When a girl's father is made head of security, she befriends a science nerd who is more than meets the eye, as they use fingerprints to open a safe to the company her father is working for.




  • Joyce Graceland (Laura Marano) - the daughter of Neil Ryce, the head of security, when she was cleaning up the kitchen, she meets a science nerd, Mina, as they plan to infiltrate the company, when she was arrested by the police, she was forced to asked to collaberate with Burk and the police, in the end, was relocated to Alaska with Burke.
  • Mina Ryce (Chloë Grace Moretz) - the possible main antagonist, a science nerd who Joyce befriends in the kitchen, as she works with her to steal fingerprints of Neil at the company, SRC, so she can rob the vault and claim info for the Capitalists, in the end, was shot by Joyce for her treachery, and murdering her mother.
  • Neil Graceland (Billy Burke) - Joyce's father, who is the head of security, he is worried about his daughter and his job, in the end, retires to Boston.
  • Ian Omar Vance (David Lyons) - Neil's boss, who made him head of security, he is aware of the robbery incident, and pays Joyce, who was arrested, a visit, as he hires her to expose Mina and end her now, and asks the police to have her cooperate, in the end, Is seen with Mina's file.
  • Inspector Morgon Trask (Christopher Meloni) - the inspector of the police, who tells Joyce that she will be cooperating with the police about Ian, in the end, He thanks Joyce for helping out.
  • Burk Wolf (Daniel Radcliffe) - Joyce's love interest, who is secretly junior detective of the police, in the end, takes her to Alaska for a ski trip.
  • Jane Tolkein (Catherine Zeta-Jones) - Joyce's divorced mother, whom she lives with at home, in the end, was murdered by Mina.
  • Hans Duran (Terrence Howard) - the chief of police, who informs Joyce about Mina's back story of being a serial killer, in the end, was killed by Mina.
  • Kirkland Thatcher (Daniel Bruhl) - a mysterious man looking for Neil's fingerprints at SRC so he could reclaim his rights to his company, in the end,is seen with Inspector Trask about his claim.



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