Porter Ferris finds his daughter, Kitty traveling alone in Tokyo, Japan, being abducted by Japanese terrorists, and is trying to defend her.


???, 2014


  • Porter Ferris (Bruce Willis) - a retired police officer trying to save his daughter, Kitty from Japanese terrorists, he scoldedly asked, "Why the h*** were you going to f***in' Japan without telling me?", in the end, finally has peace!
  • Kitty Ferris (Kay Panabaker) - Portor's daughter, who went to Japan alone, and wore handcuffs to reach her phone, and was grounded by her father until they get home, in the end, goes to college at Oaklaholma!
  • Ameila Ferris (Elizabeth Mitchell) - Porter's wife and Kitty's mother, she seems stress that Porter never lets Kitty do what she wants, in the end, then realizes that Kitty was grounded because of her careless and her lack of understanding her life is on the line!
  • Gordon "Pack" Jordon (Chris Pine) - an American shooter, and Kitty's love interest, much to Portor's dismay, he is nicknamed "Pack", because of his fight skills like a pack of wolves, in the end, dates Kitty!
  • Kai Shuda (Rick Yune) - the main antagonist and leader of the Japanese terrorist group, Brotherhood of the Dead, his goal is to Assasination of the President of Japan, he seems to have tension against Kitty for stealing the codes, in the end,gets blown up in a plant!
  • Gi Ching (Anthony Wong) - the secondary antagonist, has the same tone as General Wang from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragom Emperor, in one scene, his hand is cut from Kitty's katana, who he fails all the time, in the end, gets hung by Shuda!



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