Dead Space: Redemtion is animated horror film. This takes place before the events of Dead Space 3 on Planet Uxor. And the influence by the Red Marker and it's source.


Characters and CastEdit

  • Sergeant John Carver (Nathan Fillion):
  • Demora carver (Cindy Robinson):
  • Dylan Caver (Jenson Ackles):
  • Logan Freeman (David McCullum):
  • Chase Loften: John's friend and an EDF secruity officer on his security team. He's concerned to John about his family
  • Aaron Surkov : Cheif of EDF on Uxor
  • Eric Jordan: A member o
  • Alice Michaelson
  • Linda Quinn
  • Lloyd Quad: A Unitologist
  • Fred Vedka

Blythe Wakely

Skyler M. Creetre

Lynn Speara

  • Norman Chapman
  • Hanson Dentweiler


  • Wasters
  • Twitchers
  • Slashers
    • Male
    • Female
  • Leapers
  • Brutes
  • Infector
  • Snow Beast
  • The Nexus

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