3 girls live with their workaholic mother, as they watch a horror movie which comes to life in their own house, as the Cryloks come emerging and crawling in their windows, beds and ceilings.




  • Ingrid Bethlahem (Amanda Bynes) - the sister with short brown hair and one of the 3 daughters of Marina, she cares for her sisters, trying to be defensive towards them, in the end,is seen in the hospital with a broken leg!
  • Nina Bethlahem (Jennifer Lawrence) - the sister with the blonde hair and one of the 3 daughters of Marina, the one who witnessed the movie and had fears of it moving around, biting her lip, touching her fingers and grabbing her hair, in the end, is seen in the Hospital and is gonna survive!
  • Briana Bethlahem (Alexys Nycole Sanchez) - the sister who is age 9 and one of the 3 daughters of Marina, she sleeps with her mother in case of the nightmares, in the end, She promises never to bring anything supernatural ever again!
  • Marina Bethlahem (Gwyneth Paltrow) - Ingrid, Nina and Briana's mother, who is very workaholic, and doesn't believe the Local legends, in the end, vows that Family is more important than work!
  • The Cryloks - the monsters from the horror movie, "Scorpions, Snakes, and Demons", as they come to life in their house, in the end, was destroyed by Sun-Light!
  • Templeton Constance (Wallace Shawn) - Marina's boss, in the end, is killed by the Cryloks!



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