On the news, a gothic girl has suddenly poisoned and murdered her boyfriend, and 2 guys join a motel owned by Will Innes and his wife. But they see strange wooden breaks in the sink saying, "Novel". And Gregory befriends Abby Mary.


???, 2014


  • Abby "Typoid" Mary (Emma Stone) - a girl whose boyfriend died, when she kissed him, accidentally poisoning him, she then comes to the motel owned by Will Innes and his wife, Burgundy, in the end, dies from the radiation that she was cursed with, until she was revived with red hair in Gregory's arms and realized she was cured.
  • Gregory Thrush (Andrew Garfield) - Abby's love interest, whom becomes a client to her, and protects her, he tries to help her with her curse, in the end, wishes that he could've found a way to save her life, until she was revived and realizes that he was radiated with the cure.
  • Francis Drake (Chris Pine) - Gregory's best friend, whom rescues a girl named Vikki from a fire, in the end, helps Thrush escape from the biolab.
  • Vikki Rayn(Tracy Spiridakos) - Francis's love interest, whom was rescued from a fire, in the end, is seen talking to the police.
  • Will Innes (Leonardo DiCaprio) - the owner of a motel, in the end, feels remorse, and sadness of Abby's death, until he saw her get revived.
  • Burgundy Innes (Rachel Weisz) - Will's wife, in the end, visits Gregory's house for Closure!
  • Mickey Loon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Abby's boyfriend, who accidentally got killed when kissing Abby, promising he'll find a way to fix this
  • Jason Wickles (David Oyelowo) - a CIA agent who was tracking down Abby, when he was at their hotel, he noticed the wood breaks in the sink saying, "Novel", leading the CIA to learn that it contains evidence, in the end, apologizes for the experiments done on Abby!
  • Orson McCabe (Russel Crowe) - film's main antagonist, and was experiementing on Abby, in the end Thrush throws him into the radiation and causes him to explode.



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