Digimon: Shoutmon's Story is a fan-made story. It revolves around the adventures of a Shoutmon who has some time struggling with everyday life. When attacks by violent Digimon increase, he tries to find windows of time to get to the bottom of it. This is also much darker than the other Digimon series, only using jokes in situations that aren't serious. The sense of humor is also darker.



Main CharactersEdit


The main character and protagonist who is a hardworking and friendly Digimon. When he's angered, he won't back down until he proves his point. However, he can be very kind and willing to help. Shoutmon has a massive crush on Lunamon.


The noble tactiturn warrior who is Shoutmon's best friend.


A yellow dinosaur-type Digimon with the immature and laid-back personality who is Shoutmon's adoptive brother.


A beautiful fairy/rabbit-like Digimon who was originally taken care of by Mercurymon. She is horrified when the army of MetalTyrannomon, Tankmon, Mekanorimon, Pteramon, and Sealsdramon attack Mercurymon and she remains on the sidelines during the fight, until she is rescued by WarGreymon X, who, while fleeing from the invasion, gives her to Shoutmon. The two quickly fall in love each other and have a good moment together.


Mercurymon was one of the Digimon who is the original caretaker and father figure of Lunamon. He is also the leader of a rebel group consisting of Andromon, Wizardmon, Apemon, and a bunch of Yasyamon, Kotemon, Guardromon, Monochromon, Triceramon X, Brachiomon and Tyrannomon.

WarGreymon XEdit


Andromon was one of the few Digimon, along with his friends Wizardmon and Mercurymon.


Leomon is a Digimon who trained Shoutmon to save the Digital World.