Digimon Adventure 3 is a new Digimon season that takes place after the events of Adventure 2. that focuses on the children of the original Digidestined from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 2. Although certain aspects have been altered, including the children themselves.


One of the major differences is that certain pairings have been altered by the mysterious Parallelmon and the Return of ZeedMillenniummon. Much has happened since season 2 and Malomyotismon's defeat, however; Kari has recently become engaged to TK.

Story so farEdit

After the defeat of MaloMyotismon and peace is restored, the boundary between the Digital and the Real World is broken down, giving every human their very own Digimon partner. 25 years later, All of the main DigiDestined now have children, who in turn have Digimon of their own (the children's Digimon are of the same species as the senior DigiDestined, but at the Fresh and In-Training levels). Now when new evil Digimon threaten to destroy the Digital world, it's up to the new DigiDestined to defend it. Each with his/her own D-3 Digivice. Unknown to them all, a familiar evilfrom the past returns...



  1. Ja'kachi "Jake" Kamiya: The son of Tai and Sora, Jake is a stubborn boy who rarely looks before he leaps into situations without thinking and believes fighting is the way to solve things. He wearing a pair of goggles that is gift from his father. Jake takes after his father, and he is the leader of the new DigiDestined. He received his mini telescope from him as a gift when he was little and he's taken it everywhere with him ever since. He is plucky and kind. His partner is Agumon, like his father. Jake is 10 and is in 4th grade. Jake holds the Crest of Courage and his D-3 Digivice is Orange. Jake is voiced by . Agumon is voiced by Tom Fahn.
    • Agumon: Jake's partner and friend. He digivolves to Greymon, to MetalGreymon, and to VictoryGreymon.
  2. Danjuro "Dan" Motomiya: Dan is Davis' son and Jake's best friend. Like Jake, he wearing a pair of goggles that is gift from his father. Dan has his father's personality and can act slightly similar to his best friend Jake Kamiya. Though, unlike his father, Dan does not lead the group. He's the comedian of the group as he loves to make jokes and can be thick-headed at times, but his loyalty to his friends and his great sense of humor make up for this. Following in his Dad's footsteps, Dan's partner is Veemon. Dan is in 4th grade and is 10. The Crest of Miracle belongs to him and his D-3 Digivice is Blue. Dan is voiced by Tara Strong.
    • Veemon: Dan's best partner. He digivolves to Veedramon, to AeroVeedramon and to UlforceVeedramon.
  3. Boshida "Ben" Ishida: Ben is the son of Matt. His mother left when he was about four and since then he grew more distant from his father. As time went on, he become more rebelish and more of a loner, more than what his father was when he was his age. Ben has the classic rivalry/friendship with Jake and like their fathers can clash often, but deep down they are good friends and teammates when they settle their differences. His partner is Gabumon. Ben is in 4th grade and is 10 years old. He holds the Crest of Friendship and his D-3 Digivice is Indigo. He is voiced by
    • Gabumon: Ben's partner: He digivolves to Garurumon, to WereGarurumon, and to Z'dGarurumon.
  4. Jonasan "Johnny" Izumi: The brains of the group and the son of Izzy and Kichi. He has his father's Knowledge, his eyes and his mother's hair and looks. A little pre-mature and intelligent for his age, Johnny is a computer whiz, and almost obsessed like his father is. Like his father, Izzy, he carries his laptop everywhere he goes in the Digital World, analyzing any Digimon he and his friends encounter. His partner is Tentomon. He is 9 and in 3th grade. He holds the Crest of Knowledge and his D-3 Digivice is Purple/Violet. Johnny is voiced by Mona Marshall.
    • Tentomon: Johnny's partner who admires his intelligence and curiosity. He digivolves to Kabuterimon, to MegaKabuterimon(Blue), and to TyrantKabuterimon.
  5. Shinju "Margaret" Kimura: Kari and TK's daughter and Jake's cousin. Margaret is compassionate and open minded to Digimon as her parents were. She is also shows determination for protecting the Digital world. She has a Gatomon for her partner. She and Jake seem to get along. Margaret is caring and seems to have a good friendship with most of the Digidestined. Margaret is 11 and in 5th grade. She holds the Crest of Light and her D-3 Digivice is Pink.
    • Gatomon: Margaret's partner and friend. She digivolves to Angewomon, and to Magnadramon
  6. Torishia "Tricia": The daughter of Mimi and Izzy, Tricia is a girly girl surprisingly takes more after her mother, Mimi, than her father, Izzy. Tricia whines a lot and obsesses over the color pink. She's also a worrywart like her dad, but she doesn't always show this. When her mother introduced Tricia to the Gekomon, they call her "Princess Tricia". She holds the Crest Sincerity and Tricia's D-3 Digivice is Lime Green.
    • Palmon: Tricia's partner. She digivolves to Togamon, to Lilymon, and to Rosemon Burst Mode.
  7. Kenny Kido: The son of Jou. Kenny tends to show it likes his father and he's very protective of the group. He carries a backpack that carries food and medical supplies. Her partner is Palmon while her brother has Gomamon as his partner. Because she and Jake are opposites, Tricia seems to disagree with Jake the majority of the time, mostley. Tricia is 10 and is in 4th grade, Kenny is 12 and is in 6th grade.  Tricia is voiced Philece Sampler. Kenny is voiced by Sebastian Arcelus. He holds the Crest of Reliability and Kenny's D-3 Digivice is Silver.
    • Gomamon: Kanny's partner and devoted friend, which they have the similar relationship to his father and his Gomamon. He digivolves to Ikkakumon, to Zudomon, and to Plesiomon.
  8. Kojiro "James" and Keiti "Katie" Ichijouji: James and Katie are the son and daughter of Ken and Yolei. He may be friends with Dan, but the two can just as easily end up arguing over nothing. James is very protective of his little sister, Katie, who is brave and confident for her age and has a Hawkmon as her partner. James has a Wormmon as his partner. James is in the 6th grade and is 12 and Katie is 8 Katie holds the Crest of Love and James holds the Crest of Kindness. James's D-3 Digivice is Green and Katie's D-3 Digivice is Red.
    • Wormmon: Jame's partner. He digivolves to Stingmon, to JewelBeemon, and to BanchoStingmon
    • Hawkmon: Katie's partner. She digivolves to Aquilamon, to Silphymon, and to Valkyraimon
  9. Fernanda "Fern" Hida: Fern is the daughter of Cody and Akida Hida. She is kind, but also a little shy, even if she feels that something's wrong and sometimes goes along with the others when she knows its not the right decision. She was born in Italy where her parents were involved in a lawsuit case, hence her Italian name. She is nicknamed "Fern" by her mother and father and rarely spends time with the other kids. Her partner is Armadillomon. Fern is in 6th grade at 12. She holds the Crest of Destiny and her D-3 Digivice is Gold. She is voiced by Danielle Judovits.
    • Armadillomon: Fern's partner who helps her speaks out to her friends. He digivolves to Ankylomon, to Brachiomon, and to Lampmon
  10. Misa Jun "MJ" Takaishi: TK's and Kari daughter and Beck's cousin. MJ is a very playful and talkative girl. Patamon is MJ's partner. She seems to be friends with all of the digidestined, including her best friend, Margaret. She is in 5th grade and is 11. She holds the Crest of Hope and her D-3 Digivice is Yellow. MJ is voiced by Kerry Williams
    • Patamon: MJ's partner and their friendship is simular to TK's and Patamon's. He digivolves to Angemon, to HolyAngemon, and to Goldramon
  11. Richcie "Ricky" Yoshida: Ricky is one of the 4 DigiDestined who will Jake's team. His partner and best friend is Tyrannomon. Ricky is 11 and is in the 5th grade. He holds the Crest of Determination and his D-3 Digivice is Crimson. Ricky is voiced by Steven Blum. Tyrannomon is voiced by John DiMaggio
    • Tyrannomon: Richie's partner. He digivolves to MasterTyrannomon, and to his mega form, GrandTyrannomon
  12. Masuken Kana: Masuken is one of th 4 DigiDestined who will join Jake's team. His partner and fe.
    • Ryudamon:
  13. ??
    • Dracomon:
  14. Ryo Nonaka
    • Huckmon: Ryo's

Senior DigiDestinedEdit

Japanese SeniorsEdit

  • Tai Kamiya and Agumon (Yagami Taichi & Agumon): Both are diplomats, dealing with relations between the real and Digital Worlds and The is married to Sora. Tai is voiced by Joshua Seth. Agumon is voiced by Tom Fahn.
  • Sora Takenouchi Kamiya and Biyomon (Yagami Sora & Piyomon): Sora has become a fashion designer, creating traditional Japanese-style clothing. Sora is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey. Biyomon is voiced by Tifanie Christun.
  • Matt Ishida and Gabumon (Ishida Yamato & Gabumon): Matt and Gabumon are an astronaut team - who have landed on Mars. Matt is voiced by Michael Reisz. Gabumon is voiced by Kirk Thornton
  • Professor Izzy Izumi and Tentomon (Izumi Koushiro & Tentomon): Izzy is now a scientist, acting as the head of projects researching the Digital World, working with Tentomon, Prof. Takenouchi and Jim Kido. Tentomon is voiced by Jeff Nimoy.
  • Mimi Tachikawa Kido and Palmon (Kido Mimi & Palmon): Mimi now has her own cooking show, evidently possessing her mom's culinary skills, and Mimi is married to Joe. Mimi is voiced by Philece Sampler. Palmon is voiced by Anna Garduno.
  • Dr. Joe Kido and Gomamon (Kido Jyou-hakase & Gomamon): Joe is now the first doctor for the Digital World, treating sick and injured Digimon. Joe is voiced by Michael Lindsay. Gomamon is voiced by Robert Martin Klein.
  • T.K. Takaishi  and Patamon (Yagami Takeru & Patamon): T.K. is now a novelist, writing books about his and his friends' adventures in the Digital World, and serves as narrator of the series along with Parallelmon, and T.K. is married to Kari. T.K. is voiced by Doug Erholtz. Patamon is voiced by Bridget Hoffman.
  • Kari Kamiya Takaishi and Gatomon (Yagami Hikari & Tailmon): Kari has fulfilled her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. Kari is voiced by Lara Jill Miller. Gatomon is voiced by Edie Mirman.
  • Davis Motomiya and Veemon (Motomiya Daisuke & V-mon): Davis now owns a chain of "Noodle, Noodle, Come Get Your Noodle" Businesses all across the world with his partner Veemon. Davis is voiced by Brian Donovan. Veemon is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince.
  • Yolei Inoue Ichijouji and Hawkmon (Ichijouji Miyako & Hawkmon): Yolei is married to Ken, and have three children. Yolei is apparently content to be a housewife, helped in her duties by Hawkmon. Yolei is voiced by Tifanie Christun. Hawkmon is voiced by Neil Kaplan.
  • Cody Hida and Armadillomon (Hida Iori & Armadimon): Cody is now a high-class defense lawyer. Armadillomon is voiced by Robert Axelrod.
  • Police Detective Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji and Wormmon (Ichijouji Ken & Wormmon): Ken is a Police Detective, aided in his investigations by Stingmon. He is married to Yolei. Ken is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince. Wormmon is voiced by Paul St. Peter.
  • Takashi and Muchomon : Now a baseball player.
  • Noriko and Elecmon: Originally a sickly girl, now a kindergarten school teacher. Noriko is voiced by Bridget Hoffman.
  • Hiroshi and Mushroommon: Now draws comic books.
  • Keiko and YukimiBotamon: Now a baker.
  • Jim Kido and His Digimon (Kido Shuu): Joe's big brother. Works with Prof. Takenouchi and Izzy in researching the Digital World. Jim is voiced by Doug Erholtz.
  • June Motomiya Kido and His Digimon (Kido Jun): Jim's wife, Davis' big sister. June is voiced by Peggy O'Neal.
  • Momoe Izumi and His Digimon: Yolei's eldest sister, a friend of June's. Voiced by Dina Sherman.
  • Chizuru Izumi and His Digimon: Yolei's big sister. Voiced by Elizabeth Rice.
  • Meiko Kamiya and Meicoomon: Meiko is from Tottori and transferred to Tai's class. She meets the DigiDestined while she is searching for Meicoomon in Odaiba, but got involved in their battle against Alphamon, and Meiko is married to Tai and Meicoomon is married to Agumon.

American SeniorsEdit

  • Michael Washington and Betamon: New Yorker. Michael is voiced by Tom Gibis. Betamon is voiced by Dina Sherman.
  • Willis and Terriermon & Lopmon (Wallace and Terriermon & Lopmon): From Colorado. Bob Glouberman is voiced by Willis. Terriermon is voiced by Mona Marshall. Lopmon is voiced by Michelle Ruff.
  • Tatum and Airdramon: Irish-American. Airdramon is voiced by Dan Lorge.
  • Phil and Flarizamon (Sam & FlareLizarmon): African-American.
  • Maria and Centarumon (Maria & Kentarumon): Maria is voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Centarumon is voiced by Dave Mallow.
  • Lou and Tortomon: American Indian. Lou is voiced by Dan Lorge.
  • Steve and Frigimon (Steve & Yukidarumon): Jewish American.

Chinese SeniorsEdit

  • Poi Brothers and Syakomon (Poi Brothers & Shakomon): The eldest Poi Brother is voiced by Kirk Thornton. The Middle brother is voiced by Jonathan Fahn. The youngest brother is voiced by Dan Lorge.
  • Yue Hong and Apemon (Yuehon & Hanumon): Yuehon is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Apemon is voiced by Richard Epcar.

Vietnamese SeniorsEdit

  • Dien and Gorillamon (Dien & Gorimon): Gorillamon is voiced by Paul St. Peter.

Indian SeniorsEdit

  • Mina and Meramon: Mina is voiced by Wendee Lee. Meramon is voiced by Peter Spellos.

Australian SeniorsEdit

  • Derek and Crabmon (Dingo & Ganimon): Derek is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince. Crabmon is voiced by Joe Ochman.

French SeniorsEdit

  • Catherine and Floramon: Catherine is voiced by Philece Sampler. Floramon is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Mexican SeniorsEdit

  • Rosa and Gotsumon (Chichos & Gotsumon): Rosa is voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Gotsumon is voiced by Robert Martin Klein.

Russian SeniorsEdit

  • Anna and Unimon: Anna is voiced by Philece Sampler. Unimon is voiced by Doug Erholtz.
  • Sonya and Snimon (Lola & Snimon): Sonya is voiced by Bridget Hoffman. Snimon is voiced by Richard Epcar.
  • Yuri and Kuwagamon: Yuri is voiced by Doug Erholtz. Kuwagamon is voiced by Michael Sorich.

Other AlliesEdit

  • Parallelmon: A Mutant Digimon who was programmed to travel back and forth between numerous parallel worlds. He watches the new DigiDestined's progress. Voiced by
  • Clockmon:
  • Jijimon: An ancient Digimon who is a good friend of Gennai
  • Gennai: Digital being who continues to serve as guide to the new DigiDestined. Voiced by Mike Reynolds.
    • Benjamin: American Gennai clone. Voiced by Michael Lindsay.
    • Jackie: Chinese Gennai clone. Voiced by Steven Blum.
    • Hogan (Eucalyptus): Australian Gennai clone. Hogan is voiced by Neil Kaplan.
    • Jose: Mexican Gennai clone. Jose is voiced by Michael Sorich.
    • Ilya: Russian Gennai clone. Ilya is voiced by Neil Kaplan.
  • Yukio Oikawa (Oikawa Yukio): Originally host of Myotismon, now his spirit watches over the Digital World. Voiced by Jamieson Price.
  • Digimon Sovereigns:
    • Fanglongmon (Huanglongmon): Leader of the Digimon Sovereigns, Guardian of the Center. Voiced by .
    • Azulongmon (Qinglongmon): One of the Digimon Sovereigns, Guardian of the East. Voiced by David Lodge.
    • Ebonwumon (Xuanwumon): One of the Digimon Sovereigns, Guardian of the North. Voiced by Dave Wittenberg
    • Baihumon: One of the Digimon Sovereigns, Guardian of the West. Voiced by Steve Kramer
    • Zhuqiamon: One of the Digimon Sovereigns, Guardian of the South. Voiced by Tony Pope
  • Andromon: Guardian of the city occupied by the Gardromon. Voiced by Michael Sorich.
  • Monzaemon: Runs Toy Town on File Island. Voiced by Dan Lorge.
  • Leomon/SaberLeomon: Guardian of File Island. Voiced by Paul St. Peter.
  • Dinohyumon: A new guardian on File Island who protects it along side Leomon, Like Leomon, when was under Devimon's control with his Touch of Evil. Voice by Doug Erholtz
  • Ogremon: Former enemy/rival of Leomon. Voiced by Beau Billingslea.
  • Sukamon & Chuumon (Sukamon & Tyumon): Misfits of the Digital World on File Island.
  • Pumpkinmon and Gutsumon
  • Petermon:
  • Etemon: Former enemy of the DigiDestined, who has forgotten his vendetta and he's now an ally to the new DigiDestined. Voiced by Richard Epcar.
  • Roachmon Brothers: . Voiced by .
  • Elecmon: Guardian of Primary Village and Caretaker. Voiced by Michael Sorich.
  • Whamon: The original DigiDestined's transport to Server years ago. Voiced by Peter Spellos.
  • Piximon (Piccolomon): Trainer of many Digimon warriors. Voiced by Richard Cansino.
  • Digitamamon: Owner of a restuarant. Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince.
  • Tapirmon (Bakumon): Works as a waiter in Digitamamon's Chinese restuarant. Voiced by Paul St. Peter.
  • ShogunGekomon (TonosamaGekomon): Rules from his castle.
  • Gekomon and Otamamon: Servants of ShogunGekomon. The Gekomon are voiced by Dave Mallow. The Otamamon are voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. They call Mimi'sdaughter "Princess Tricia"
  • Starmon and Deputymon: Guardians of the Western city. Starmon is voiced by Steve Kramer. Deputymon is voiced by Dan Lorge.
  • Knightmon and Gladimon:
  • BlackAgumon/BlackWarGreymon:
  • Shakamon
  • Sanzomon
  • Cho Hakkirimon
  • Gokumon

Minor DigimonEdit

  • Deltamon: The new DigiDestined encounter Deltamon on their first day on File Island.
  • Tyrannomon:
  • Ebidramon
  • Bold text

Multiverse SeniorsEdit

C'mon Digimon UniverseEdit

  • Kentarou Kamon and Bun
  • Makoto Abe and Hard Armor III
  • Shin'ichirou Jōsaki

V1-Tamers UniverseEdit

  • Taichi Yagami and Zeromaru
  • Sigma
  • Mari Goutokuji
  • Hideto Fujimoto and Omnimon
  • Neo Saiba and MetalGreymon

Tamers UniverseEdit

  • Takato Matsuki and Guilmon:
  • Henry Wong and Terriermon:
  • Rika Nonaka and Renamon:
  • Ryo Akiyama and Cyberdramon:
  • Jeri Katou:
  • Kazu Shioda and Guardromon:
  • Kenta Kitagawa and MarineAngemon:
  • Suzie Wong and Lopmon:
  • Ai, Mako and Impmon:
  • Alice McCoy:
  • Minami Uehara:

Frontier UniverseEdit

  • Takuya Kanbara and Agunimon:
  • Koji Minamoto and Lobomon:
  • Zoe Orimoto and Kazemon:
  • J.P. Shibayama and Beetlemon:
  • Tommy Himi and Kumamon:
  • Koichi Kimura and Loweemon:
  • Katsuharu and Mercurymon:
  • Teppei and Grumblemon:
  • Chiaki and Ranamon:
  • Teruo and Arbormon:

Chronicle UniverseEdit

  • Kōta Doumoto and Dorumon
  • Yūji Musha and Ryudamon

D-Cyber UniverseEdit

  • Hikaru Ryuuji and Dorumon
  • Masuken Kana and Ryudamon
  • Teru Raku and Agumon X

Next UniverseEdit

  • Tsurugi Tatsuno and Agumon
  • Yu Inui and Gaomon
  • Ami Kitajima and Pichimon
  • Sho Kahara and Peckmon

Data Squad UniverseEdit

  • Marcus Damon and Agumon
  • Thomas H. Norstein and Gaomon
  • Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda and Lalamon
  • Keenan Crier and Falcomon
  • Miki Kurosaki and PawnChessmon (Black)
  • Megumi Shirakawa and PawnChessmon (White)
  • Richard Sampson and Kudamon
  • Homer Yushima and Kamemon
  • Spencer Damon
  • Kristy Damon and Piyomon

Fusion UniverseEdit

  • Mikey Kudo and Shoutmon
  • Christopher Aonuma, Greymon and MailBirdramon
  • Nene Amano and Sparrowmon
  • Angie Hinomoto, Dorulumon and Cutemon
  • Jeremy Tsurgi and Ballistamon
  • Ewan Amano and Damemon
  • Kotone Amano and Luminamon
  • Tagiru Akashi and Gumdramon
  • Ryouma Mogami
  • Airu Suzaki and Opossummon
  • Ren Tobari and Dracmon
  • Hideaki Mashimo and Dobermon
  • Kiichi Funabashi and Locomon
  • Mizuki and Submarimon
  • Ken and ShimaUnimon
  • Haruki and Witchmon
  • Noboru and Allomon


  • Devimon: The first major antagonist to face the new DigiDestined, he was reborn from the Dark Area. He returns to rule File Island and use the left over Dark Rings to make digimon go berserk. Voiced by Tom Wyner.
    • DarkLizardmon: One of the evil digimon that lives on File Island. He serves as Devimon's new henchman.
    • Ponchomon:
    • Cyclonemon:
  • Myotismon: The central antagonist.
    • Datamon
    • DemiDevimon:
    • MetalPhantomon:
    • Kimeramon II: This new version of Kimeramon was created by Datamon is consist of: DarkTyrannomon's body, Megadramon's head, Ankylomon's tail, Silphymon's legs, Devimon's upper arms, Ebidramon's left arm, SkullGreymon's right arm, Gorilla's lower right arm, ??? lower left arm, Parrotmon's, and wings
    • Astamon
    • SkullScorpiomon
    • Lady Devimon
    • Triceramon
    • Commandramon: Foot Soldiers
    • Bakemon
  • The Seven Deadly Demons


  • File Island


Story Arc 1Edit

  1. A New Beginning: