Arnold Ferirrir is preparing for his family's christmas day, there are things he has to do like 1. find a christmas tree, 2. put up a christmas wreath, 3. put on christmas lights, 4. find a star to put on, and 5. find some dinner to make.


December 27, 2013


  • Arnold Ferrir (Ben Stiller) - in the end, Finally gets the family to get along!
  • Jasmin Ferrir (Christine Taylor) - Arnold's wife, in the end, apologizes to Arnold for her Father's neglect!
  • Diana Ferrir (Abigail Breslin) - Arnold's daughter, in the end, apologizes to Arnold for her selfishness!
  • Bruce Ferrir (Connor Gibbs) - Arnold's son, in the end, Helps Arnold with the year!
  • Chase Drifus (Owen Wilson) - Arnold's best friend and Julia's husband, in the end, Thanks Arnold for the party!
  • Julia Drifus (Tiffani Thiessen) - Arnold's sister and Chase's wife, in the end, realizes she's pregnant with a daughter!
  • Keith Ferrir (Jeffrey Tambor) - Arnold's father, in the end, helps Arnold confront, and stand up to Kirk!
  • Jenna Ferrir (Julie Walters) - Arnold's mother, in the end, befriends Olivia!
  • Kirk Drifus (John Lithgow) - Arnold's father-in-law and Jasmin's father, in the end, makes the Eggnogg!
  • Olivia Drifus (Beverly d'Angelo) - Arnold's mother-in law and Jasmin's mother, in the end, Befriends Jenna!
  • Orson Drifus (Nick Nolte) - Chase's father and Julia's father-in-law. Kirk's brother, in the end, finally happy to know he is gonna be a Grandfather next year!
  • Diana Drifus (Kirstie Alley) - Chase's mother and Julia's mother-in-law, in the end, dies of a heartattack!
  • Jake Drifus (Luke Wilson) - Chase's brother and Julia's brother-in-law, in the end, leaves for California!
  • Earl Drifus (Andrew Wilson) - Chase's other brother and Julia's other brother-in-law, in the end, goes to College!
  • Juliana Drifus (Ciara Bravo) - Chase and Julia's daughter and Arnold and Jasmin's niece, in the end, is shocked to know her mom is pregnant!
  • Reba Drifus (Gwyneth Paltrow) - Jake's wife and Chase's sister-in-law, in the end, leaves for California!
  • Lucy Drifus (Kristen Stewart) - Jake's daughter and Chase's niece, in the end, goes to school, in Medical Arts!
  • Tim Franks (Robert Pattinson) - Lucy's boyfriend, in the end, is worthy of Lucy's Father's eyes!
  • Antonio Chzaze (Danny Trejo) - Reba's father and Chase's father-in-law, in the end, makes the Ham dinner!
  • Antonia Chzaze (Bonnie Bedelia) - Reba's mother and Chase's mother-in-law, in the end, passes from Lukemia!
  • Michelle Drifus (Maria Bello) - Earl's wife and Chase's sister-in-law, in the end, makes some Cookies!
  • Gordon Drifus (Nick Price) - Earl's son and Chase's nephew, in the end, goes to college!
  • Deven Curtis (Tommy Lasorda) - Michelle's father and Earl's other father-in-law, in the end, shakes Arnold's hand!
  • Eva Curtis (Tippi Hedren) - Michelle's mother and Earl's other mother-in-law, in the end, gives Arnold a kiss!
  • Kaji Juji (Ken Jeong) - Chase's boss, who dosen't always pay him, main antagonist! Gets confronted by Arnold's father, and gets chased by customers he has cheated off of!