigade.
  • Rap-Eye (Steven Blum) - Spino's right-hand hench-raptor, he is a scared Velociraptor and the smartest of the other raptors, also and adversary to Naomi. His signature colour is red with orange stripes. He carries a magma blaster and he knows claw-to-claw combat. He wears a sleeved ripped vest with shorts.
  • Spittor (Carlos Alazraqui) - He of is the spy/scout of the raptors. He dressed like a ninja except it's short sleeved. His signature color is blue.
  • Klaw (Jeff Bennett) - The dumbest of the raptors and very gullible. He has an overweight appearance as he loves to eat meat when he slacks off. His signature color is yellow. He carries a club and always bonks himself on the head with it.
  • Slasher (Eric Bauza) - He is a Utahraptor, and a dangerous one at that, He was always Rap-Eye's favorite. His signature colour is green with
  • Patches (Tom Kenny) - The most insane of the raptors as he laughs a lot. When he grabs a weapon of any kind, he shoots off like crazy.
  • Sever (Ted Lewis) - The chemist of the raptors, and an intelligent one.
  • Scyclaw (Frank Welker) - A robotic raptor, capable of hacking into any network and equipped with an arsonel of weapons.
  • Pyro (Max Koch) - A Pyroraptor who is equipped with arm-mounted flamethrowers
  • DeiTri Sisters - Four female Deinonychus.
    • Claudia (Samulee Mantano) - The oldest sister and adversary to Naomi. She has colorful crimson feathers, she becomes Slasher's wife!
    • Talonia (Tara Strong) - The second oldest sister, and has a Blue streak on her back and is the fastest! She has a crush Hale Levin.
    • Rhen (Nika Futterman) - The third greyest of the sisters, and the most lethal as the knows when to sharpen her claws.
    • Screech (Katie Griffin) - The Last sister and Talonia's superior and the Greenest of the bunch.
  • Basilo (Troy Baker) - A Basilosaurus, he tries to overthrow Saber and becomes the new leader of the Cenozoics in season two in "Ice Age" but his plan did not work and was stranded on an island were he joins Spinotron as his best underwater operative.
  • Tarascobo (Daniel Riordan) - A Tarascosaurus, and a traitor who joins Spinotorn. He speaks in a french accent!
  • Arkilo (David Sobolov) - A Abeilosaurus and Tarascobo's partner and Carno's rival! Akilo is also in love with Auca but Auca is Carno's girlfriend when he punched him in the snout.
  • Raptors (various voices) - Spinotorn's foot soldiers

The Devonian Empire Edit

A race of savage vampiric aliens who are known throughout the universe for their cruelty and brutality, they also feed on the blood of other races. Their empire is a combination of both the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany.

  • Paleo-King (Andy Serkis) - The main antagonist and the one trying to revert modern Earth into a primeval never-land, he is the sadistic, cruel, bloodthirsty and unmerciful ruler of the Devonian Empire. He sees Dino Force as a threat who stand in his path for universal domination, he is mostly seen sitting on his throne covered mist with only his eyes seen.
  • Reba Gomez/Paleo-Princess (Charlotte Hope) - Paleo-King's daughter and the one who usually tries to please

him! Whilst her father desires for universal conquest she is more into preserving the ancient laws and traditions of her people, in the second season it was revealed that she and her father’s favorite lieutenant Mezo-Master are secretly lovers.

  • Hank Blazer/Paleo-Prince (Sam Witwer) - Paleo-King's son and heir to the Devonian Empire. Like his father he is sadistic and supports him in his goal to conquer the universe, he is shown to be best friends with Mezo-Master as they served together during the war on Sauriona.
  • Mezo-Master (Iwan Rheon) - Paleo-King's favorite lieutenant and the main antagonist of season 2, he plans on devolving the populations and making a Paleozoic Paradise! It is revealed in season 2 that he and Reba are secretly lovers. He was destroyed in "Dawn of the Conqueror from the Golden Ages"! He is one of Paleo-Kings top three most devoted followers, the other two being Inquisitor Blackhorn, Silurian and General Pleura.
  • Grand Inquisitor Blackhorn (Gary Anthony Williams) - An eye patch wearing Agathaumas who is one of Paleo-Kings most brutal inquisitor and as his name implies whose right horn is black. He was once a soldier in the Saurionian army until Paleo-King offered him great power and wealth.
  • General Pleura (Jane Kaczmarek) - A female Devonian who is one of Paleo-Kings best military commanders. She is known for her skills and strategies which has made her known throughout the galaxy
  • Overlord Silurian (James Faulkner) - Mezo-Masters father who is one of Paleo-Kings most favorite minions.
  • Swords Master Ordovician (Lance Henriksen) - An alien who trained Paleo-King in swordsmanship when he was a boy and later Reba, Mezo-Master and Hank. He is extremely skilled, this makes him one of Dino Force’s more deadly enemies.
  • Lystro and Cyno () - Two Devonian brothers who work as technicians in Paleo-Kings devolution laboratory. They are both shown to be sadistic and demented as they acted gleeful when they devolved a human in season 5,
  • Executioner (Frank Welker) - Paleo-King’s executioner. He is a large man who wears a black hood and wields a large axe, who only speaks in grunts.
  • Ammonites (Dee Bradley Baker, Gary Anthony Williams and Phil LaMarr) - Cybernetic Ammonites in mobile tanks who serve Paleo-King as his scientists and researchers.
  • Devonian Wizards (Various) - A group of Devonian Mystics serve Paleo-King as his sorcerers. They have the same appearances as Joseph, Jacob, John, Faith Seed, Jerome Jeffries and Citra from Far Cry 5.
  • Devonian Army (Various) - The Devonian army is made up of several regiments:
    • Devonian Officers (Various) - The most senior commanders of the Devonian army and Paleo-Kings most loyal followers. They were blue uniforms, red sashes and black boots.
    • Devonian Troopers (Various) - The soldiers of the Devonian army and the backbone of Paleo-Kings forces.
    • Canis Calvary (Various) - A division of the Devonian army that ride the large Canis Wolves of Paleo-World and is considered to be the most honoured regiment in the Devonian army, due to the Canis Wolves being holy.
    • Royal Guard - Paleo-Kings bodyguards who accompany him everywhere from his office to his bedchambers. They are well trained and well-armed which makes taking out even one extremely difficult. They also protect key Devonian figures.

The Cenozoics Edit

  • Saber (Troy Baker) - Leader of the Cenozoics, he is a Smilodon/Sabre Tooth Tiger, and he is the most ambitious of the group as he is scheming, charismatic, cruel, and loyal. Also well known for his usually-calm-headed and suave demeanor. However, whenever his plans are on the brink of failing or failed, Saber's smooth charisma and calm patience can be replaced by intense anger, wrath and frustration on anything or anyone. His goal to start a New Ice Age so that he and his followers could live and take over a new icy world and enslave humanity. His like Steeljaw from TF: Robots in Disguised 2015.
  • Mammux (Kevin Michael Richardson) - The muscle of the Group, he is a Woolly Mammoth, and he is Trike's arch enemy. He's all brawn and no brain. He speaks in a thick Russian accent.
  • Entelo (Dee Bradley Baker) - He is the sadistic member of the group, he is an Entelodont, and he is very short tempered and is cooled off after Apato beats him.
  • Cludd (John Kassir) - A Titanis of the group, He is the one who often tries to get King Basilo to reveal his secrets as he is nosy. He's a Terrorbird
  • Gastorn (Rob Paulsen) - The brains of the group, he is a Gastornis, he is also very cowardly and very treacherous.
  • Scratch (Jeff Bennett) - He is the smallest of the group, he is a sabretooth squirrel. He pilots a robotic exo mech.
  • Andrew-Sarcus (David Lodge) - A crime lord who often tries to gain money! he was mutated into an Andrewsarchus humanoid and joins Cenozoic along with BrontoThere.
  • Tate Daniels/ BrontoThere (Brian Bloom) - Cole's older brother and a bully, and he ends up being a super strong soldier called BrontoThere, he actually try to get even on Malcolm for backing Cole from being bullied, he was later arrested for crimes that he framed the Dino's for, this was a drastic event that the family went through! BrontoThere's revenge he joined the Cenozoics.
  • Stallion (Vanessa Marshall) - A Prehistoric Stallion, female who takes Indrika's place!
  • Arctodis (David Herman) - A Short Faced Bear who is a commander of Saber's comrades. He wears a uniform similar to Errol from Jak and Daxter, he also has the same personality as Errol but unlike him he doesn't become a cyborg.

Wyrm Edit

A race of

  • Ladon (Robin Atkin Downes) - Leader of the Wyrm, he is a indigo/green three-headed Dragon with glowing red eyes and violet and white markings who wants to make the human race pay for their kind being hunted near extinction, and he is also aligned with Cenozoics and Paleo-King. In "Project Extinction" was slain by Tyrannis-Rex w/h Cole's help and the Wyrm's retreated.
  • Skalidor (Nolan North) - Ladons second in command, he's a regular European dragon, he becomes Ladon's successor in season 2 and becomes leader after he states someone will have to lead the dragons. in season 5 he becomes a complete Dragon and transforms Rebecca into a Dragon to become his mate, in the series it reveals he was in love with her, and was in a love triangle with Malcolm whom he sees as not a worthy mate.
  • Fathnir (Fred Tatasciore) - Skalidors lieutenant, whom's Dragon resembles the Common Green Drakk, and he is the one who gives Skalidor ideas of conquest!, In season 4 was slain by Stegz!
  • Azuresong (Andrea Baker) - She is a young adult dragon. She has blue scales and notably large and vicious claws. Her breath is a disruptive wave of sound. She is a scholar at heart. Her fighting skills are exceptional.
  • Numinis (Darran Norris) - A Chinese Dragon who plans to overthrow Skalidor until he came to his senses that it's impossible.
  • Dovix (Peter Jessop) - A Silver Dragon who is a trainer of Wyrms!
  • Cynda (Nika Futterman) - A female Black Dragon.
  • Wyrmdors (Dee Bradley Baker) - Scouts of Wyrm and his loyal minions.

E.O.C.E.N.E Edit

  • Dr. Beki Robinson/Dr. Eurypterid (Candi Milo) - The CEO of the E.O.C.E.N.E. Corporation who was hired by either Paleo-King or Spinotorn. In the season finale "Project Extinction", she was brutally mauled to death by Spinotorn and his raptors when she double crossed them.
  • Lieutenant Pierce (Phil LaMarr) - Dr. Eurypterid's assistant and second-in-command.
  • Brontoscorpio (Alexander Polinsky) - A nerd who desires Scorpions, and is the son of Dr. Eurypterid. wants revenge on the Cretaceous Brigade for his mother's death and becomes the new head of E.O.C.E.N.E. He was later shrunk into a tiny Microscopic organism and was sent to prison.
  • Professor Klaus (Maurice LaMarche) - Dr. Eurypterid's chief scientist who creates mutant monsters to destroy the Dino Force, gets mutated into a prehistoric monster.
  • E.O.C.E.N.E. agents (various voices) - E.O.C.E.N.E. employed dozens of personnel that serve as both foot soldiers and scientists.
  • E.O.C.E.N.E Mutants - Genetic Monsters created by Dr. Eurypterid and Professor Klaus using the DNA of different animals even Dinosaurs.
    • Quarry -
    • Quantinero -
    • Pleisticerio -
    • Oligocena -
    • Pliocenis -
    • Eoceneus -
    • Squidopus - A squid-like monster.
    • Clawboon - A baboon with long sharp claws.
    • Exomantis - A giant cyborg praying mantis.
    • Serperion -
    • Blade-A-Demon -
    • Crococonda - A deadly hybrid of a crocodile and an anaconda.
    • Magmadon -
    • Khyberus -
    • Pyro Lion -
    • Tusky - A giant Walrus.

Other Villains Edit

  • Vovadok (Josh Petersdorf) - The main antagonist of season 3, he always despises being second best by Pierce Rosland, the temporary protagonist, he has the powers if all Trilobites! He hates being spit on by Pierce in the episode, Ancient Rituals! He falls to his death into the lava in the Season finale.
  • Lio-Blast (Clancy Brown) - A Liopleurodon conqueror, and the ruler of the Pacific Sea!
  • Cave-Man (Bill Fagerbakke) - A lunatic Cave man who was found frozen in a block of ice in a glacier always rampages Oligecene city!
  • B.E.D.R.O.C.K. (Corey Burton) - A supercomputer A.I. who believes that it is the highest rank than man! He was destroyed in "Project Extinction" in a crash by a virus.
  • Gorgonops (Mark Hamill) - A Gorgonopsid warrior who was also one who tried to overthrow the mayor!
    • Moschops (Dee Bradley Baker) - A Mammal Like Reptile partner of Gorgonops!
  • Yang Fuizin (George Takai) - A 42 year old Yangchuanosaurus who is a crime lord in Shanghai, China. After his wife died when he faced Tyrannis-Rex he his daughter and Guan Ninjas left their home planet on his ship in hyper sleep and found they a new home Earth land in Shanghai, China.
    • Yin Fuizin (Lauren Tom) - A female Yangchuanosaurus is Yang's 14 year old biological daughter, she would always reform.
    • Guan Ninjas - Guanlongs that serve as Yang's ninjas
  • Man-Lobster (Frank Welker) - A mutant lobster that was created by E.O.C.E.N.E. until he escapes on it's rampage
  • Cenozoicah (Kaja Zoch) - The main antagonist of the 4th season, she wants to create a new Ice Age!
  • Professor Nanite (David Boat) - A human mad scientist who controls small nanobots and creates constructs
    • Zog (Dee Bradley Baker) -
  • Kongar (John DiMaggio) - A Prehistoric Relative to Gigantopithecus, who wants to create a planet for the apes!. He's identical to King Kong.
  • Tyranno-Don (Wade Williams) - Season 5's main antagonist, and he's a Tyrannosaurus Rex with Red coloration and Black stripes. Tyanno-Don has a red eye color, he is Tyrannis' most dangerous adversary! even Skalidor tries to outmatch him!
    • Daspleto (Andre Sogliuzzo) - Tyranno-Don's henchman he is a Daspletosaurus.
  • The Sea-Kraken - A prehistoric monster, which is an amalgam of a kraken and dino, and eats people for food
  • Tera-Boa (Kari Wahlgren) - A female Titanoboa who lives in Colombia and she is the queen of the prehistoric snakes.
  • Col. Ferris Innes (Gary Anthony Williams) - A United States Colonel who wants to eliminate the Dinosaurs!
    • Lt. Maine Phillips (Fred Tatasciore) -
    • Pt. Zelda Esmarelda (Jennifer Hale) -
    • Prof. Truman (David Tennant) - A scientist
  • Doug & Lars Redface (Gary Sturgis and Steve Webber) - A pair of human poacher brothers who hunt animals on the endangered species. In season 4 the capture sharks around the world the Dino's & Mega-Don save the sharks on season 5 they hunt a snow leopard Mega-Don came to Asia "Hey! That leopard is a protected species!" the Dino's & Mega-Don sent them to jail.
  • Predator - An ancient predator from Sauriona that according to legend only hunted ceratopisans. It was thought to only a myth until a pack of them were discovered and unleashed on Raymount Hills.

Vehicles and Weapons Edit

  • Trilobite Shields - Trilobite shaped shields that Dino Force use to protect themselves from blast marks.
  • Ptrygotocycles - Motorcycles in the shape of a Pterygotus, Dino Force use them for getting to their destinations, Cretaceous Brigade have their own version with clawed arms which they use to crush things.
  • PaleoSabre - Swords with fossilized hilts and laser like blades, one such example is Paleo-Kings sword.
  • Archecoptor -
  • Sliders -
  • Metorlazers -
  • Evolution Ray! -
  • Magmablaster - A variety of Saurionian blaster, they resemble hardened lava in blaster form and can shoot magma balls. They are mostly used by Cretaceous Brigade.
  • PaleoPreserver -
  • The Black Klaw - The Warship of Cretaceous Brigade.
  • The Mesozoic Chaser - An old school bus that was modified by Stegz to be Dino Forces method of transport
  • The Ark - A massive interstellar ark which the Sauronians used during their journey to Earth. It was launched from Sauriona sixty five million years ago following the war that severely damaged their world in an attempt to find a new home, the journey to Earth lasted sixth five millions years and countless generations had being born and had died during on the Ark during its journey. By the time the Ark had reached Earth it had begun to fall apart due to its age and was suffering from faulty fuel lines, engine failure and air loss.

Locations Edit

  • Anomalocaras Base - Located in the west of Texas and Agent Berkley's headquarters!
  • Oligocene City - Located in Montana, the colony metropolis where human's and Dinosaurs live side by side. It used to be colonel city for Sauronians, hidden from the outside world until when the kids showed it to the humans, they began to trust the Dino's and decide to live together.
  • Sinclair Gas Station -
  • Raymount Hills - A (fictitious) town located in the American state of Montana and near the Canadian border and the hometown of the Jurassic Teens along with their families and friends.
    • Dino HQ - The base of Dino Force, and it's on an island off the coast of Raymount Hills. Inside they have a monitor room, living quarters, training room, Med bay, armory, science lab, mess hall and shower room.
    • Raymount Hills High School -
    • Raymount Hills Prison! -
    • White Bison Indian Reservation - A Native American Indian reservation that is the home of the (fictitious) White Buffalo Indian Tribe.
  • Wyrm Island - The lair of Wyrm, located in the Bermuda Triangle!
  • The Ice Cavern - The headquarters of the Cenozoics, and is located in the mountains of the Himalayas.
  • Volcanic Grotto - A Cave that is the headquarters of the Cretaceous Brigade after their warship, The Black Klaw crash landed. It's within a dormant volcano on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ring of Fire and the raptors patrol every part of it, the beaches, canyons and lava tubes. They use the technology of their warship to covert the magma of the volcano into their alternative energy source.
    • Spinotorn's throne -
  • Tar-pit Penitentiary - The Prison for characters such as Cenozoic or even agents of Wyrm, and other prehistoric related villains!
  • Shanghai, China - The largest city of China where Yang, Yin & their Guan Ninjas live.
  • Sydney, Australia - The largest city of Australia where Megalan lives.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico - The largest city of New Mexico where Gojira lives.
  • Atlantis - The legendary sunken city where Mega-Don lives.
  • Las Vegas -
  • Yellowstone National Park -
  • Avalon -
  • Borneo -
  • Washington D.C. -
  • Sauriona -
  • The Devonian Empire - A vast interstellar empire that spans 3 galaxies and rules over 10'000 worlds.
    • Paleo-World - The home planet of the vampiric alien race known as the Devonians. It is the same size as Uranus and Neptune, three thousand years before the series an unknown cataclysmic event resulted in roughly a third of the planet was blasted away leaving a field of asteroids.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Back to the Jurassic part 1 - A large transport ship is sailing through the galaxy since the planet, Sauriona was destroyed during a horrible war now they heading towards Earth as their new home in hiding from the humans. Meanwhile on Earth in the year 1982 Cole and his girlfriend Naomi were walking to school when they bumped into Sam on the corner near the bus stop where he was in a rush to get to school on time.
  2. Back to the Jurassic part 2 - Dino Force is ambushed and surrounded by Raptors, and when they befriend the kids, Cole, Naomi, Jonsey, Sam, Rebecca, Jane, and Trey after saving them from the Raptors.
  3. Back to the Jurassic part 3 - Spinotorn is revealed to be the one responsible for the Raptor's as they took Naomi, and that the syndicate called Wyrm has risen!
  4. Back to the Jurassic part 4 - Agent Berkley aids the Dino's into stopping Wyrm, and the Raptors! in the end, the kids showed everyone Oligocene city and Mayor Metro welcomes the humans.
  5. B.E.D.R.O.C.K - A supercomputer made by Apatomy goes out of control and is trying to replace everything with cybernetic impostors!
  6. Cenozoic Attack - The Cenozoics make themselves look like they are heroes in the public and Apatomy likes them, but soon will learn that things aren't always as they seem!
  7. Eurypterid - Dr, Eurypterid, the head of E.O.C.E.N.E. captures and mutates Cole, Trey, and Jane, including Jackson into Dinosaur humanoids, the Dino's must find a cure before their humanity suffers the same fate as the children.
  8. Gem Power - After a fight with the Dino's, Spinotorn finds an ancient tablet that tells of 12 powerful crystals and of an ancient prophecy.
  9. Raptors in the House - School prom as started and King and queen will achieve the award of achievement, and Cole and Jane are selected for the awards!
  10. Under the Sea - Lio-Blast wants to rule the surface world and claim it as his own!
  11. Fossil Fools - The Dino's tricked by the Cenozoics into unearthing a powerful amulet that causes the ice to expand across the poles of a new Ice age!
  12. Framed - The Dino's are framed by an Embolotherium themed Super-villain, and revealed to be Cole's brother!
  13. Dino Gladiators - The Dino's take part in a challenge game show.
  14. Fire from down Below - There is a fire destroying the island.
  15. Lights, Camera, Roar - The Dino's are used in a movie.
  16. Apatomy's Arrogance - Apatomy is tired of just being the only one who works around and accidentally reactivates B.E.D.R.O.C.K.
  17. Killer Flowers - Carno finds a patch of poisonous flowers that causes palatalization!
  18. Night of Nightmares - The Nocturnals are created and begins to ransack the City!
  19. Wyrm Attacks - The Dino's head to Wyrm's headquarters to find out about a Mysterious Agent!
  20. Bodyguards - Trike, Ankylos, and Apatomy are forced to bodyguard a spoiled brat that is targeted by Kongar!
  21. Iceman - After being beaten by the Dino's, the Cenozoics discover an ice block with a caveman in it. Soon even more trouble starts when the caveman is thawed out.
  22. Evolution - The Dino's has made sure the Evolution Ray had not been fallen into the wrong hands!
  23. Project Extinction pt. 1 - Dr. Eurypterid plans to use Wyrm, Cenozoic's, Cretaceous Brigade, and all the resources to take their ultimate revenge!
  24. Project Extinction pt. 2 - Dr. Eurypterid is killed by the Cretaceous Brigade, and declares war on Wyrm!
  25. Project Extinction pt. 3 - The Dino Force must stop the Cretaceous Brigade and Wyrm, before they destroy the City!
  26. Project Extinction pt. 4 - After their defeat, the Dino Force declares that Dino's, Dragons, and Humans become equals!

Season 2 Edit

  1. Welcome to Atlantis - Lio-Blast returns, and creates a Base called Base "Atlantis"!
  2. The Mezo-Master Rises - The Mezo-Master is freed from his imprisonment due to Kongar!
  3. E.O.C.E.N.E. - E.O.C.E.N.C.E. strikes back with Dr. Eurypterid's son now in charge!
  4. Rob the Rich and Feed the Poor! - Apatomy is excited by Robin Hood, so then pose as a vigilante Robin Hood!
  5. Making Money - The kids find a money card, and Apatomy finds out it's making real money, and worse Vovadok is after it!
  6. Cenozoic Mind! - The group travels north to stop the Cenozoic's from ruining Russia!
  7. Alien Warzone - Apatomy is kidnapped by Prof. Nanite, into doing alien experiments on the village of Transylvania.
  8. Gold Mine - Ankylos is trapped by E.O.C.E.N.E. and B.E.D.R.O.C.K., and is forced to work under the forces of the Wyrm agents to survive a giant worm.
  9. Girls, Girls, Girls - It's a girls night out, and Apatomy infiltrates, the club house, but saves them from an evil Warlock.
  10. Into the Night - The Nocturnals attack and they are forcing the Dino's into a total lockdown.
  11. Shameless Lateness -
  12. Mountain Camp -
  13. Cold Dusk -
  14. Open House Fire -
  15. Chilly Moon -
  16. Ice Age Drama -
  17. Vengeance of Lio-Blast - The Dino's meet a part man part shark named Mega-Don.
  18. Eve of the Hour -
  19. Enter Camelot - Apatomy and Cory accid
  20. Lost City of Atlantis -
  21. El Dorado -
  22. Secrets of Notre Dame -
  23. Sentence of Banishment -
  24. Cold Vengeance -
  25. Dawn of the Conqueror from the Golden Ages pt. 1 -
  26. Dawn of the Conqueror from the Golden Ages pt. 2 -

Season 3 Edit

  1. Dawn of a New Age -
  2. Bronto-There's revenge -
  3. Ice Age -
  4. New Recruits -
  5. Eye of the Storm -
  6. Dance Magic Dance -
  7. Night of the Nocturnal's -
  8. Ancient Rituals -
  9. Dragons Bane -
  10. Stormy Knight -
  11. Rise of the Conquer from the Golden Ages -
  12. Princess Corytho -
  13. Tales of the Tail -
  14. Ways of Nature -
  15. Prehistoric Meltdown -
  16. Dinosaur Days -
  17. Ice Age Meltdown -
  18. Attack of Liopleurodon -
  19. School Lockdown -
  20. Nights -
  21. Arctic Storm -
  22. Ways of the Ninja -
  23. Time is Running -
  24. Sleepless Land -
  25. Dawn of the Conqueror from the Silver Ages pt. 1 -
  26. Dawn of the Conqueror from the Silver Ages pt. 2 -

Season 4 Edit

  1. Basic training -
  2. Dino's goes Down Under - The Dino's go to outback meets a part man part lizard named Megalan Ice Age crooks track down Megalan the Dino's must help Megalan.
  3. Las Vegas - The Dino's are going road trip Las Vegas.
  4. Shark Saver - The Dino's & Mega-Don must save types of sharks.
  5. Yellowstone - The Dino's are camping in Yellowstone N. Park on guys trip .
  6. Every Day of The Naked Girls - Cole & the Dino's visit a strip club of girls in bras and underwear.
  7. Worldwide web -
  8. Instincts -
  9. Overworld -
  10. Grand Event -
  11. Turtles and Seals -
  12. Dragons Emerge -
  13. Common Cold -
  14. Bringing of Courses -
  15. Hell Breaks Loose -
  16. Enter the Carboniferous! -
  17. Komodo Island - The Dino's film a big lizard a komodo dragon when Cenozoics come hunt down the Dino's and Megalan.
  18. Year of the Dragon - Skalidor transforms Candace permanently into a Dragon to become his mate, can the Dino's help her save her humanity, or will she be lost under Skalidor.
  19. Enter the Maze -
  20. Andromeda -
  21. Past, Present, and Future -
  22. Before and After -
  23. Crossroads in Ice! -
  24. Dawn of a New Ice Age pt. 1 -
  25. Dawn of a New Ice Age pt. 2 -
  26. Dawn of a New Ice Age pt. 3 -

Season 5 Edit

  1. Dino's Goes Wild West - The Dino's go to the Wild West meet Saur-X.
  2. Queen of the Snakes - The queen of snakes named Tera-Boa rises in Colombia and so the Dino's are with Megalan to hunt her down for good.
  3. Evil T-Rex's Revenge - The evil Tyranno-Don comes to Earth.
  4. Everglades - The Dino's see crocs & gators.
  5. Dinosaur N.M - The guys are on a trip again to Utah.
  6. Leopard Save -
  7. Raptor Ball -
  8. Love Life -
  9. Saber Rage -
  10. A T-Rex Tale -
  11. Dodo's Lies -
  12. Balloon Fly - The Dino's meet Tyrannis's old friend Gojia in New Mexico.
  13. Killer Instinct - The Dino's deal with a pack of ancient predators who hunts only Ceratopsians.

Trivia Edit

  • The Saurians are not big as Earth Dinosaurs, but they all come in shapes and sizes compared to a human being. Saurians are immensely larger
    • Human, 6.0
    • Saurians,
  1. The Show also features many pop culture from the eighties