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Daredevil: The Animated Series is an animated television series based on the Marvel Comics character Daredevil. It is set to premire on April 7, 2013 alongside Season 2 of Ultimate Spider-man and the series premires of Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. 13 episodes have been ordered for Season 1.

Voice CastEdit

  • Daredevil/Matt Murdock - Brian Bloom
  • Elektra - Gabrielle Carteris
  • Kingpin/Wilson Fisk - David Sobolov
  • Bullseye - Peter Lurie
  • Purple Man - Brent Spiner
  • The Owl - Daran Norris
  • Foggy Nelson - John DiMaggio
  • Karen Page - Grey DeLisle
  • Electro/Max Dillon - Thomas F. Wilson
  • Hammerhead - John DiMaggio
  • Mr. Fear - John DiMaggio


Season 1Edit

No # Title Plot Original Air Date
1 1 The Guardian Devil (Part 1) At a young age, Matt Murdock was living with his father. Matt gets in an accident where radiactove waste gets in his eyes, blinding him. After this, Matt's father is killed for not throwing a boxing match. April 7, 2013
2 2 The Guardian Devil (Part 2) Matt learns that while he is now blind, his other four senses are enhanced. He later meets a blind martial arts master named Stick, who takes Matt under his wing. Years later, Matt leaves him and goes to law school to become a lawyer. After graduating, he makes a costume, and becomes the costume vigelante Daredevil. April 14, 2013
3 3 The Guardian Devil (Part 3) Daredevil has been fighting criminals for months. He finally encounters an assasin for hire, Bullseye. Daredevil manages to defeat him in their first battle, though Bullseye manages to escape. Bullseye later blows up Matt Murdock's law office, putting Karen Page in a coma. Daredevil goes to fight him and brutally beats on him, until learning Bullseye was hired by the crime boss Kingpin. Daredevil throws Bullseye off a roof, then goes after Kingpin. Daredevil manages to beat him, and later gets him arrested. April 21, 2013
4 4 Devil vs. Owl Six months after the events of The Guardian Devil, a new crime lord called The Owl comes to Hell Kitchen. Daredevil sets out to stop him. April 28, 2013
5 5 Shock Therapy Electro, a villain with electrical powers comes to Hell's Kitchen. After several attacks from Electro, Daredevil fights him. He is outpowered at first, so he lures Electro to a fire house. He uses the hoses there to use against Electro, making his electrical powers useless. May 5, 2013
6 6 Hammerhead A mob called the Maggia comes to New York. After following several leads, Daredevil is finally able to track down who appears to be their leader, Hammerhead. Daredevil defeats him and destroys his headquarters, though Hammerhead is able to escape. May 12, 2013
7 7 Elektra May 19, 2013
8 8 Bullseye Returns May 26, 2013
9 9 The Enforcers June 2, 2013
10 10 Mr. Fear June 9, 2013
11 11 Plight of The Purple Man June 16, 2013
12 12 Last Hand (Part 1) June 23, 2013
13 13 Last Hand (Part 2) June 30, 2013

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