When Dominic is upset with his new stepdad, he wishes he would just disappear, the next day he thinks it came true, but his brother and stepsister are annoyed by him.


???, 2014


  • Dominic Graceland (Avan Jogia) - a teen who hates his stepdad, Jerome, who tells him not to watch R-rated movies in front of his sister, and not to smoke, and not drink beer, and not to talk at people, in the end, accepts Jerome, and shapens his attitude!
  • Bryce Graceland (Joel Courtney) - Dominic's brother, who calls Jerome, "Dad" after his father died, he seems to like his stepsister, Audie, he seems to have an argument with Dominic for not missing their parents, in the end, starts understanding Dominic's reasons, and pain!
  • Audie Kaplan (Bailee Madison) - Dominic and Bryce's stepsister, and Jerome's daughter, he seems to like Bryce, in the end, plays patty cake with Bryce!
  • Jerome Kaplan (Jeremy Renner) - Audie's father and Dominic and Bryce's stepfather, whom Dominic hates, he married Veronica because his wife died in 1994 of Child birth, in the end,is accepted by Dominic, and makes Dominic realize the price for his arrogance!
  • Veronica Graceland (Salma Hayek) - Bryce and Dominic's mother and widower of her late husband, David, who died in New Orleans by Luke Daggert, in the end, apologizes to Dominic, and Bryce for using Jerome, and Audie to get to Luke Daggert!
  • Luke Daggert, Phyllis French, Francis Jones and Gordon Jones (David Thewlis, January Jones, Dolph Lundgren and Michael Chiklis) - the 4 escaped convicts who attempt to escape and try to get at the Gracelands, in the end, Luke gets shot by Jerome, Phyllis gets beaten by Veronica, Francis and Gordon gets beaten by Dominic and Bryce!
  • Chief Ty Rome (Samuel L. Jackson) - the police chief, in the end, arrests Phyllis, Francis, and Gordon!



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