After 3 years passed, Red Riding Hood is now a famous roaming, with Vlad stuck in space trying to escape, but fails. RED ROAMING Mc. Network


Misty and Michelle are my characters. Carrie belongs to a close friend. You do not have any right to use them because you do not have permission. Stop posting them, especially with the incorrect names.

  • Danny Fenton/Phantom (David Kaufman)
  • Sam Manson (Grey Delisle)
  • Tucker Foley (Rickey D'Shon Collins)
  • Jazz Fenton (Colleen O'Shaughnessey)
  • Jack Fenton (Nathan Lane) - in place of Rob Paulson courtesy of the Live Action Movie, coming in 2019.
  • Maddie Fenton (Kath Soucie)
  • Rachel Dawson (Kath Soucie) - 16-year old auburn-haired girl
  • Diane Kiyoko (Janice Kawaye) - 15-year old girl of Japanese descent
  • Greg Osbourne (Will Friedle) - 15-year old goth boy counterpart of Sam
  • Peter Manson (Pamela Adlon) - 12-year old cousin of Sam
  • Paulina Sanchez (Maria Canals)
  • Dash Baxter (Jason Marsden)
  • Star (Tara Strong)
  • Kwan (Dante Basco)
  • Valerie Gray (Cree Summer)
  • Talia Evans (Michelle Tratchenberg)
  • Alex Granger (Jonathan Adams)
  • Danielle Fenton/Phantom (Molly Quinn)
  • Ghost Analysis Robot Yellowoid "Gary" (Tom Kenny) The Fenton's AI


  • Phantom Master (Steven Blum) - the main antagonist
  • Vlad Plasmius (Martin Mull)
  • Bentley Masters (Fred Willard) Vlad's older wheelchair bound brother
  • Fright Knight (Michael Dorn)
  • Skulker (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Technus 3.0. (Rob Paulsen)
  • Box Ghost (Rob Paulsen)
  • Ember McLain (Tara Strong)
  • Johnny 13 & Shadow (William Baldwin)
  • Desiree (Peri Gilpen)
  • Penelope Spectra (Tara Strong)
  • Dark Phoenix (Luke Wilson) - the son of Pariah Dark
  • Rick Molston (David Kaufman) - a forgotten childhood friend of Danny's
  • Baby Face Kirk (Seth Macfarlane) - uses Stewie Griffin's voice from Family Guy
  • Freakshow (Charlie Adler)
  • Wasp-Sting (Billy West) - an insect ghost
  • Kraken (Eric Bauza) - a giant-octopus ghost
  • Stinkweed (Jim Cummings) - a foul smelling weed ghost
  • Portallis (Nicole Sullivan) A ghost that can use portals to attcck her enemies
  • Speedfreak (Danny Cooksey) A super fast ghost who actually liked the name Jazz gave him
  • Monkey Face (Gary Cole) A monkey ghost
  • The Rat King (John DiMaggio) A ghost with the ability to control rats.
  • Frog Queen (Christy Carlson Romano) A ordinary teenage girl who was permanently turned into a humanoid frog with the ability to control frogs


Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary
54 Day and Knight September 1, 2012 Fright Knight returns and makes Vlad his masters slave, and Jack is trying to make up to his son for hunting 
55 Return September 8, 2012 Red Roaming and Spectra returns trying to find a host, but ends up in Paulina's body instead!
56 Mother's Day September 15, 2012 Jazz has a nightmare becoming her mom if she gets her age, and when a aged woman known as youth theif tries to steal Danny's youth and strentgh she gets part of Jazz's instead, which makes her resemble Maddie Fenton, along with the body shape!
57 Master2.6 Kill September 22, 2012 A new villain is accidentaly released from the Ghost Zone during a battle between Danny and Vlad at his mansion and this new villain plans to destroy every human in the world.
58 What's Wrong with Red Roaming?! September 29, 2012 Red Roaming are rising because the Box Ghost awoke them from their slumber!
59 Togetherness October 6, 2012 Danny and Sam are struggling to be a couple, but when Skulker, Ember McClain, Technus, Spectra and Box Ghost make an alliance to destroy Danny, the 2 couples must fight back.
60 Gale's 1st Day October 13, 2012 A Ghost Duo kown as Nightingale and Mockingbird are becoming new celebes, this concerns Danny!
61 Fell October 20, 2012 Jack Fenton has been haunted by his past, when a ghost of his dead Cousin Natalie haunts, him for making her life difficult!
62 Duck , Duck , Roaming! October 27, 2012
63 Trap to Hexokayn
64 The Ex-Games November 10, 2012 Valerie and Sam fight over Danny when Valerie needs Danny's help with a test all while Skulker and Ember let out their frustrations from their relationship out on Amity Park.
65 Young In Love

November 17, 2012

Danny turns overprotective when Danielle and Youngblood fall for each other, but does Youngblood really feel the same way or is this a plot for Vlad to steal the blueprint for the Fenton Portal?
66 On Thin Ice

November 24, 2012

When Danny's ice powers get out of control on an unusually hot day, Frostbite reveals a ghost is controlling the weather to the point where it could ultimately kill Danny.
67 Blast From The Past December 1, 2012 In order to make Danny's life miserable, the Guys In White shock him with a machine that makes Danny destroy everything he touches.
68 Twas A Fright Right On Christmas

December 15, 2012

The Ghost Writer breaks out of Walker's jail and teaches Sam a lesson after she destroy's his poem but it could turn Danny, Tucker and Valerie on Sam when she's forced to steal their presents.
69 Toon Tunes BJ of Roaming Red

Go Roaming Go           Go Roaming Go

71 Rock and Rule Danielle comes back when Ember takes control of the world again.
72 Ghost Halloween The Time when, no one suspects!
73 Circus Circuit Clockwork informs Danny, that in an alternate future, Freakshow corrupted Dani into Dark Dani.
74 The everything's awesome together unimpossible 100th hour of Awessssomeness!!!!!!!!!!!! Danielle is jealous of Danny when he is famous, and she becomes Skulker's new target.
75 Brave of Chance
76 Hunt is On Danny, Sam and Tucker must infiltrate a rogue-ghost hunting paramilitary organization, who are holding a secret.
77 Red Roaming Orange Roaming Yellow Roaming Green Roaming Purple Roaming Blue Roaming Red Roaming must stop a forgotten childhood friend of his, and Dark Phoenix, the son of Pariah Dark from unleashing demons to terrorize Amity Park.
78 Magic is Magic In a crossover with Fairly Oddparents, Danny and Timmy end up in swapped worlds. Timmy goes under the guise of the Masked Magician to fend off Danny's enemies, and Danny has to find a way to get back home.
79 The Smell of Fear A foul-smelling ghost Stinkweed terrorizes Amity Park by making it smell terrible.
80 Wind-up Roaming to Red ???
81 The 1267th  ???
82 Moon Roaming ???
83 Blowing Glowing Roaming ???
84 Tickety Road ???
85-86 PhantogeddonRidingHood Part 1: Clockwork informs Danny that his powers are growing weak. And the paramillitary organization known as the Ghost Satellite are using the Ghost to connect the Ghost Zone and Amity Park and to gain Halfa egos.
Part 2: Danny teams up with Skulker, Ember, Box Ghost and Technus to put an end to the Phantom Master in their ghost egos. In the end, when the Ghost Satellite is being destroyed and is about to destroy the whole planet, Danny goes intangible and bids his farewells to Jack, Sam, Maddie, Jazz, Tucker and Dani as he sacrifices himself to get the Satellite in space, causing to blow up espicially on Danny.