Crash is back, and with some old friends and enimies, and this time, to help save Aku Aku, he must enter the most Craziest Mind he ever entered.........Neo Cortex himself.


Dr. Cortex has finally captured Crash Bandicoot (or so he thinks), then Crash spins and causes Neo Cortex to be knocked out, and accidently sends Aku Aku, Coco, and Crunch into a box and are prisoners. Dr. N.Gin tells Crash the only way to save them is to enter Crotex's memory banks, and find out how Cortex created it, and how to deactivate it!


Warp Room 1: Childhood

  • Level 1: Birth of Cortex
  • Level 2: BabySitters
  • Level 3: Whoa Mamma
  • Level 4: Woise Nightmares
  • Level 5: Kidnergarten Madness

Boss Level : Madame Amberly/ Detention Road

Warp Room 2: High School Drama

  • Level 6: Chemistry Mystery
  • Level 7: Algebra Allergies
  • Level 8: Civics Rights
  • Level 9: Writing Problems
  • Level 10: Graduation

Boss Level: Dingodile/ Field Trip

Warp Room 3: College Education

  • Level 11: Registration Act
  • Level 12: Tests of Science
  • Level 13: Tests of Biology
  • Level 14: Thesis Theory
  • Level 15: Money Managment

Boss Level: Ripper Roo/ Graduation

Warp Room 4: Memories of Crash Bandicoot

  • Level 16: Humiliation Done by Crash
  • Level 17: Reptutation Caused by Crash
  • Level 18: Embarrasment caused by Crash
  • Level 19: Dreams broken by Crash
  • Level 20: Hatred for CRASH BANDICOOT

Boss Level: Dr. N.Gin/ Destroyer of Crash

Warp Room 5: Memorues of the Trap Machine

  • Level 21: Instructions
  • Level 22: How it Works
  • Level 23: Test Subject
  • Level 24: The Materials used
  • Level 25: How to Shut OFF the device

Boss Level: Tiny Tiger and Dr. Cortex/ Final battle


  • Dee Bradley Baker - Crash Bandicoot, Dingodile, Dr. N.Gin, Ripper Roo
  • Eddie Murphy - Dr. Neo Cortex
  • James C. Mathiss - Aku Aku
  • Flo De Rie - Madame Aberly
  • Tara Strong - Coco Bandicoot
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Crunch Bandicoot
  • Steve Blum - Tiny Tiger

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