From the producer of Public Enemies, a man in his early 40's and his sidekick are asked by a police comissioner in trying to deal with some drug dealers who have something to do with the murder of Jules Johnson.


???, 2014


  • Malcolm Vance (Christian Bale) - a man in his early 40's, in the end, Was shot and was visited by Jordon in the hospital!
  • Tyler Jordon (Shia LaBeouf) - Vance's sidekick, in the end, kisses Kitty and visits Malcolm!
  • Ian Sank (Robert Downey, Jr.) - ally to Malcolm and Tyler's ally, and makes cars for them, in the end, is found in a fort in Nebraska!
  • Sabrina Johnson (Rachel Weisz) - Malcolm's love interest and the daughter of the deceased Jules Johnson, in the end, marries Malcolm!
  • Kitty Makin (Kristen Stewart) - Tyler's love interest and the daughter of police comissioner Harold Mankin, in the end, goes on occasional dates with Tyler!
  • Comissioner Harold Makin (Gary Oldman) - Kitty's father, and the one who asked Vance and Jordon into dealing with some drug dealers who have something to do with the murder of Jules Johnson, Kitty refers as "daddy", in the end, thanks Malcolm and Tyler!
  • LT. Rayce Rancis (Cillian Murphy) - Comissioner Mankin's second-in-command, dosen't trust Vance and Jordon, because they are ruthful dogs, in the end, was sent to prison!
  • Mallen Young (Mark Wahlberg) - the man at the beginning when Vance and Jordon punched him, before they shook hands
  • Grant Neilholme (David Lyons) - the main antagonist, an Albanian drug dealer, and had connections to the death of Jules Johnson, revealing he was working for Rancid, his goal is to work up the Drug deals, in the end, was arrested!


  • Orson Kline (Cirian Hinds) - Reason: for the past records of Drug dealling
  • Yeo (XHIBIT) -  for being on the Drug Trade!
  • Ping Pong Portor (Mickey Rourke)- Yeo's rival!


  • Hosea Johnson/Rayce Rancid (Cillian Murphy) - Reason: he turned out to be Sabrina's brother, and framed Yeo and Ping Pong into thinking they shot Comissioner Mankin's leg, revealing that He wanted to send Vance and Jordon on a wild goosechase!



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