Destiny Of Revenge Was Apart of The Upcoming Teletoon unite Franchise and as they were going for teletoon corporations and it is a four part episode.


As The timelord and Jinja and the rest were here on a planet where they seen this place before and as they were finding a spaceship landing in the outskirts of the fields where the movellans and as they find out that the universe have they landed is in world of sword art online,and as they were finding a boy named alexander and brother and sisters of the nobuyuki family whom is an investigation agent whom is capturing sugou and his accomplices and terrible secret from him is waiting.

Plot Edit

As The timelord,jinja,anakin,ash,clian,iris,johnny test,susan,chase,bren,beyal,whom were here on earth and as they were finding a girl whom is following them and as johnny test were separated and as he was knocked out on the head and as the girl captures him and introduced to the movellans and sell him too them,and as the timelord was looking for johnny test and so were the others to and finding ships landing in a parking lot as they were attacked by explosives and as they were going into an old construction building that they never seen and as they went inside and as the timelord got crushed and as they went off to the tardis to find a way to get the beam off of him and as the timelord was waiting for someone whom is still crushed and rescued and escort to a house and as he thanks to Richard nobuyuki whom is sugou's brother and lisa nobuyuki and elizabeth nobuyuki whom were sisters and as the timelord and whom is knowing about the rift machine is here and it's connect between sword art online and digimon and other dimensions and as they were finding out that the villains whom is taking over this world and as jinja and the rest were going back into the tardis and it got blocked up by an explosion and as finding the timelord gone and as they were being met by human like zombies and as they fallen down into the hole and as they were knowning about the mysterious element on this and as they finding out that the daleks have landed on this planet and as they known that they have bring a teleportation to a prison into kirito's world as jinja and everyone whom is captured by team rocket whom is mining for something into the tunnels.

Part 2 Edit

And as the timelord repairs for his search into the underground team rocket/dalek headquarters and as jinja and beyal has seen people working inside a mine and finding heroes inside their base for this mission for a drill operations and as they were looking something down there and as they were inside the headquarters for this and as they were finding the objective located inside the old dalek base in japan from the 2009 whom were using the reality bomb to wipe out all life and as they were finding kazuma and ayano taken to dalek patrol as they defeat the daleks and freed them and as they escaped from their forces and finding their work schedule completed as they were finding jinja and every timelord companions dead and then still alive and as kirito's friends whom were fainted and asked about grabbing their objective and as they were going back into a shortcut around their base and as they were thinking about a tube somewhere and finding about their objective and as they found the tube and went down to find something and as they drill to level three and as they were finding drill from above and as they find naoki and sugou whom is frozen suspended animation and as kirito could have stop sugou and ended his plans from two years and as lisa got crushed and still alive and as cryogenics were shutting down and unfreezing begins.

Part 3 Edit

As They find out that they are already here and as sugou and naoki were unfrozen and as he meets the timelord and jinja whom is not dead and as they taken him and as he finds about kazuma's son whom has the mark and finding out about that he controls all the four elements and has the mark of the gods and powers to control the elements and as they were finding out that sugou and naoki whom is escaping through the underground as the timelord and his friends make through the dalek prison of japan and as they found a way out and as they were inside the sewers and finding out about,sugou having power of destiny to overthrow his enemies and having asuna back and marring her and as the daleks and team rocket and as sugou told them that they were holding prime explosives at his chest for him too be destroyed and as they left him and as they spot a dalek in that area and as kirito's friends were distracting the dalek allowing them to escape and as lisa and darrel whom are identifying sugou and as they were going to retrieve their new objective and as the daleks and team rocket as they watched them exterminated the heroes and as he gives naoki to them and he freed the heroes from them and as he locks him in the prison tube and as they removed the explosive from the container and as they began their new beginning and they will have the power of destiny and as agil,rika,and the rest and as darrel and elizabeth whom were here tell them about their plans and as richard,elizabeth,trip,burgundy,and sugou whom,lar,galleria,whom has captured them and as they will destroy their objectives as the timelord and anakin whom are dodging dalek/Team rocket patrols and as they bumped into okami san whom is running from them too and as he told him about asuna whom is a cousin of her and as the daleks found them and elevating the container and the dalek is destroyed and as they find out that movellans are another race of robots no better than the daleks and as they freed naoki and felt like he hated the timelord and thinking that this was all a misunderstanding and as they were testing the movellans weapon and as it could destroy from 10 kg and as they seen kirito's friends and the timelord's whom were inside a container and as they tried to stop the countdown,and as they couldn't and as the countdown being's.

Part 4 Edit

And as the timelord and asuna was knocked out because of lisa,richard,elizabeth,sugou,trip,burgundy,and movellans whom are taking them back into base and as team rocket were contacting a spaceship from space for immediate transportation as they were repaired for the marriage and taking off from earth and the timelord already recognized their stalemate for two years and as okami looks at her worst fear has returns and his companion and as the survivors united to prevent their evil and sick,twisted plans for them and they took out lap,and reprogrammed him and as the daleks reported that there is a marriage and finding out about that they were the ones whom released the blue snow virus and as they captured on infected person and as they were making a cure and as gala whom is telling darrel about silence from lap as burgundy and gala whom is searching for him and as they were both captured by the hero prisoners whom escaped and rescuing the timelord and their friends and as the timelord and asuna,kirito,ryoushi,okami whom were teaching about everlasting peace as their termination and marriage was on schedule and as they seen the new version robo nemesis that they never seen and as kirito was fighting and as kirito almost finished him and dalek command reports annie and oakly and hunter j about the movellans take off and finding out the timelord could reprogram their computers and as they send daleks with explosives to destroy their forces and as kazuma,and the heroes broke into the movellans spaceships and deactivating them all,and defeat sugou,lisa,richard,elizabeth,trip,burgundy,whom were handcuffed and as the timelord returns to the facility and confronts annie,oakly,and hunter j and told them whom created the b.s virus and then trapped by a dalek and as the team rocket members and daleks were approaching the movellans armada and as kirito and asuna,ryoshi were looking for shiro and then thinking that they were going to purge the city as the heroes battled the daleks and members altogether,while shiro,kurata escaping to activating the bomb and ryoshi,asuna,kirito,yui went to stop them from purging the city and as they foiled their plans and then destroyed their forces before they could also destroy their invasion fleets and thinking that their plans to return to each side has been foiled,and as the villains were send to a maxinum facility and while the timelord and his allies were fleeing from the movellan fleets as they began to take off and as they digged for their tardis,the timelord told that if he reprograms the computers he would make the enemies neverous and complicated,and as they took off whom ever wins.

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