Dan was continute to have revenge.




  • Dan (Curtis Armstrong) – Dan is a very hostile and short-tempered man, especially when lectured about his own attitude. He has a mission to get revenge on anyone and anything he deems has wronged him. He always calls his best friend Chris whenever he is plotting or enacting revenge. He has said that he has been thrown out of libraries and jailed on multiple occasions. Dan has said to have been tear-gassed so many times that he no longer feels any effects from it, and he has also been maced enough times to claim that it is "tangier" than tear-gas. His everyday outfit consists of blue jeans, black shoes, and a black T-shirt that says "JERK" in capital letters. He has black hair, green eyes, a soul patch, and round yet sharp teeth. He is described by Elise as "dangerously-unstable". Dan is lactose intolerant. He seems to really like his car, despite its state of disrepair; several of his "revenge missions" were instigated by people damaging or tampering with it. He also is very fond of his female cat, Mr. Mumbles, and cannot remain angry at her for very long. He lives in studio apartment hovel in North Hollywood, CA.
  • Chris (Dave Foley) – Dan's best friend and Elise's husband. Despite how much Dan mistreats him, he is almost always on call whenever Dan needs help with one of his revenge schemes. He is a complete pushover and almost never can say no to his wife or best friend. He has a nearly uncontrollable appetite and has food on his mind most of the time. His regular outfit consists of a blue t-shirt, an orange over-shirt, drab cargo pants, and white socks with brown flip-flops. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He is also a notoriously bad driver, as it is mentioned by both him and Dan that he is constantly running over bicyclists. He has a pathological fear of prairies. Chris works at a temp agency and holds different office jobs that vary from episode to episode. He lives with Elise in a single story suburban house in Burbank, CA.
  • Elise (Paget Brewster) – Chris's level-headed kind-hearted wife. She is usually calm and easy-going, but can become dangerous when provoked. She is constantly annoyed by Dan's revenge antics, though she rarely tries to stop her husband whenever he goes off to help Dan. She will occasionally help Dan herself if she believes it to be necessary or advantageous. Elise works as a covert field agent for an unnamed (but presumably American) 'quasi' government agency and her work for said agency often acts as a subplot in several episodes and her codename is "Dancing Shadow". Elise normally wears a white T-shirt with red trim, blue hip huggers, and red sneakers. Her hair is reddish-brown and her eyes are purple. She has a brother named Ben. Elise's mother also has the first name "Elise", so the elder Elise refers to the younger as "Elise Jr." or simply "Junior", which annoys her.
  • Mr. Mumbles (Paget Brewster) – Dan's cat that he rescued from an animal shelter while taking revenge on it. He later learned through a hobo that Mr. Mumbles is a female, though he still calls her "Mr". Dan appears to be able to understand her meows and engage in meaningful conversation with her and she often manages to subdue his fits of rage with her cuteness. Dan seems to have trained her to perform several numbered escape plans. Like her owner, she is distrustful of others and scrappily cute.
  • Crunchy (Tom Kenny): A blonde haired Hippie
  • Don (Michael Gross) – Elise's father who runs a successful cupcake store chain and hates Chris to the point of several murder attempts.
  • Elise Sr. (Meredith Baxter) – Elise's mother, who dislikes Chris but not quite as much as her husband. She works for an unspecified Mafia family, a fact none of the other characters are aware of, much like Elise's hidden job with the government.
  • Ninja Dave (Eric Bauza) – A former ninja of the Koshugi clan who swore never to bake cookies and thus had to steal them whenever he wanted to eat some. He was the last surviving member of the Koshugi clan, having been ill during a field trip which ended in a fatal bus crash. After a sword duel with Elise and Dan, he reformed and opened a cookie shop, which acts as the main hangout for several of the series' main and recurring characters.
  • Wally Fitzpatrick/Wolfman (John DiMaggio):
  • Spy Boss (Dan Mandel) – The unnamed and unseen boss of Elise who sends her on different missions during specific episodes. It is revealed he is a former super model in the episode "The Common Cold". He and Elise were good friends, than once Elise became a super agent and he becomes one of the new bosses, he had to erase her memory of what he looks like just to keep his identity 'a secret'.
  • Ben (Eric Bauza) – Elise's younger brother who was mentioned in the episode "Elise's Parents" and makes an appearance in "The Family Thanksgiving" and "The Dinosaur". Ben is allergic to cats and has a video game addiction. He's also trying to get his driver's license with the help from Chris. He hates Chris and tends to insult him by his weight but as of the episode "The Dinosaur", he had grown fond of him.


Number Title Plot
1 "Black Knight" "TBA"
2 "Secret Admirer" What will Dan do when he wakes up to find he has a secret admirer? Why does Dan want revenge on said, secret admirer? Read on, and you shall gain knowledge
3 "Valentine's Day" It's a week before Valentine's Day and Dan keeps finding notes from a secret admirer, he takes these notes as a threat and sets out to find this person immediately with the help of Chris of course!
4 "Aunt Maggie's Antiques Emporium" Dan must regain Chris' trust and wreck havoc on an antiques shop after an employee frames him for something he didn't do.
5 "Insanity" How will Dan fair after finally snapping when Mr. Mumbles is hit by a car? Will he come back to his senses before new found medical problems put him down for good? WARNING! Sensitive material such as dead animals and insane people!
6 "Body Switch" After confusing a project Elise is working on as antacid, Chris and Dan switch bodies.
7 "Love" When Chrystal moves to town,she somehow moved into a house next door to Chris and Elise. As she meets Dan,can she help him find true love?
8 "Big Foot"  "TBA"
9 "Circus"  "TBA"
10 "Poltergeist"  "TBA"
11 "College


12 "Easter Bunny"  "TBA"
13  "Pool"  "TBA"
14 "Abraham Lincoln"  "TBA"
15 "Kraken"  "TBA"
16 "Government Agency"  "TBA"
17  " The Librarian "  "TBA"
18  "  The Rockstar "  "TBA"
19  " The Fundraising Gang"   "TBA"
20  " Phantom of the Museum "   "TBA"
21  " Senior Citzens"   "TBA"
22  "Community Service"   "TBA"
23  " The Pirate"   "TBA"
24  "Tennis"  "TBA"


26 "Dad” "TBA"

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