Detective Rat is is a 1996 animated short film produced by Beauty and the Beast Animation Studios and released on October 18, 1996 by Michael Shires Pictures.


Remy Rat takes on the role of "Johnny Eyeball, Private Eye" as he takes on the case of the missing "Al."


Remy Rat is hired to solve a mystery of a missing "Al." He searches the city for clues, but constantly runs into a city sheriff (who is portrayed by Ralph Tube) who tells him to let the police handle it. A car chase occurs and the drivers ram into a haystack. It turns out that Al is actually the city sheriff who is supposed to get married to the woman who hires Remy Rat to find him.

Voice CastEdit


Home video releasesEdit


  • Shiresland Peter Pan


  • Shiresland Peter Pan


  • Shiresland Peter Pan

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