Charlie Brown and Snoopy: the Series is an animated remake of Peanuts' most beloved character, Charlie Brown. This is featured on Cartoon Network, Nickalodeon, and The Hub



Main CharactersEdit

  • Charlie Brown: The main Protagonist.
  • Linus Van Pelt: The second main Protagonist. He's the best friend of Charlie Brown
  • Lucy Van Pelt
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Marcie:
  • Sally Brown: Charlie Brown
  • Schroeder
  • Snoopy (Andy Beall):
  • Woodstock

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Cherry: Also known as the Little Red-Haired Girl and Charlie Brown's love interest who notices him mostly
  • Franklin
  • Pig-Pen
  • Violet Gray
  • Patty:
  • Freida:
  • Shermy
  • Rerun Van Pelt


Season 1Edit